Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori

Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori

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Welcome to Book Clips, the mini podcast where authors and narrators give you a taste of a book with a short snippet. 

In this episode we hear a reading from Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori.


Bri and Siera are young women with huge hearts and strong wills; they want nothing more than to find a peaceful and secure space to be, a place that fulfills their needs and gives them the freedom to be themselves. But the world is a harsh place for anyone who is different. 

Bri’s Aunt Olivia is a vet with a thriving practice. She is set in her ways, single and surviving, channeling her emotions into her work and her love of Bri. 

Siera has a supportive but silent father, an overpowering helicopter mom, plus her Aunt Deb who adores her. 

Despite their individual battles against hurt, prejudice, and rejection, can these four women find love against the odds? 

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