How to Tap into Intuition with Julie Veitch

On this episode of Curves Welcome Suzie Carr discusses How to Tap into Intuition with Julie Veitch

I enjoyed one of the best conversations I’ve ever had on the subject of intuition with this incredible woman Julie Veitch. All I can say is she has helped change the course of my life in profound ways…

Tune in to learn how to tap into the power of your intuition, squash limiting beliefs, tackle fears and get started on the life you deserve.

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[Music] hey thanks for joining me today for this episode of curves welcome a podcast about facing and embracing the curves of life if this is your first time tuning in this is Suzie car today I welcome Julie Veitch owner of inner core coaching Julie is an intuitive business mentor who works with online entrepreneurs who are struggling with how to translate their genius gifts into income or who are experiencing no momentum in their new or existing business she helps people to deactivate exactly what slows them down and activate their energy and power to successfully launch their dream business into the world as an expression of their true genius it is with great pleasure that I welcome her on kerfs welcome today Julie I am so excited to have you here to chat about how to tap into our creative genius thank you thank you for having me I really appreciate it you’re welcome Julie and I we met about a year ago I had her on another podcast that I do the curvy life and we talked about facing and embracing life’s curves and we had such an incredible rich deep conversation that led really to a beautiful connection I’d really enjoy reading Julie’s posts and listening to her Facebook live sessions she truly is inspiring and I can tell you right now that just about a few weeks ago she changed my life and dramatically because thanks to her Facebook live video I launched a new business and it was because of her that I feel like I got that courage that I wanted that inspiration that I needed yeah so Julie I don’t even know if you realize the impact that you have had on my life but I am super grateful because I really do feel like it’s leading me down a really cool focused path and I’m really grateful to you for that I such such a pleasure and thanks for articulating that I did have notion of the impact that it has had but I just really really love and as my passion just to really really be able to witness and to contribute to people watching their dream businesses based on their true genius gifts and it’s just so so much fun to be watching you flourish this way Suzie now Julie so I read a quote on your Facebook page recently that struck me as awesomely beautiful I’m gonna share it with my listeners right now Julie wrote I truly believe that the universe has my back Julie can you share how this quote touches you sure it’s actually something that I heard and that resonated with me quite a long time ago and it just landed deep down in my bones and I realized how much I trust in something larger than myself I’ve cultivated over the course of my life and through all the adversity and and through learning and through surrender to the challenges to really deeply trust in something that’s larger than myself and cultivate this baseline that I’m okay no matter what and so I do write that actually quite often I say that I I know the universe has my back and I’ve seen evidence over and over and over again that I am supported and loved and that there is something larger than me that’s guiding me and supporting me through the curves of life and the challenges that she really relates to intuition so I really can’t wait to dive into this conversation and I’ll weave that back in there’s just such a great connection between the energy of the universe that flows through us all and the connection between that and intuition yeah I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that there are times when I truly struggle with that flow that energy flow entrusting that energy flow that trusting that it’s actually there I’ve had situations in my life we’re and I feel like maybe some people might be able to relate to this and maybe you can address this and that is there are moments in life where maybe there’s a darkness it could be death it could be challenges it could be finance it could be anything that’s really challenging us and there are moments where you wonder if somebody there it does somebody have my back is there God is there that universal support out there and you really want to trust it’s there because without it it’s really bleak and dark and I have to say that it is in those darkest moments like when I faced the death of people that I care about friends that have died grandparents that have died pets that have died that through death that’s where I got my support I felt that their presence was still in my life and I still feel that their presence is in my life and I feel like that guides my intuition and there’s great hope in that and there’s great promise in that and for anyone who is listening who ever feels that they lack that flow or lack that support lack somebody in their life through spirit or however you want to put it what I would like to be able to say to them is I’d like to be able to offer them something that gives them that glimmer of hope that there is somebody watching out for them to that person what would you say well it’s interesting you said a couple things there that really struck me and one was that well let’s start with with your question about what you know that person and what what I’d like to say I believe that we are all energy we are all matter and there are a few schools of thought about this that this is my deep belief is that because we’re all energy and matter when we leave our bodies that energy and matter still exists and that spirit is still available that’s the first thing but the second thing you said was this belief that there is something supporting me out there and what I’ve come to realize is that the universe is not it or God or the divine or however you wish to name that for yourself is that it exists in here and it’s when opening the channel for flow of that universal energy to come through that the realization becomes I don’t need to look out there for support the support I’m looking for is actually right inside me and I am God and I am this universal energy and it’s that dance between allowing the channel to let that energy flow through and closing the channel but it’s keeping that channel open and or recognizing that in those dark moments which are inevitable inherent to being human and they happen all the time that there’s always a choice to recognize that the channel is closed at the moment and I’m in fear at the moment and I am in this deep dark emotion at the moment and recognizing that and there is a choice point right in that moment and the moment of recognition to invite the reopening of something that’s more powerful than the fear the supportive energy of the universe is actually that energy that is given opportunity to flow through again and then to surge through your system and to reinvigorate reactivate and we enliven the truth of who you really are that was super helpful truly what I got from that was that love is so much more powerful than fair and if you can tap into love love of yourself love of others who are in your life love of those who have passed love of life in general you can use that love as that power that you need to overcome that fear absolutely it love holds up a much higher frequency given that we are energy we vibrate at various levels of frequency through our lives for our days through each love and appreciation hold the highest frequency of energy and fear hold one of the lowest and then there’s everything in between so it’s really understanding energy and and mastering that in our internal systems so that we can do that dance I think that the recognition of what’s happening is really important and it’s the key initial element that is needed to then transform it because we can’t change anything or not aware uh speaking of transforming and intuition I think that this is a nice segue into a question that I have for you and that is what is your greatest passion and if you could talk about that passion in reference to your intuitive business mentor program because I think it’s fascinating and I’d really like to be able to hear more about that in for you to share that with the listeners sure I love talking about this because it is my passion and my passion my deep deep passion and this comes from my own history of my own evolution my own spiritual emotional physical evolution of really waking up to the gift that I am in the world and waking up to my own very unique very specific genius that I have to offer in the world which has led me to becoming an intuitive business mentor and along the path has morphed and really uncovered for me what my wheelhouse is and I love and so passionate about supporting others to activate their own genius gifts first of all define them because what happens is that our genius and our gifts is really actually underneath the surface and so often new businesses start starts create start to build and grow their businesses without necessarily very specifically turning in to the genius that they are and therefore are less able to fully express theirs own a genius out into the world and share it and therefore are less able to attract the sole clients that are meant to work with them because they’re aligned as a result of greeting their posts hearing their podcast listening to them and realizing that oh my gosh this is the mentor for me so really in a nutshell I’m so passionate about people discovering what they’re geniuses and then translating that into currency translating that into an income into a business and if someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit oftentimes doesn’t exercise that spirit throughout the course of their whole lives those that I work with have recognized that they have that entrepreneurial spirit that they have that yearning to really express themselves out in the world and use business as a vehicle for their expression of their genius it’s different for every single one of us you know there are thousands of business coaches of life coaches of writers of book writers there are thousands of creatives in the world and each and every one of us has a very unique brand of genius and way in which we can impart our work in the world and so I love to support people to define it express it impart it and translate it into an income generating business that is sustainable for them and more than sustainable for them and that gives them a high level of income in which that they can have the space and time to keep creating from their genius because it’s so much fun it’s so much fun and it’s so activating and it keeps the channel of the flow of that love universal energy creative energy it keeps the life-force energy flowing when you’re in your zone of genius when you’re working in a nine-to-five and you’re not in Arizona genius or you’re touching into it bits and pieces here but you’re stifled in some way that channel of creative energy flow is stifled and that’s why it’s really hard to stay in the flow so that’s really passionate about ya staying in that flow can be really challenging for a lot of people because let’s face it most of us who are entrepreneurial and spirit I am definitely entrepreneurial and spirit always have been always will be we you know we get caught in this world of well I need to pay my bills so I need a full-time job that will support my lifestyle but at the same time that full-time job is actually is now starting to get in the way of what my my focal point is and so it’s an interesting balance that needs to be made and it’s trusting getting to that point where you can trust your intuitive self and your talented self in your genius self to cut the ties and say okay I need to take a leap of faith here I know a lot of creatives I work for creatives in my podcast in my motivational videos on YouTube on my patreon page in my books I work for creative mindsets in trying to share insights with them I’m very connected to creative people and we all seem to suffer that same sort of balancing act being able to keep up with that balancing act I should say in being able to say well when is the time to make that cut when is the time to take that leap of faith you have to trust yourself and you have to trust that the universe has your back but also you have to trust in that love and in that power in that love is stronger than that fear of not taking that leap and so I’m at that crossroads right now and another thing that you said that really touched upon me was the connection that we have with certain creative people now there are lots of creative people out there when I say creative people I’m talking about everybody in general in terms of podcasters motivational speakers life coaches all of that there are so many of us out there and it’s interesting because when you are supposed to connect with somebody you just do and that’s how I feel like I connected with you a year ago but it really recently is when I started really listening in to what you have to say and I’ve truly to the core your messages speak to me now I listen to a lot of life coaches and a lot of inspiring people but not everybody touches me in that way I don’t tune in I don’t make it an make an effort to schedule time to listen in and really absorb what that person is saying because there’s only so much time in a day so I find that really fascinating how I feel like when we are supposed to be connected to somebody when there is a message there for us the universe says okay listen stop and listen now you think that’s so cool yeah therein lies the arts of intuitive marketing and intuitive business building and that’s just such I mean that’s a whole other conversation there is something that happens when you are in your zone and truly truly connected to expressing your intuitive genius what happens is there is a synchronistic light grid that lights up in other people who are meant to hear you so you are meant to your my message and it’s that easy however it requires an enormous amount of trust in your intuition let’s talk about intuition because okay so we’re talking about it right now but truly what is intuition for somebody who is listening and is maybe a little confused by well I don’t understand what they’re talking about in terms of intuition what is this intuition that I’m supposed to be tapping into if I don’t even know what it is how do I know what it is I’m so I’m laughing because the part of us that says I don’t even know what that is what is that anyway I need the information I need to like put it in a nice neat little box is the part of us that is the logical brain that is the the opposite of intuition and part of us that guaranteed is what gets in the way of accessing our intuition so I’ll preface it with that intuition is is the voice of our soul intuition is our absolute in our bones truth that we know is is true and it’s a quiet whisper it can arrive in many different ways for different people you know it can arrive in in a sensation in your body it can arrive as image you get a flash about something you know you a flash image or picture in your mind because our minds do think in pictures about something and it’s so fast and so fleeting that it’s easy to ignore it dismiss it it can come in the form of words for me my intuition comes in the form of literally I hear words and phrases in my mind I hear my intuition and I’ve also seen seen images and and I’ve experienced sensations too but it’s getting to know those that quiet quiet quiet voice inside of ourselves that is speaking the truth to us and it’s a voice that because it’s often dismissed people don’t trust it people don’t listen to it people don’t admit that they have an intuition people will even say that’s hogwash you know like intuition is it is not reliable so intuition is really really subtle and the art of cultivating a relationship with your intuition is indeed cultivating an inner self trust with yourself because your intuitive voice is your truth and the more we squash our truth and I think we’ve talked about the Sun one of the livestreams that you listen to and we’re talking about is when we dismiss our own truths we’re pinching off that channel of energy of universal energy that’s coming through and the energy of the universe is the energy of our intuition it’s an into it’s a hit that’s why they call it an intuitive hit because it hits you and if you pay attention to it if you trust it and if you act on it you’re not only keeping those channel the channel of creativity and energy and staying in that flow state for longer but you’re actually amplifying that nth intuitive hit and it amplifies into creating more and creating more on creating more and you know as a creative you know when you get into the zone and time passes by without you even recognizing that that time has gone by and you’re in the flow and you’re just creating and then you create something else and then you get another idea all of those ideas insights and hits come from your intuition your truths and that universal energy that exists inside of you yeah Julie I read a lot of dr. Joe dispenser and he talks a lot about being in that state of flow in order to be able to open up to creativity the way he suggests that somebody has to do that is through meditation because you have to be able to get out of that logical mind and tap into that energy and the way to do that is to go into that conscious mind of yours and be able to quiet the thoughts get out of that mindset of the material world and all of its limitations and all of its fears and all of the blockages and be able to tap into potential the potential possibilities that exist out there in the world and the way to tap into that is by deep breathing by doing submitted Asian yoga and for me as a creative person that’s how I get into that flow of state for those creative ideas for that I think what you’re saying that intuition the flow through is I meditate first before any writing session before any digital storytelling brainstorming session before any podcast session I meditate to free my mind up of all that clutter because there’s so many blockages and so many thoughts that say no yes no yeah they just vying for my attention so I have to shut them all up so that I can actually allow the universe if you will to speak to me it’s the coolest feeling when as a writer when I am really in that state where I my fingers are flying around the keyboard I don’t even know how these words are getting of getting into my brain but they are just flowing right through me my brain my fingertips it onto that screen and then I stop and I’m like holy I just wrote 5,000 words and that’s a freaking awesome chapter that I just wrote where did that come from and I say it’s my character speaking through me but honestly I think it’s the universe speaking through me and it’s because I allowed that decluttering of the brain if you will to get into that flow what’s interesting about that is that is such a great practice and to really eliminate that noise so that you can hear that voice and for those of us who have brains like potentially yourself to really busy right brained creative never stops the ideas just keep going a cluttered chaotic brain that just never stops meditation can be difficult why I bring this up is because the intuitive voice of your soul doesn’t only come up when you meditate and you get yourself to that point of quiet stillness your intuition is active when it’s busy when your brain is feeling chaotic and running on all cylinders and the art of really harnessing the power of that chaos of that busy creative idea of riddles brain is that’s an argument itself because hearing the intuition speak when your brain is busy just as much as hearing your intuition speak when you’re quiet and both are equally important because and I and I’m speak for myself and I and I also am speaking for many of the clients I’m attracting now our right brained creative intuitive people who just find themselves constantly buzzing and can’t quite make heads or tails out of it can’t get organized can’t find their way to following the formulaic systems and you know methods and formulas of creating a business the traditional way because they’re too the brain is too busy and they haven’t tapped into their intuitive genius yet and that happened to me when I first started my business I said okay so I’ve never been an entrepreneur that was six years ago after had being a career practitioner for 20 years and working in the traditional world of work all over my newsfeed and in my email were all of these systems and how to you know build a business in 90 days how to write a script for your perfect elevator speech how to create a funnel that’s going to work for you and I was following all these things outside of myself and my brain was just firing on all cylinders trying to follow these someone else’s system instead of recognizing my own creative genius intuitive hits and following that so what I would do was you know I would try and follow all these formulating lake ways that were created by someone outside of myself they weren’t my way because they were created by someone who wasn’t a right brained creative genius and and then I would meditate in between to try and quieten things down because I couldn’t like I couldn’t I couldn’t quite organize myself then I started to learn the mechanics of and the science of intuitive business building and marketing and started to really use that as my primary formula so to speak because it’s my own and learned how to access my intuitive hits even in the busy even in the creative moments even in those you know I’m in the zone and then like which intuitive hit do I follow first and what what’s intuition and what isn’t and all of the subtle nuances of learning to use my intuition and harnessing that to build my business and that’s when everything changed you’re listening to the news being talk-show the lesbians auction your hub of podcast information okay so Julie imagining that we have a whole bunch of listeners who are entrepreneurs in spirit as an entrepreneur for myself anyway I’m an entrepreneur who has always wanted to create but I have struggled in the past with understanding what path to take I have a lot of skill sets okay I’ve built up a ton of skill sets over the years and all of them I really enjoy so I’ve got my storytelling I’ve got my novel writing I’ve got my technical expertise in graphic design in audio editing in delivering podcasts in creating video in photography all of that kind of stuff and so for me as a creative I have been all over the board I’m even a hairdresser and so you know for myself as an entrepreneur I I know that I am just craving to do my own thing I love my work at the University do not get me wrong and I’ll probably be there for a little while a little while longer but I do crave to get out of the box and carve my own path in life because I know I have it in me to do that and I am not gonna be satisfied until I actually do that and so my whole problem has been well what path do I take do I open up a hair salon cuz hey that seems logical I know the hair industry insider now I’ve written books on it I’ve worked in it I know how to market it maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do I’m like yeah you know but then I start thinking oh god I have to learn all about leasing a building and and buying supplies and oh my gosh although I’m gonna have to work in that place 7 days a week 12 hours a day cleaning on the weekends like oh I don’t know that that’s really what I want but maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do because that seems like the only viable brick-and-mortar business opportunity that seems like it could really pan out for me anyway so I’m all over the board one thing that I love doing is I love writing my books and every in 13 novels and four or five non-fiction books but one thing I can say about that is I personally do not want to count on that as my main stream of income not because I do not believe I can make a main stream of income from it but because I feel like that will put a damper on my creative energy and that flow I know myself the minute that I put i monetize my books like that that’s when my creativity and my love for it will just fizzle out and I’ll get all stressed out so I have always said to myself that’s not really what is one stream of income but it’s not my main stream my main stream I wanted to have cash flow with something that I know what can have cash flow I have control over that to some extent book writing you don’t have control over that it’s a subjective field if a book it’s bad reviews if a book doesn’t sell well then you know now you have to wait another year because I take a year to write books to make up that so I never want to put that pressure on myself so this is what I do my logical brain keeps going back and forth your salon storytelling yes that what can I do I got to do something and I stall out and I don’t do anything yes just continue working my 7:30 to 3:30 job doing that you know stuff I like but it’s not I’m an entrepreneur I want my own business so here’s what I want to say is when I listen to you do a live video a few weeks back it reeled me in what you were talking about just connected with everything I just said in terms of being vulnerable going after what’s in our heart and it created a fire in me and it opened up a spigot and then it put me on an energy level that I didn’t even know I was on and then the next day I went to a video shoot for the university and I was speaking with this dynamic consultant who just put the the idea the Nugget in my head why are you not doing a video production company you are so good at this you make me so comfortable you have a hairdressing quality you can do makeup in here you can that’s your niche you you’re able to like dress people and make them look great on camera you know how to work a camera you know how to do an interview you know how to introduce the video because I’ve done others for her and why are you not doing that and I was like she just gave me a confidence like we connected her and I and then because I had just listened to what you said the day before it all connected like the universe is like hello this is what you hear this is your path right here this is your path get out of your own way open your eyes and take all those skills that you have built up over the years and do something with it and I swear to God the next day yeah I opened up sunny B productions video company and me and my better half and we that’s it we’re already up and running but it was as quick and easy as that yeah so I can’t wait to see where it takes me fantastic and it’s all in alignment with everything I do it’s the storytelling aspect it’s the video it’s the editing it’s the audio editing it’s bringing people stories alive it’s sharing insights it’s it’s all of it it’s all of it in one and I’m like why didn’t I ever see this before and I don’t think I was ready to that’s right and and the day that you heard me you opened something and you opened up to receive the truth of this and the minute you receive the truth which is your intuition you’re receiving what what’s important for you and your receipt you’re being informed by your by your truth your intuition and that’s how quickly the universe works yeah and conspires on your behalf the very next day an opportunity opened up for you in the past you may not have really received the truth in what you said earlier was really really really key to all of this is that the logical brain this isn’t a good idea because how on earth could ever make a living this way because this doesn’t make any sense this isn’t rational this isn’t reasonable this is so foolish and irresponsible I can’t do this because I don’t want it to XYZ and that logical brain is not the voice of your your truth or your intuition it’s the voice of one of your shadows therefore DOM and voices of fear and one of those dominant voices you were referring to just there it’s that saboteur that needs it to make sense that needs more information that needs more time that needs to get all your ducks in a row that needs to make sense of it all before you act and therefore because you’re in analysis paralysis we you in this case do nothing and when you start to build a relationship with your troops and your intuition you also must be building a relationship with your shadow voices of fear as well you must be able to recognize them both in order to work with them folks that that’s a significant piece of work that I do with people is to deactivate the exact things that are in their way and those are their shadow voices that are steering them away from their troops and from their intuition and from their magic and from their possibility thinking what exactly is shadow alchemy what a great question what it is is a step beyond shadow management and the entire self-help industry and our paradigm has been that that we can manage our shadow which are the voices of fear that I’ve been talking about we can manage them and we can Sue’s them and give ourselves relief from them and a problem with shadow management is that when we do that those voices of fear just relocate somewhere else in our system and they show up and pop up somewhere else and we get triggered some other time shadow alchemy is the and there is a shadow alchemy tool that I can help people gain access to if they would like to reach out to me is a tool that Elka Mize is the shadow and actually transmutes the fear and turns it into raw potent power for good so it’s a it’s a more sustainable way handle the voices of fear in a way that is that has a long-lasting effect it’s an amazing brilliant tool well that sounds incredibly helpful something that I think everybody could use but yes it’s really interesting that you brought that up you gave such a great great representation of what a saboteur does and how long I’m had your saboteur been running the show and so really it’s and I think I did a I I think I did a post on this yesterday about letting your intuition drive the bus or something like that like letting your intuition take the lead and run the show and what you’re doing is you’re turning the tables around because we have all been conditioned in Our Lives to revere logic and planning and this paradigm shift needs to happen in order for us to creatively step into our dream businesses we have to experience an entire paradigm shift and that is part of the work is alkalizing those voices of fear because they keep their subconscious and they keep popping up in Joe Dispenza talks a lot about this and they keep popping up all over the place left right and center and their subconscious we don’t even know they’re there that’s part of the part of the body of work and that’s part of what needs to happen is that relationship with both the intuition and those voices of fear and knowing what to do with them yeah so Julie for anyone listening what would be one to two steps that you would advise a person to take to be able to tap into their intuition on a very easy way like right after they’re done listening to this is there some kind of an exercise that they can do mm-hmm or large that they can start to practice this mm-hmm yeah a really simple easy way is if you’re listening as soon as you stop listening just pay attention to what arises in you and it might be and it’s some kind of message it’s some kind of pull towards something it might be a pole to go make lunch it might be a pull to call somebody it might be up this this fleeting intuitive hit of it you might get an image of your mom you might get you know a a message in the form of a phrase to say go take a walk and whatever that is however seemingly unrelated it is to what you want to create if your focus is on creating a business and you just you’re struggling and there’s no momentum happening and you don’t know how cuz she’s doing all the things your ins your intuitive hit will likely seem very much unrelated to what it is you want to do but go do it and the step is to act on it immediately because when you don’t act on your intuitive hit immediately its energy fizzles out and the logic and The Saboteur and the voices of fear take over and you know you go back to oh no I can’t do that that’s ridiculous what do you mean go go for a walk like I have all this stuff to do and then back you are in in your busy brain and still cycling through that through that cycle of really not moving forward so that’s an easy just just an easy really simple step is just to play with it play with acting on your intuition right away no matter what it says it might be you know go go do laundry or you know like go outside and pet your cats I don’t know yeah oh wow I just love that that’s simple it’s something that we can all do as soon as this podcast is over we can all do that we can all just even sit in silence for a few minutes and see if something hits I love that and then when you act on it notice what happens notice that maybe you go for a walk and you run into someone who gives you who provides you with an idea notice whether you know you go and pet your cat and you see something in your I’m just looking out at my garden right now because you’re outside putting your cat you see something in your garden that’s growing and it gives you an idea about growing the garden you know planting seeds for something else so just it’s important to notice and then also celebrate and say thank you and like connect the dots between the fact that your intuition led you to this idea or this person or this new insight about what’s next celebrate that energy is actually being provided for you in that universe the energy of the universe has your back like thank you thank you universe and I say thank you probably 50 times a day I love it you know one thing I do every morning Julie is before I even get out of bed I say thank you so much for this new day hmm I’m so grateful for it I can’t wait to see what happens today and then I get out of bed and then that sets me up for success I mean it really does it just yeah I do it every morning and I make a point to do that every single morning and it really helps it’s really about seeking going out there and seeking and being open and saying I am open to finding something to be in pleasantly surprised that’s another one of dr. Joe dispenses magical phrases that I like is ask the universe to pleasantly surprise you and you know I owe every single day there’s something that pleasantly surprises me yeah yeah yeah it’s important not to miss that yeah I think it’s because I I seek it I seek it out every day seek and you shall find and I really do believe that’s true even with intuition seek your intuition and it will find you yeah and ask what am i what does my intuition want for me right now that’s a really good question to ask also as the next step what is my intuition want for me right now ooh yeah I love that yeah that’s powerful and and remember that the initial intuitive hit that you get that’s your intuition everything after that is not everything after that is oh I should really you know do the dishes instead I really need to send out that email or every everything else after that intuitive hit it’s not your intuition so when people asked how do I know if it’s my intuition or my fear it’s the initial little that pop so ever so subtly that is your intuition powerful Julie I always like to ask a question that just to get to know my guests a little better is what is one piece of advice that you would tell your younger self if you could go back and have a conversation with her I love that question I think it really would be and is Julie trust what you can’t see because you’ve you’ve been trained to only trust two things you can see and once you have evidence and once you have proof of things working and once you have a plan like all those tangible things and I never knew that it was so important to just trust what I can’t see powerful trust what you can’t see I love that yeah yeah Julie it’s been such a pleasure how can listeners best connect with you they can reach me by email which is Julie at inner core or go to my website inner core coach comm and I also have a Facebook page called beyond nine-to-five accelerator for sure reach out to me if you are on Facebook and look up Julie peach inner core coach and reach out to me that way I’m also i also have a profile on LinkedIn and I’m not sure Suzie if you’ll be providing people in show notes I’m gonna provide all that people can also access the genius code detector tool that I’ve created through my website and or through a URL that you have in the show notes and it’s a tool that will get people started on really getting down drilling down to the root of their actual genius gift it asks some really thought-provoking questions to get people going and really identifying those gifts so that they can better better articulate express them and then market them out into the world and receive their soul clients wonderful so what I’m gonna do for everybody is I am going to be putting all of the links that Julie mentioned in the show notes below please reach out to her connect with her she is phenomenal she has helped to change the course of my life and she’s just a wonderful person with a big heart and gosh it’s just been a true pleasure having you on the show Julie thank you so much for being here with us thank you so much for having me it’s been such a pleasure and so much fun talking with you as usual thanks Suzie you’re very welcome hey friends thanks for spending time with me today first up I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has showed their love and support of my newest novel release the pet boutique a romance novel that has lots of flirty innuendos a fun-loving albeit wacky at times family and a spirited dog who makes sure that everyone adores her it is available on Kindle and Kindle unlimited as well as paperback I also want to thank all who have become patrons of my patreon page your support means a great deal to me for more information on joining me on this journey and gaining access to special rewards visit the link in the show notes also be sure to follow the lesbian talk show to keep up on the latest episodes so thanks for tuning in until next time go out there and continue to learn grow and embrace life’s curves