Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming The Best Lesbian Ever

Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming THE BEST LESBIAN EVER

Les Talk About It

Sheena is joined by Kiki Archer, author of lesbian fiction to discuss the very important checklist that is known as Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming THE BEST LESBIAN EVER.

This is a funny take on lesbianism and is absolutely not meant to be taken seriously.

Our checklist:

  1. You need to own at least 14 cats
  2. Wear more flannel than a lumberjack
  3. Have one ex with 25 different personalities
  4. All your friends are exes
  5. You know all lesbians
  6. Owns a U-haul outright
  7. You have to be a vegetarian or vegan
  8. Can tell the difference between Tegan and Sarah
  9. You need to be able to burst into a drinking song
  10. You have no idea who made this year’s sexiest man list
  11. Your gold star badge is properly shined and kept on a velvet pillow.
  12. Attended every Pink concert ever
  13. Know that every strong woman is actually lesbian
  14. You own all of Kiki Archer’s books
  15. Be very exotic in your sex positions


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