TB Markinson Gets Interviewed

TB Markinson Gets Interviewed 

The Lesbian Review Podcast 

In this episode Sheena chats to TB Markinson, author and founder of I Heart Lesfic. 

Featured novel: The Chosen One by TB Markinson 

Girls are a risk college freshman Ainsley Carmichael can’t take. Her powerful political family sees her as the Chosen One who will someday be president. Upholding a carefully crafted veneer is second nature until the first day of class when Maya’s mysterious gray eyes hold her in thrall. 

Ainsley may be out publicly regarding her sexual orientation, but she lives under the shadow of the Carmichael’s ancient but shrewd matriarch in this contemporary lesbian romance. It soon becomes clear Maya is hiding something when she cuts their first kiss short by pointing out they come from different worlds. 

The privileged world of the Carmichael clan stands in stark contrast to Maya’s limited means. Ainsley’s quirky and carefree cousin helps her investigate, only to discover details of Maya’s past are sketchy at best as the suspense builds in this work of LGBT fiction. 

Will Ainsley’s love for the enigmatic girl enable her to break her Carmichael shackles?

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TB answers these questions about her writing 

You write in first person. Do you find this puts people off or draws them into the character’s head? 

What is your best selling book? 

Your books range in theme and genre quite substantially, how does your reader base react to this?

Your covers are amazing. Do you find that people react to them? Who designs them? Do you think good covers are important for sales? 

Some of your novels are quite mainstream – have you been able to cross over? 

TB answers these questions about I Heart Lesfic 

This is a very unique initiative to promote lesfic. Tell me how it came to be and for those who don’t know about it, tell me what it is. 

What has the reaction to it been from authors, influencers in the sector and readers? 

Do you find it helps to sell your own books? 

What are the number now, for your site visits, newsletter subscribers etc and what is the growth rate looking like? 

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