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Chrissy Kramer became pregnant during her senior year of high school and was abandoned by her parents, her boyfriend, and her friends. She became a loner, working hard to provide for her son. It was her and him against the world. She eventually earns a paralegal degree and works for a powerful female attorney, Reggie Esposito, a senior law partner at a leading Boston law firm.

Chrissy’s smitten from the beginning, but she refuses to jeopardize her job by acting on her feelings. When a disgruntled former client attempts to kill Reggie after she loses his lawsuit, Chrissy prevents him from shooting Reggie, but she’s hurt in the process. While Chrissy and her son, Ben, stay in Reggie’s home to recuperate, Chrissy’s connection with Reggie deepens, and they embark on a romantic relationship.

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hi my name is Jazzy Mitchell and today I will be reading from my newest novel you matter

a knock on the door the next day has Chrissie stopping mid-step her eyes fly to the microwave clock and she swears under her breath I heard that and says it must be Reggie Chrissie sighs she took too much time fretting over what to wear before settling on a red Boston University sweatshirt dark blue jeans and black loafers you look good mom thanks kid Chrissie opens the door and stares the woman is gorgeous in casual wear the way those jeans hug her curves is a sin and her blouse does nothing to hide the shape of breasts noticing Reggie’s expectant look Christy moves aside hi Reggie you didn’t have to come up to get us I left out with a parking spot in front Reggie enters I sweeping around the apartment with interest that’s lucky maybe you should play the lottery coming in for a sec Chrissie takes a few moments while closing the door to regain her equilibrium she inhales a deep breath before turning away from the door so this is a kitchen and here’s the living room Chrissie here has been say while walking toward the back of the apartment my rooms here he opens the door and stands aside while Reggie steps in Chris he hurries into her room taking a quick look around and make sure nothing too personal is visible picks up her jacket in person turns to them when they reach a room this is my room Chrissie steps aside ducking her head she watches Reggie walk over to the windows and look out before making a slow tour of the room it feels like you Reggie gazes at her with a soft smile how so it’s calm Reggie waves her hand around everything has its place many trinkets or keepsakes so what you do have must be important to you Ritchie stalls before the dresser and hums when she picks up a few pictures resting on top of it they’re from the Harborfest remembering who’s in them chrissy nibbles on her lower lip shifting from foot to foot these are great pictures Kathy took them she gave me copies last week I was going to frame them Chrissie stops realizing what she’s admitted three pictures one would Christian been another at Chrissy and Reggie and the third of the three of them the one of Chrissy and Reggie makes her breathless each time she sees it they’re leaning against the railing and with the way the Sun hits them you can’t see their expressions their bodies are turned toward each other heads close together while they talk I’ll have to ask for copies Reggie staring at the picture of the two of them and Chrissy’s nerves begin to settle once Reggie places them on her dresser she smiles sorry for being so nosey knowing she would love to explore Reggie’s home if given the chance Christy lets go of her it Isis it’s okay ready to go oh yes after last night I could use good wine and good friends well that sounds ominous Chrissy chuckles she locks up the apartment before following Ben and Reggie downstairs to the car then fills up the 20-minute Drive talking about junior varsity he’s excited to be on the team and he promises to give Reggie a copy of his game schedule they reached Kathy and David’s home in Cambridge by driving over the math average and a few blocks east of Harvard Yard their home is owned by quiet side street Reggie parks in front of a two-story brick facade David comes out in hands Reggie a parking permit to place and her windshield he’s wearing tan khakis and a blue cable knit sweater they followed him up a few concrete steps and through double wooden doors into a hall to the right is a welcoming parlor the cream-colored walls detailed white moldings and pine hardwood floors create an airy quality Crissy steps into the room to study the detailed Victorian marble mantelpiece the craftsmanship is breathtaking to either side or built-in shelves stuffed with books and knickknacks to the right at three bay windows looking out onto the street let me give you the five-cent tour David smiled nodding Chrissie follows along taking note of how comfortable their home feels the dining room has the typical square wooden table and chairs situated on a light colored area rug but this room also has a fireplace with different sized white candles arranged in it instead of wood the room flows into the kitchen where Kathy stands cutting some vegetables behind the kitchen center island she looks like the perfect mom with the pink flowery apron on over a long-sleeve red shirt and jeans Chrissie can’t help but wonder why they never had children Cathy’s talking to Todd her eyes shining with laughter Todd I want you to meet our friends this is Reggie and Chrissie they both work at the firm and this is Chrissie son Ben Todd’s a few inches shorter than Ben with short blonde hair and light green eyes he has an easy smile and Chrissy likes him immediately God smiles at everyone before turning to Ben hi do you want to go downstairs I have some cool games we can play on my tablet Chrissy nods when Ben looks at her for permission watching them scamper away already talking about the various superheroes they like Chrissy and Reggie settle at the dining room table glasses of wine and plates a snack littering the rectangular Bruce would even leans back against the alley and a glass of wine in his hand the latest gossip is how you dumped Ashford david says a gleam in his eye cathy stops cutting a cucumber and looks up with a fattened expression i thought he would be perfect for you Reggie scowl was leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms that’s why I’m never listening to you again when it comes to my love life Chrissie takes a long sip of her wine doing her best to seem politely interested instead of starved for information regarding Reggie’s romantic life even refilled her glass winking at her well there are plenty of other fish in the sea No Thank You Reggie interrupts Kathy I don’t need anyone’s help but Reggie I know the perfect person I’m sure you do but I can choose who I’m interested in thank you very much sounds like you’re sewing in mind Debbie chimes in Chrissie studies Reggie noticing the blush kissing her cheek a wave of jealousy rips through her and the sweet wine tastes our in her mouth she wonders whether she’s been imagining the subtle flirtations they’ve shared over the last few months perhaps it was all wishful thinking she crosses her legs and plays with the stem of her wine glass eyes focused on it I assure you that you’ll be the last to know god you’re worse than my mother and sisters and that’s saying something that bad Kathy frowns Reggie sighs they mean well I think they want me to be happy and settle down and have a family she waves her hand I keep telling them when the time is right it will happen or you might not recognize the love of your life sitting in front of you and need your friends to help you Kathy says from the way Reggie rolls her eyes and her face darkens Chrissy gets the feeling they’ve had this conversation many times david grin I don’t know Kath you remember when you fixed her up with Timmy Chrissie can’t help but chuckle with the others when Reggie lets out an exaggerated groan when she chances a look at Reggie she looks like she’s in pain that bad she grins when Reggie drops her head in her hands Kathy keeps cutting the vegetables lancing up how was I supposed to know he really wanted a meeting with your father and the fact you have to reach back that far David who’s most of the men I pair Reggie with weren’t that bad women too david says with a sly smile Chrissie tucks away that important piece of information to think about later while ignoring the sliver of ice that winds his way down her spine oh right how could I forget there’s a woman I see at the gym I bet you’d like another bolt of jealousy jolts Chrissie and her hands begin to tremble she stands up her sudden actions stop and Reggie from uttering a retort where’s the bathroom I’ll show you David says a guilty look in his eyes Chrissie turns to follow not willing to listen to anymore Cathy’s attempts to play matchmaker for the feelings growing each day Christie can’t stomach the thought of Reggie dating anyone beside herself Kathy means well David’s voice lowers as they walk down a hallway toward the back of the house how long have you both been friends with Reggie I went to law school with her Kathy met her through one of the annual firm events so when she came on board a few years later it was natural for all of us to spend more time together anyway here we are he squeezes her shoulder Reggie is a good person and I’ve seen the way she acts around you be patient you’re special and she knows it feeling her face heat up Chrissy mutters that’s nice of you to say but she’s my boss true he leans in but that doesn’t always have to be the case it’s a large law firm lots of opportunities to transfer into another division with a bright smile he walks down the hall whistling closing the bathroom door Chrissy sits on the lip of the marble tub taking some deep breaths this is ridiculous how could I ever believe she’s interested in me this is probably why she was always so professional with me in the past she must have picked up my interest and not wanted to encourage me Chrissy rubs her forehead I need to get a grip a knock on the door makes Chrissy gasp she wonders whether anyone heard her talking to herself and is constantly teasing her about her penchant for talking things out I’ll be right out take your time I just wanted to make sure you’re all right Reggie says Chrissy stands up and moves to the sink staring at herself in the mirror eyes wide well how long was I gone Christina can I come in um yeah sure Chrissy squeaks Oh Reggie enters and shuts the door behind her sorry now you know why I’m so bad at making friends I find I need time to process things Ritchie leans against the tub and crosses her legs at the ankle I was afraid all that boring talk about my love life ran you off what no no no no that’s well you’ve obviously been friends with them for a long time I can understand if they made you feel uncomfortable talking about that in front of me though I mean you’re my boss and I’m sure you don’t want me hearing about your private life like that Reggie gives a slow nod normally that would be true I am a private person I was hoping however that we’ve gone beyond the boundary of boss-and-employee I think we have and I’m happy about that I’d like spending time with you and so does Ben Christy leans back against the sink crossing her arms I guess I’m not really sure how to navigate this you seem to become uncomfortable when David mentioned I’ve dated women in the past does that bother you Chrissy’s mouth becomes dry afraid Reggie has guessed her feelings about to deny caring about her preferences Chrissy stops when she sees the vulnerable look and Reggie’s eyes Chrissy joins her at the tub her hip kissing Reggie side she takes a deep breath would you bother you – no I prefer dating women a relief Smile overtakes Reggie’s face no good because that’s my answer – right Reggie slaps her hands on her thighs before straightening up we should probably get back before they send out a search party and here I thought you were the search party Chrissy follows Reggie to the door stopping short and Reggie turns around Chrissy gasps their nose nearly touching she steps back Reggie chuckles sorry I just I hope you know I enjoy spending time with you and Ben if you ever feel uncomfortable around me for any reason we promise to talk to me about it please yes of course same here I like where our relationship is going but it’s scary for me I don’t trust a lot of people I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t regret it Reggie runs her hand down Chrissy’s arm before turning and opening the door Chrissy follows the hypnotic sway of Reggie’s hips and vows can do the same you have been listening to me jazzy Mitchell reading from my newest novel you matter you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel 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