The Write Stuff: 15 Ways Authors Should Use Video

15 Ways Authors Should Use Video 

Tamara joins Sheena on this episode of The Write Stuff and they chat about 15 ways that authors should be using videos to engage more with their audience.

The Video Types Include 

1 Author Q and A

2 Sneak Peak Videos

3 Revealing Your New Title

4 Cover Reveals

5 New Characters

6 Announcing A Book For Release

7 Books Being Released Into The World

8 Giveaways and Competitions

9 An Interview

10 Tutorials

11 Live Q And A

12 Story Inspiration

13 Vloging/Behind The Scenes Updates

14 Writing Tips

15 Review Books

Places You Can Use Video 

  • YouTube and YouTube Live
  • Facebook and Facebook Live
  • Periscope
  • Instagram Live

The Awesome People Who We Talked About 

Clare Lydon’s Podcast

Clare Lydon’s Video A Day In The Life Of A Writer

RG Emanuelle 

Dirt Roads Books

Heather Rose Jones

About Tamara 

Tamara is a marketing guru. She works as a marketing manager for a software firm in South Africa.

About Sheena 

Sheena started The Lesbian Review and The Lesbian Talk Show. She saw a gap for great content for listeners and readers. The Lesbian Review is now one of the biggest review websites in the sector and The Lesbian Talk Show is one of the biggest podcasts in the sector.

Great content is a priority for Sheena and she is always chatting to authors and listeners in search of new topics for her podcasts.

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