When did we become Lesbians?

When did we become Lesbians?

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast – Episode 16d

This episode discusses the history of words for women who loved women throughout recorded European history. What words were used? Where did they come from? What shades of meaning did they have? And how did those meanings change over time?

In this episode we talk about the following words

  • Greek: hetairistriai
  • Greek and Latin: tribas, tribades
  • Latin: lesbian
  • English: sapphist
  • Latin: fricatrix
  • Words related to “sodomite” and “bugger”
  • The tricky case of “hermaphrodite” and “virago”
  • Slang terms like rubster, lollepot, and tommy
  • Arabic: suhaqiyya, tharifa

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