Uprooting by Suzie Carr

Hear a reading from Uprooting by Suzie Carr @girl_novelist on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast that gives listeners a taste of a book.

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“WOW isn’t a strong enough word. This was so much more than just a good story. It gave me insight into my own life. There were personal gains and losses, trials and tribulations, pain and pleasure. It kept me on my toes and made me FEEL! The ending was so perfectly perfect that my heart swelled and I teared up in happiness and was left with a warm contented feeling.” – Amelia Faith, book reviewer

On a fateful spring afternoon, two strangers meet at a musical event and a spark of an idea brings them both the opportunity to right some wrongs. Meet Harper Ray, an undiscovered musician who’s willing to dig weeds, clean houses, and give guitar lessons to stay afloat. A childhood tragedy has kept her blocked and has limited her ability to see and live her potential. Ivy Homestead is a green witch and life coach. Her life purpose has always been to help people live their best lives. But after hurting her best friend over a year ago, Ivy has struggled with feelings of inadequacy. What they both discover will test their strength and have them questioning what they’re willing to risk to find their way back home within themselves and each other.

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you were listening to book clips a mini podcast in which authors and erasers do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book this is a scene from uprooting written by Suzie Carr narrated by Suzie Carr Harper’s animated reply cost Ivy’s belly to tumble Harper Rae did something to her something that stirred her like no spell in the world ever had ivy lowered herself to her bed and smiled like a giddy girl thinking back on Harper’s wink and how it had turned her inside out with pleasure Ivy had never been with a woman and could only imagine how intoxicating that woman’s touch would be Harper Rae intrigued her she loved the way she cradled her guitar with her sexy arms mm and how she nurtured it with a loving stroke as Ivy imagined she would a woman she admired how wonderful to be the one on the other end of that attention as the minutes passed desire swam in IV a desire to be taken on a sensual journey by Harper Rae she imagined herself in Harper’s strong capable arms closing her eyes she caved into the intoxicating leur of Harper’s lips as they a warmed the delicate part of her neck right below her earlobe that led to a far more intimate fantasy as Harper’s soft lips traveled around Ivy’s bare shoulders collarbone chest and then down to her sensitive nipples and gorged with desire and yearning to be nurtured by Harper within moments of her imagined touch iv8 for her to take her to a place she had never been before with a woman as the heat passed through her under the alluring plushness of her blankets Ivy’s head buzzed with a delightful lightness that carried her to a blissful place where she floated on an uncharted desire wrapped up in the fantasy of Harper’s tempting touch and attention Ivy’s pulse spiked to brand new heights causing her breaths to quicken in her body to quiver in ecstasy she steadied in on the sweet spot that she imagined Harper would continue to nurture with passionate sweeps of her hot tongue over her sensitive tingling erogenous zones the heat intensified one spark created another and another until she went into full sensory overload panting writhing and moaning for more she could no longer sustain the build-up wrapped up in pure pleasure Harper Wray unknowingly delivered ivy one of the greatest most intense orgasms of her life Ivy clung to the gift of that orgasm not wanting it to wane banking on it to stay ablaze when it eventually subsided she lay breathless completely taken in by the catalyst of that orgasm a woman a woman who had moved her to tears the day before with her music she closed her eyes and attempted to settle her beating heart through long deep breaths eventually Ivy landed back on earth taking in her room the sunrays sprinkling through the curtains her reality IV rose and went to the bathroom she splashed water on her face and stare deeply into the eyes of someone new a far more interesting version of her former self from a few minutes before what have you done to me Harper Rea she exhaled a long breath she felt alive and refreshed like she’d emerged from deep in the ground and inhaled fresh air for the first time in months after showering she headed back out to her bedroom Harper would be arriving any time now to be interviewed for her new job as a Wellness Center’s acoustic entertainer the sound of a car door being slammed shut came from the driveway not once not twice three times each time the slam grew more intense midway through pulling her undies up under her skirt she ran over to the window to see the fuss Harper Rae wearing a tight pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt bent down beside her driver’s side car door and lifted it body slamming against it she stepped back and waited her hands splayed out in front of her as if ready to catch the door should it have fallen off its hinges the car a faded blue sedan with white spots on its bumpers and sides resembled something that had been driven over landmines in a war zone a crack stretched across her windshield above the driver’s viewpoint Harper cupped her hand over her eyes and glanced at the house Ivy jumped backward behind her curtain a moment later she peeked out again Harper’s thick dark ponytail hung at her shoulders she was beautiful with her ivory colored skin and toned physique she shifted on her tattered sneakers if deciding if she should get back in her car and speed away or take a chance on the weird flowery woman she met in a grocery store the day before eventually Ivy headed toward the front door and waited when would she knock knock on the damn door Ivy whispered when she finally did Ivy beamed to life she opened the door and a set of dark eyes met hers Harper Rea with her little nose and messy ponytail was adorable so adorable she wore a t-shirt from Bella roses Ivy had one just like it wisps of Harper’s hair sprang from her loose ponytail as if trying to run away from her stress dark smudges smeared on her jawline likely from the car door greased Harper glanced around the front yard pointing her eyes down at the pruned bushes that covered Ivy’s front bay window when she swept her eyes up to ivy everything from her roots to her dark circles under her eyes screamed help me hot to him if those two words didn’t get Ivy’s heart beating nothing did this is a scene from uprooting written by Suzie Carr narrated by Suzie Carr you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information