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Threaded Through Time by Sarah EtritchSynopsis 

A mysterious rhyme book and a full moon bring two time-crossed couples together. A romance and coming out story.

“For those who were born before or after their time…”

That described Pam. She’d always felt that she’d been born too late—there was no chivalry in the world anymore.

She’d only wanted to commune with the universe while reading a “moon rhyme” in the antique book she’d purchased from the local New Age shop. She had not expected guests—especially not Jasper and Margaret, summoned one hundred years into the future by the rhyme just as Jasper was proposing to Margaret.

Now the displaced visitors insist that they be returned to their own time, and Pam and her roommate Robin agree. But the rhyme won’t work until the next moon cycle, and in the intervening month, forbidden love blooms between Pam and Jasper, and Robin and Margaret.

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hi I’m Sarah Ettritch and today I will be doing a reading from threaded through time book one threaded through time is a time-travel romance in the novel Pam accidentally summons an engaged couple from the year 1910 into the present Margaret the engaged woman from the past develops feelings for Pam’s lesbian roommate Robin Pam and Robin hide the fact that Robins a lesbian because homosexuality was viewed as sinful and deviant in 1910 and so as you’ll hear in the reading Margaret doesn’t consider for a second that Robin might reciprocate her feelings she thinks Robin is heterosexual come in Robin called Margaret pushed the door open I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you but I was wondering if you’ve told Pam about Friday I’d like to knit tonight if I can Robin dragged what appeared to be a thick pen across a line in the book she was reading coloring the line yellow she looked up sorry I should have mentioned it to you yes I told her her mouse turned up at the coroners she wasn’t exactly happy about it but what could she say given that she’d spent almost the entire day out with Jasper so go ahead and knit she won’t ask you where the wool came from Thank You Margaret Harvard reluctant to leave I want to start knitting your sweater but I don’t know what size you are can I show you the pattern it lists all the measurements sure and you can always measure me her breath quickened let’s try the pattern first she said faintly I’ll fetch it were her cheeks as red as they felt the thought of wrapping a measuring tape around Robin had her all aflutter she hurried into the bedroom snatched the pattern from Robin’s desk and returned to the study Robin took it from her and studied it I remembered this swine it’s the last one we printed on Friday night they sat in front of Robins computer searching for and printing out pattern Margaret had marveled at how one could instantly obtain patterns just like that you said you liked it she reminded Robin I do and I’m a medium medium Margaret repeated disappointed that she wouldn’t need the measuring tape but certain it was for the best Robin handed back the pattern are you sure you want to knit me a sweater you don’t have to I’d like to very much then thank you Robin touch Margaret’s arm Margaret swallowed it will be my pleasure she didn’t want to leave would you like a cup of tea at least that would give her a reason to come up and see Robin again I’d love one but only if you’re having one as well in fact why don’t you have your tea with me up here I could use a break Robin cupped her hand around her ear and is that a movie I hear starting downstairs well she didn’t need to be asked twice I would like to have tea with you as long as it doesn’t interfere with your work Robin shook her head like I said I need a break by the time you’ve made the tea I’ll have finished this chapter I’ll go put the kettle on then now eager to leave before Robin changed her mind Margaret returned the pattern to the bedroom and went down to the kitchen the sensations she felt around Robin were most pleasant and wrong now she understood why her friends swooned yearn to see their suitors and struggled to retain their innocence but their feelings were normal burs weren’t if she could feel half as drawn to Jasper as she was to Robin their marriage would be filled with passion perhaps returning to 1910 would redirect her attraction to him where it belonged for now she should avoid Robin not indulge the longing for her but it was as if someone had cast a spell over Margaret making it impossible to resist her desire and so here she was willing the kettle to boil so she could make the tea and hurry back upstairs she must be careful to never let a hint of her feelings for Robin show if Robin even suspected she and pan would throw Margaret out onto the street and deservedly so the most generous of hosts would refuse to harbor a deviant margarit rested her knitting on her lap and glanced at the time on the machine Pam used to play her movies 10:45 would Robin be home soon from the late dinner with her father Margaret had missed their nightly ritual this evening the tea she’d taken up to Robin last week had been the first of many she’d easily fallen into the habit of sipping tea with her for 15 or 20 minutes then settling into the comfy armchair in the study and knitting while Robin worked tonight she’d knit it in the study alone only coming downstairs when Jasper and Pam had retired she should be in bed too but she knew she wouldn’t sleep until Robin was home her feelings were a curse yet she couldn’t resist them she picked up her knitting then froze when a key turned in the front door lock and the door opened and closed Margaret expected Robin to come into the living room when she saw the light on but Robin strolled past the living room archway and down the hallway still wearing her jacket she didn’t go upstairs though it sounded as if she gone into the kitchen Margaret did over what to do whether to remain in the living room and hope Robin noticed the light when she left the kitchen or go into the kitchen under the pretence of wanting a glass of water no she wouldn’t force her company on Robin there was always tomorrow but when Robin was still in the kitchen ten minutes later in the house sounded completely silent Margaret’s curiosity got the better of her she left her knitting on the coffee table and went into the kitchen odd the kitchen light wasn’t on had Robin quietly gone to bed disappointed Margaret turned to go upstairs but then decided that she actually wouldn’t mind a glass of water she flicked on the kitchen light the unexpected sight of someone sitting at the table made her gasp in fright oh my goodness I’m sorry she stared in astonishment as Robin quickly dabbed at her eyes with a tissue it’s all right you didn’t know I was here again Margaret dithered she’d intruded on a private moment and should leave Robin in peace but she couldn’t pretend she hadn’t noticed Robin’s distress and walk away as if she didn’t care concern and curiosity propelled her farther into the kitchen when Robin didn’t shoo her away Margaret pulled out a chair and sat down her heart ached at Robins hunched shoulders her hands clenched around the tissue and her downcast eyes this wasn’t the confident assured woman Margaret was used to the urge to comfort Robin by touching her was overwhelming Margaret tucked her hands underneath the table and gripped her dress for good measure did the dinner with your father not go well she asked gently Robin hadn’t seemed enthusiastic about seeing her father both the first time she’d mentioned it and when she’d reminded Margaret about it last night to her surprise Robin smiled well you could say that but then it never does she drew a shaky breath I don’t know why you bother ‘he’s i guess he just can’t pass up any opportunity to tell us how perfect his second family is the bitterness in her voice was unmistakable why would he want to do that well I guess he’s glad to be rid of the drunk in the skit so Robin sighed and me though he likes to see me and Kris every once in a while just to make sure we don’t forget what a wonderful life he has now he sounded like a horrid man but something Robin had said bothered her she could understand though not condone his abandonment of his wife and son life with an alcoholic wife and ill son must have been difficult and perhaps he was unable to overcome a lingering resentment toward them but why hurt Robin why resent her why is he glad to be rid of you Margaret blurted before she could change her mind she shouldn’t ask but she wanted needed to know he should be proud of you she said when Robin didn’t answer you’re in University you’re kind-hearted Margaret swallowed you’re a lovely woman why would he Robin abruptly pushed back her chair and stood I appreciate your concern Margaret I really do but you’ll be gone next week you don’t need to get mixed up with my problems she shoved the tissue into her jacket pocket I’m going to bed I’m sorry if I offended you Margaret quickly said not wanting them to part on a bad note you didn’t not at all it’s my fault for some reason I feel comfortable talking to you about personal stuff maybe because I know you won’t be here for long I don’t know Robin shrugged just know I shouldn’t take advantage and whine to you I’m sorry she pressed her hand against her chest I hope you’ll still bring me tea tomorrow Margaret’s throat tightened of course I will she wouldn’t miss her time with Robin for the world I’d miss it if you didn’t Robin walked toward the hallway and stopped when she reached it I’d miss you too good night she was gone before Margaret had a chance to respond not to she would have said anything she was too busy reeling over Robins parting words was Robin being polite or had she meant it for the first time Margaret realized that returning to 1910 would bring her sadness as well as joy she would spend the rest of her life missing someone who hadn’t been born you have been listening to me Sara at rich reading from my time travel romance thread it through time the quiet lips thanks for listening show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information [Music]