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The Sovereign of Psiere by K AtenSynopsis 

Psiere is a world of intrigue where old ideology meets new. The Makers built massive pyramids on each continent and filled them with encrypted texts and advanced technology. The two suns, Archeos and Illeos shine down on a mostly undiscovered planet with a psionic race of people living on land, and violent sea people below the water. The Queen seeks to make the world a better place for all Psierians but her daughter, Royal Sovereign Connate Olivienne Dracore, seeks only to solve the Divine Mystery.

The connate makes her living as a historical adventurist and wants the answer to two important questions. Who were the Makers and where did they go? Because she is the heir, Olivienne travels with a security force and resents it every moment. Every one of her captains has either quit or been injured trying to keep up with the risk-taking woman. That’s where Commander Castellan Tosh comes in. Capable, confident, and oh-so-dashing, she is forced to switch career corps to take charge of Olivienne’s team. Sparks fly from the moment they meet and things only get hotter as they chase down the clues to the greatest mystery of all time

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you are listening to book clips a mini podcast in which authors and narrators do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book hello my name is Kelly Aten and I’ll be reading from the sovereign of Sai air this is the first book of the mystery of the maker series released by regal crest enterprises this multi-genre novel is an action-adventure royal romance steampunk sci-fi where the heroes have psionic powers and a drive to solve the greatest mystery of all you can find the full description for the novel on both my website and my publisher for this book clip I will start reading at chapter 5 castellón had only been reading a short time when she was interrupted by the khanates senior guardian Commander tache she looked up at him and immediately knew something was gravely wrong what is it lieutenant 7 she marked and closed the book placing it carefully on the low table then student straightened her uniform he swallowed nervously sir I’ve had a Precog we need to stop at the next town but we don’t have much time immediately concerned she grilled him for details what are your channels intuition but lower precedence and tellus Teva both average she thought for precious sex do you know what the problem is or is it not distinct enough yet he shook his head I’m sorry sir I don’t know yet castellon held out her hand if you allow me to touch you I believe I can see the Precog with my telepathy do you consent sure of her capabilities and strength he held out his hand as soon as their skin met his tellus TV channel unexpectedly opened and they both saw a hazy image of an island in the middle of a rapidly rising River 5sy children by the size appeared to be trapped lieutenant Sivan gasped and pulled his hand away it’s you you triggered my remote seeing so you must be the one they need rather than answer him Castellon strode over to the Taleo that was mounted on the wall of their lounge she rang the pilot and he answered right away aware that the call was coming from the khanates segment pilot thought paneer how may I assist castellón waited no time with pleasantries pilot bonier this is Lieutenant Commander Castellon Tosh we need to make an emergency stop at the next town do you know what it’s called and if it near river yes Sara the town is called Vesper it’s not a regular stop so they only have a small platform the platform is right before we cross the mere LTAC it’s a good thing you called when you did we’re less than 10 means out I’ll vote a Ojeda and let them know we’re stopping venir out feeling a sense of urgency castellón jogged down the hall to the khanates cabin door she knocked and kept her emotions under tight control connector core we have a situation there was a sound of shuffling on the other side of the door then it slid open situation the Lieutenant Commander nodded ignoring the flutter of attraction that was as unwelcome as it wasn’t appropriate yes Connie Savan had a Precog and it seems I am needed in the next sound there are children in danger bolivian leaned over and grabbed her pistols from the workspace she slung a satchel across her shoulders then stepped out of the cabin no matter the situation her mother had trained her to never go anywhere unarmed I assumed you informed the pilot yes but it’s not necessary for you to leave the rail urk on a trek or you will be better protected by staying here with your shield unit bollocks I’m a powerful sigh and well-trained in emergency situations I will be there in case someone needs me she looked over at Sivan is this like the rocks line he nodded just as strong Sivan made a face stronger Connie I hope we are in time for Lieutenant Commander Tosh to help Olivia and spun her gaze back to castellon you yes it seems that my touch prompted an episode of tellus tesha immediately after his Precog indicating that i am the one the vision relates to he was able to see the children on an island in the middle of a rapidly rising River the precogs says a flash flood will occur soon so we need to get them off that island the Khanate raised an eyebrow to take in the well-built lieutenant commander interesting Olivia and continued to stare for sex longer than shook herself as if she were in a daze well whatever the challenge maybe we won’t meet it standing here like a couple of milling Gazans let’s head toward the front of the rail ER while the pilot will most likely line up with the platform if I remember correctly there was a town on the river right before we cross the bridge as soon as she finished speaking the pilots voice came over the speaker system located in every segment of the rail ER attention citizens we will be making an emergency stop in five means please remain seated and do not exit the railer do not fear the emergency is not related to the railer or any of her passengers we are simply stopping to assist the town again please do not leave the rail ER and remain in your seats Castellon olivia and all but two of the guardians made their way toward the front of the segment as they felt the rail ER begin to slow before they could pass by cast lands cabin the door slid open and a sleep tousled doctor Shen popped her head out Tosh what is going on emergency in the next town Jumeirah lieutenant Sivan is a precognitive and says they need my help Jim Etta looked alarmed but castellón castellón knew her friend was about to bring up the strange channel and for whatever reason Tosh didn’t want the others to know she interrupted the good doctor before she could traipse and he further down her line of questioning come along if you wish Jim but we need to leave now it only took a few means to make it to the front of the long rail er there jog through the Isles of each sag it was assisted by the fact that citizens were remaining seated just as the pilot had requested a porter directed them to the door that would line up to the platform and it was only a few means longer for the rail ER to eventually slowed to a stop it was raining outside and two people stood in the middle of the downpour soaked to the skin and waiting to meet the departing group the clouds were so thick that the day was cast into a gloomy haze despite the afternoon light of the two suns of the people waiting one was a woman of middling rotos and wore an insignia on her cloak so Castellon addressed her our Precog says you have a situation with trapped children the middle-aged woman took in castellón rank insignia curiously yes commander five of them took a boat out to the picnic island earlier today and when the weather kicked up sudden like they were unable to come back eventually the parents contacted me and when we investigated we found the water impassable she paused as if remembering something vital then held out her hand my name is Stella Gordy and I’m the elective town representative I’m sorry you stopped for nothing the island has a small shelter so we figured we’d let them stay the night out there and then retrieve them in the morning once the storm passes and the water slows again cast Ellen’s hair had wet enough that a lock fell down into her eyes she took a sec to slick it back off her face then clasp represent Gordy’s hand in her own lieutenant-commander Tosh and behind me are Royal Sovereign Khanate York or dr. Jim Edison and the khanates shield unit in his lieutenant Sivan who is responsible for this stop your plans to wait will not work since he had a Precog of a flash-flood coming down from the mountains I’m afraid your children are not safe where they are representative Gordy didn’t know which shock to respond to first the fact that the Royal air was soaking in the rain in front of her or that danger was at their doorstep she bowed toward the sovereign ConAgra core it is an honor to meet you she turned her attention to the man that had accompanied her he was young and had a similar look about him so castellón thought maybe he was representative Gordy’s son kevin take the moto and go round up your papon in the rescue crew and hurry have them meet us at the dock she turned back to the group if you’ll follow me the dock isn’t far from here she gestured out a path that ran perpendicular to the railer tracks nearly 20 yards further down the railer line there was a bridge that crossed the mayor of hack the river wasn’t very large but the bridge itself was quite high a testament to the fact that spring floods were not that uncommon in the region the group took off at a fast jog down the slippery path castellon glanced at the Khanate out of the corner of her eye surprised that the Royall was keeping up with no effort dr. Shen had no problems but the castle and knew that her friend kept up his trick exercise regimen this started back when they served on the east coast of Andorra together Ginetta acted as though she were a hundred rotos old with her proper seriousness but in all actuality they were the same age and had come through Academy in the same class they both went to officer school together then on to serve inside defence Corps but when Syme medicore was low on members they recruited Ginetta and she left with the chance of faster advancement rather than continue along the military track she had more opportunities and better appointments to side medical as well about five means after they started out the path brought the group to a park rain and wind lashed at them soaking Tasha’s shirt and causing it to stick to her skin the dock itself was on floats another indicator that the river rose up and down with some frequency Castellon could immediately see why they decided to wait on the rescue the water was both fast and deep running from right on top of the hazardous current there was a lot of debris in the water including entire trees any boat attempting to cross would be on a suicide mission Olivia Anne was thinking the same thing and turned to the representative of Vesper does your town have a high telekinetic or teleporter representative Gordie shook her head regretfully no our last high channel went off to Academy this past spring so you have no higher channels that could help the older woman grimaced I’m sorry kinetochore but no we don’t Castellon looked at the Khan yet curiously you’re a royal and you mentioned being high sigh what are your channels Olivia and friend but listed them off anyway awareness telepathy pyrokinesis and airport ation and low channel teleportation I’m afraid none of those could help with this situation I could wish a million times over for my teleportation channel to be higher but unfortunately I can’t pour more than a small animal if it’s something alive I’m stuck primarily with the inanimate lieutenant-commander Tosh straightened a determined glint in her eye don’t be too sure that your channel is so useless kinetochore she appeared across the island driving rain impeding her view do you think you could port float vests over to the island Olivia and gazed out over the tumultuous water do you have a spyglass Castellon pulled one out of her pouch and handed it over after a few SEC’s of struggling to peer through the wet gloom the Khanate collapsed the device and handed it back to Castellon she could just make out the shelter on the small island and the huddled children inside yes I could do that Tosh looked around and spied a boathouse she removed a pistol holder and her ever-present leather pouch and handed them to Ginetta then addressed the kanay she broke into a run knowing that every single sec counted seeing her intention the conning handed off her own gear to Sivan and made haste after her she was followed closely by her shield Guardians when they reached the boathouse ten yards away castle and found it locked she bleep old up and gave a great kick to the door splintering it open inside they retrieved the only five float vests stored within it would do she handed them one by one to the Khanate and just as fast Oliviana ported them out to the island at the same time casteau man reached out with her mind to make contact with any of the children in the group she found one mind with the telepathy channel and pushed slightly to make her presence known the child a boy on the cusp of puberty responded hello do not be frightened my name is Castellon and we will get you to safety but you must put the float vest on just in case the water rises further ok castellón didn’t have the empathy channel but the colliding thoughts and the boys had indicated relief indistinct words like happy sad scared and cold bombarded her through their connection thank you and please hurry water is almost to the shelter we will hurry tell me one thing is your boat still there no the river took it she pulled out of the connection and turned to the Khanate as they jogged down to the floating dock did you hear olivia nodded what is your plan there’s only one thing I can do I’m going to have to go get them I will levitate across the river to the island with a boat load them up and bring them back the county looked at cast land up and down with surprise you can do all that ever the unflappable professional the Lieutenant Commander responded with confidence of course I’m a five channel high sigh my telekinesis is rated a six I think I can manage a few kids in a boat olivia is eyebrows rose with the commander’s words as she and the rest of the group joined them at the edge of the dock you you’re the hero of temple Beach yes she is why do you ask of course dr. Shen had only heard the khanates question not the preceding conversation she’s going to levitate a boat out to the island to get the kids and bring it back Jim Etta looked like she was going to protest but Castellon held up a hand this needs to be done Jim damned the consequences the sense of unease she had been feeling since being on the rail er increased and she knew she had to act without another word to the group she jogged over to the nearest boat that looked like it would hold five kids and cut the line with a knife on her belt this is the only item she hadn’t removed when she stripped her tools and devices then before the river could strip it away from the dock she lifted the boat into the air as the boat rose above the river so too did she it was harder than she thought it would be though her strength had long returned to her depleted channels using her telekinesis felt a lot like touching a hot brand with an already burnt hand cazuelas channel throbbed sickly and pain flared through her temples her face studying concentration as she went all the group on the shore could do is watch and wait curiosity scratched at the back of Olivia’s mind and she addressed dr. Chen what were you going to say to her when she stopped you juh Mehta clenched her fists knowing exactly how much pain Castellon would be in her actions at temple Beach strained her telekinetic Channel yesterday practically burned it out and depleted her reserves at the same time what is she insane if the pain overwhelms her she’ll drop them all dr. Shen shook her head she’ll drop herself first unconscious into the water if need be we should stand ready just in case my name is Kelly Aten reading from the sovereign of Tsai air you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information [Music]