Who Paid The Hospital Bill? – Juliantina ep7

Who Paid The Hospital Bill? Sheena and Monica chat about #Juliantina, a lesbian couple featured in the show Amar A Muerte – A Mexican soap opera and they fast gained global popularity.

On this episode:

  • Mateo warning Val off Juls and Val’s response
  • Val looking up love between women
  • Why the internet is the great equaliser for the queer community
  • At the hospital – Juls thinks Val paid the hospital bill
  • Juls sees her father and goes after him
  • Val and Juls feel very differently about the idea of a guardian angel
  • Juls confronts her father without realising it’s him
  • Is Lucho the bad guy with a redemption arc or just the bad guy?

Listen to this podcast here:

You can find Jael’s Dropbox link to watch the show with english subtitles here

About the hosts


Sheena has an honours degree in film and a passion for watching movies that started in her early teens. She is never far from her kindle or her netflix and is a super fan of content that specifically features lesbians or women loving women couples.

Monica McCallan

Monica McCallan was an enthusiastic fan of romance novels before she began writing them.

She lives with her partner and two tiny dogs, cannot parallel park to save her life, enjoys playing pool a few times a week, and has enjoyed every second of the craft beer explosion these last few years.




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