Some Wounds Run Deeper & Taken by Rae D Magdon

This episode of The Sapphic Cast features Some Wounds Run Deeper & Taken by Rae D Magdon

Today we learn about the inspiration behind The Sapphic Cast and we dive down into the fandom of THE 100 (Clarke/Lexa) and MASS EFFECT (Liara/Female Shepard) with two fan fiction pieces by Rae D. Magdon. We’re just scraping the surface of these two universes but we’re still gonna try it.

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Okay folks so it’s me Amana miss again and Alex is out in the forest I think not really sure if that’s what it’s called the thing with all the trees which I’ve just seen for the first time by the way trees are very interesting creatures I hope that you’re actually conversing with them because I tried to strike up a conversation they don’t strong silent type but I found them interesting a lot of stories to tell once you you know like interface with them correctly which luckily I know how to do because I spent a lot of time with roots sit down talk to one for a while they really got a lot to say anyway alex is out in that forest behind this place here that I am kept inside of and she’s given me this typewritten script which is the intro I guess to this particular episode that I’m supposed to record so here we go hello listener I’m Alex woods your nice neighborly host living deep in the Scandinavian forest with a bunch of unruly animals so let’s run down why and what this is and what it’s going to be simple explanation this is a podcast in which will narrate to you lesbian fan fiction and other original fiction here’s the not so simple explanation for many readers of less Vic and their authors the journey of reading and writing started with fan fiction fanfic communities are often a safe place for young queer writers and readers to begin navigating their identity for writers fan fiction allows for a low-risk way to experiment with characters scenarios and dialogue for me personally and this is from Alex’s script just to be clear it started in the mid-1990s with the first possibility of internet I don’t understand what that is but did I pronounce that correctly okay oh so I was already addicted to my favorite Sailor Moon characters Haruka and meteor ooh even though the dub was bad and tried to explain their relationship away I knew they were a couple and the internet and the fanfiction was on my side I didn’t feel so alone anymore I was able to have contact with others in the fandom and he discovered many sites dedicated to fan fiction some good some and some really really bad I mean like giving me nightmares bad well and then Xena came along and oh boy that was a game-changer hey I think I know her I’ve been near her version of grease the fanfic sites exploded with the obvious subtext fiction another door was open to me and I read fanfic like every day it was great and I started my creative outlet to sharing my ideas for stories and I got encouragement from my fellow fanfic friends to write to now years later after dealing with some serious health problems and illnesses for which nothing can be done serious health problems she crawled all the way down that tunnel huh pill advised I have trouble with reading and writing so I’ve entered more into podcasts and audiobooks these things gave me a big part of my life back that I thought was lost but still I miss reading fanfic and tried to find lesbian and queer fanfic in podcast format and was sad to find none so I thought I’m gonna do it that was like two years ago then life got in my way as it does but now I hope this project baby is on the way to delivery well that was the long version AM are you sick of me yet oh that’s directed at me am I allowed to I am kind of your prisoner here so let’s hop in the first Tales by the wonderful rady mag don a fanfic writer original let vic ryder and all-around wonderful person you can look up her stories in the link to the show notes we start off this episode with the 100 a CW original series now on netflix in the series the leader of a group from earth LexA starts a romance with clark who arrives to earth from the orbit station this show sparked a movement so big that it got its own convention collects akan the outrage that another lesbian couple got killed off was simply too much for the fans and started a revolution so here we go to the first story of the podcast [Music] call yourself Clark it’s only a scratch clock grounder teeth sucking sharply oh no tongue yes he unwound a stripper blood-stained cloth from Dex’s Opera it was most certainly more than a scratch she could tell that before she even finished removing the bandage and as she peel it free she noticed traces of hard and black blood around the wound proof that it had that recently why didn’t you tell me she demanded this wasn’t at all what she had had in mind when she had dragged lexa back to their private rooms of the dinner and started pulling off her clothes because it didn’t concern you Clark’s eyes flashed but she continued examining lexis injury despite her annoyance she prodded it said just pleased to see that a fluid seeping out of it seemed fresh and that there was no firmness or heat to the surrounding skin it absolutely does concern me she said dropping lexis Armin heading over to the drawer where she kept some basic medical supplies from behind her she heard lexa he was I I didn’t want to worry you that’s about half a stupid ass your first answer still stupid though she pulled out a fresh roll of bandages why on this beautiful new earth did Lex always seem to go through bandages like toilet paper and headed for the bathroom well LexA didn’t move to follow she gave her lover a firm look come on it needs cleaning I can do it myself LexA protested but she followed dutifully coming to stand beside the water basin luckily Clark could tell it had been refilled recently instead of being allowed to sit throughout today of course you can do it yourself drug found that her annoyance was rapidly fading to sadness as she held lexis arm over the basin running some of the clean water over it to wash away the worst of the congealed black blood the point is you shouldn’t have to that’s what I’m here for LexA didn’t answer which was just as well because Clark wasn’t particularly in the mood to argue with her instead she busied herself scrubbing the cut as closely as she could without breaking the start of its cab open but did this she asked her Bravo ring a sword a sword truck shook her head in disbelief Lexus answer only raised more questions you got sliced with a sword and didn’t think it was relevant information for me to have the cut was dressed Lexus dated her voice soft but firm I didn’t need a healer what about emotional comfort LexA that’s what lovers do they come home to each other and say want to hear about the shit today I had someone sliced me with a sword and then I’m supposed to say I’m sorry you got hurt how can I make you feel better next I had the decency to look guilty I they don’t think of it like that well consider this a reminder if something like this happens again I want to know about it Clarke reach further disinfectant she had pulled out along with the bandages this part is going to I know get it over with please she added when Clark gave her a sour look Clark felt guilty as she poured the disinfectant the relaxants wound and registered her paint hiss but she went about her work as quickly as possible she wrapped the fresh bandages firmly around Lex’s arm before her lover could follow her instinct and robotic lacing a kiss Alexis sweat slicked forehead a sir reward once she was finished there all better not so bad letting yourself taking care of once in a while is it LexA didn’t answer she remained silent staring at an empty space on the bathroom wall the loss of Clarke’s annoyance evaporated something that LexA needed her patience she waited gently kneading the stiff cord of her commanders shoulder i I am on a custom to this treatmen accept a last her eye still far away going up I was one of many I wasn’t even most promising on my fellow night plots it was made clear to me on more than one occasion that I was replaceable I still AM he is made to serve not to be served despite herself Clarke felt her eyes prick with tears you are not replaceable LexA she said grasping her lover’s shoulder and gazing at her wailing like such a believer not to me lexis lips trembled as if she might speak but she did not say a word she simply leaned forward and a small vulnerable gesture was enough through Clarke to forgive her and more she wrapped her arms around lexis waist holding her close for several long minutes the blanket are quiet remained wrapped around them for a long time who cut you Clarke asked at last her face partially buried in Alexis neck she felt likes a smile against her shoulder Aiden sparing yeah I am I make an effort to show all the night thoughts that although they have a duty to our people they are not interchangeable well your only duty right now is coming to bed with me Clarke insisted LexA lifted her head and when she smiled clerks stomach unraveled oh yes she cut legs as she leaning in for a kiss neither of them did much talking after that imagine me trudging through a Scandinavian snowdrift I’ve actually never been in a snowdrift can you’ve trudged through those anyway trudging through the snowdrift well in search of abandoned wood to build myself my own Scandinavian cottage where I shall roast whatever Scandinavians roast the next story mass effect is also written by ray for another fandom that is as passionate as the one fork lexa the epic story line follows Shepherd a soldier destined to save the universe from the Reapers here’s the thing about the Mass Effect games you can choose to play a female or male Shepherd and you can romance the same people some Shep is often paired with Liara the member of an alien race that she met in the first game in the latest game in the series it seems that the couple has broken up if you choose to romance Liara fans don’t like that and a lot of fanfic surrounds an alternative ending to the story so here is a story about fem shep and Liara to Sony you taken by rady McDon it started innocently enough with a friendly inquiry about a bond made from the merchant in the Presidium shepard frowned wondering how the talkative a sorry I’m new but assumed it was just a lucky guess then things started getting weirder whispers and eyes followed her a pair of young ass RI maidens giggling behind their hands near the docking bay a matriarch giving her a saucy wink as she passed by even a condescending smirk for Mariah cloak in purgatory Athena was the one who finally clued him so are you and my daughter going to embrace some kids into eternity any time soon or have you just been practicing Shepard blinked open her mouth then closed it again come again I’d say you’ve been coming an awful lot already the marked role the arrow scent is all over you liras what it was a theatres turn to bling you don’t know it was perhaps the first and only time that Shepard had ever seen it it has even slightly embarrassed I’m going to take that awkward silence as a jest then when I sorry I start having lots of sex with a regular partner their hormone production spikes it’s worse with maidens but it happens during all three stages of life most other species think we’re the horse of the galaxy but I’m sorry it can be very territorial when it comes to our families Shepard was still completely confused so that means it means my kid mark you think of it as an invisible tattoo that says this fine ass belongs to the artists oni and if you even so much just look at it too long I’ll warp you into dark space something like that suddenly everything clicked into place I should probably talk to liara about this Shepard said grateful for the explanation but wishing it hadn’t come from such an awkward source most of our conversations with Athena enough already yeah told right good luck with that did you have fun on your day off Shepard they are asked not bothering to look up from her glowing monitor she had known that Shepard was outside the door before he’d even open you could say that the human said in a voice that sounded far more irritated than Liara was expecting if you count running errands a day off sometimes I think people start talking about missing items on purpose whenever they see me coming oh how ever will I find that fable Grundy loveth me it would really boost true Parral and I also need the banner of this is such a damn waste of time or will surely lose to the Reapers it can’t possibly be a coincidence there sir I did not look away from the screen although she reached out with her hand and briefly caressed Shepards knuckles I shudder to think what the banner of this is such a damn waste of time looks like or how large the ground a love after me is I especially don’t want to know where in the galaxy you came up with those um interesting hypothetical examples your brain is such a frightening place sometimes Shepard the human was more amused than the fendle but still cranky from her trying day well you should know you’ve been in there often enough by the way you didn’t tell me that melding with you would leave a scent I had to deal with a sorry staring at me and making slight comments all day including your father they are a finally looked up oh goddess I meant to discuss it with you I just never came up and exactly what did I theater tell you whoa are you blushing your father didn’t say anything that bad although I think there was an indirect compliment of my ass in there somewhere Liara took Shepards hand and pulled her gently towards the bed they both sat down knees touching well I suppose I should start by explaining that when NSRI becomes well bonded their hormone levels change we began producing pheromones they make us seem more attractive to our mates on a subconscious level and worn off competitors thus our iPhone it sounds rather primitive when I put it like that it’s that part of the reason so many different species like us all right wait that came out wrong I didn’t mean that you know asari are purposely I just it’s all right yes our pheromones to attract other species but this is much stronger more noticeable they are agreed the material of a lab coat her fingers clenching and unclenching in her lap she looked decidedly nervous and Shepard decided to take pity on her well it’s better than a tramp stamp the commander Joe but she stopped smiling when she noticed just how embarrassed Liara still seemed she couldn’t meet the human size hey it’s okay look at me please obediently yes sorry I lifted her head I actually think it’s sexy there’s a reason my hand migrates to your ass whenever we’re in purgatory and it’s not just because I’m a perfect I like it when everyone knows the sexiest asara in the room belongs to me somewhere along the line scheppers voice had dropped in the pitch until it was a seductive / against the era’s air I can’t blame you for doing the same thing liras eyelashes fluttered brushing her cheekbones and her lips parted slightly her turn felt heavy in her mouth it it will wear off a little but for most part it’s permanent unless we are separated for months at a time I’m okay with that Shepard slid a firm hand around the back of leros knife massaging the lower part of her crest as she leaned in close very okay with that but with better meld a lot anyway just in case quickly regaining confidence Liara crawled onto shit straddling the humans hips and pushing her back onto the bed exactly right by the time I’m done with you commander every asari on the Citadel is going to know that you are as the humans say taken in every sense of the word thank you for listening to the sapphic cast on the lesbian talk show channel we would love your feedback on the lesbian talk show Facebook group and a rating in your podcast app hey and while you’re at it tell your friends about us all links to creators and stories can be found in the show notes and if you like what we’re doing please consider becoming a patreon patron of the lesbian talk show it helps us keep the channel live and provides you entertainment every day of the week and now the credits the producer and editor of this show is Alex woods the narration editor and moral support person is Maya Ratan the story narrator is zom our artwork is by Caroline Abernathy and my name is Aaron Lewis and I’m the podcast voice surrogate for your host Alex woods thanks for listening and please have a wonderful day [Music]