Working With An Editor featuring Tillie Walden and Ricky Miller

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Working With An Editor featuring Tillie Walden and Ricky Miller

I was looking for someone to interview about working with an editor. I know that it is something that many authors struggle with and I wanted to give some advice and gauge how one sets parameters as an editor and writer team.

When Tillie Walden and Ricky Miller were suggested as interviewees I was a happy girl because not only do they work together but Tillie is a cartoonist which adds an entirely new dimension to the editing process.

I would also like to add that this interview is fun from an audio point of view because you will be listening to a South African accent (mine), a US accent (Tillie) and a UK accent (Ricky).

About This Episode

Tillie and Ricky were fantastic interviewees, discussing a range of issues about the editing process. This is a particularly good interview for anyone new to the process.

Tillie and Ricky discuss

  • Why use an editor?
  • What to expect from an editor
  • Where to draw the line between what is and is not acceptable for an editor to do
  • How to make the most of the editing process
  • How do you know when an editor is not the right fit?
  • Who has the final say during the editing process?

About Interviewees

Tillie Walden is a cartoonist, and Ricky Miller is her editor and the co-owner of Avery Hill Publishing.

At the time of the interview, they had worked together for about a year and had published two books together.

Tillie Walden has been called a major new talent and a comics phenomenon since publishing her debut graphic novel The End Of Summer in June 2015.

In 2015 she also released her second book, I Love This Part, the story of two teenage girls falling in love.

Ricky Miller is co-publisher and director of Avery Hill Publishing. The company has been named one of the UK’s most respected indie comic publishers by Broken Frontier.

Ricky and co-publisher Dave White launched Avery Hill Publishing with their goals being to help aspiring creators reach their potential, welcome the geniuses that the mainstream doesn’t recognise and be a home for more personal/niche projects by established, name creators.

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