Why You Want to Rock the Boat

Curves Welcome – Why You Want to Rock the Boat

Healthy conflict is essential to healthy relationships. In the beginning of the coming-of-age novel, The Fiche Room, Emma Hill avoided conflict at all costs with those closest to her. She feared fighting and what it would do to her life. She didn’t want to rock the boat because by doing so, she’d have to face potential hurt, chaos, and truths that she’d kept hidden all her life.

She assumed, like many of us, that by keeping the peace, her relationships could stay healthy. Although, what she failed to understand was that by remaining amenable, she caged herself and those she loved. By stayng silent on matters that were impotant to her, she risked destroying the delicate tapestry of honesty, integrity, and trust

Silence is not the answer.

Tune in to learn how to engage in healthy conflict and enrich your relationships.

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