Room 13 Episode 9

Room 13 Episode 9

Zach finally gets the chance to meet Tamara. Michelle wonders what kind of future she and Tamara could possibly have.

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About Room 13

Rae D Magdon has created a sweet radio drama romance about a music student who finds love where she least expected it.

If you love Rae’s novels then this is an audio treat just for you.

This show is running on The Lesbian Talk Show with permission from the creator who holds all the rights. 

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please note this transcript has not been edited and is automatically generated meaning certain words will be incorrect

room 13 a supernatural romance and audio drama by Rae D Magdon written and performed by the author and featuring the voices of Aurora Wayland and Muttley with editing by quiet persona this story features themes of self-harm mental illness and suicide although these themes are treated sensitively listener discretion is advised this podcast is available on iTunes for Apple devices Google Play Music for Android devices and on blueberry for your browser [Music] [Music] [Applause] you [Music] okay new day new attempt to make contact with your ghostly girlfriend your ghoul friend first of all it’s ten o’clock at night second – here’s not my girlfriend only because you haven’t asked her to be seriously dude there are a hundred reasons that’s a bad idea and you’re about to list them all off no but doesn’t asking out a dead girl who’s been stuck in a 10 by 10 foot room for five years strike you as kind of bad no you made it sound weird I didn’t make it sound any weirder than it already is never mind just stay out here a minute mmm you worried I might scare Tamara off maybe I should be but no if your theory about her being attracted to me I mean literally you asked if I’m part of what’s restoring her connection to this world maybe it’s better if I go in alone first mmm restoring her connection to this world that’s some soul mate local right there I’m regretting all of my life choices right now mmm fine go in but you don’t get to see what I brought until you come get me do I even want to know mmm only one way to find out hey Tamara you here Michelle whoa what here’s just you just appeared out of nowhere I can see you you look good I mean you’re clearer really more like water reflection than fog this time I take it that’s an improvement yeah I guess I’m not so incorporeal after all but I’m still a dumbass well I have my doubts about that too so you know my friend Zack the one that believes in ghosts yeah that guy he’ll be thrilled that’s your one sentence descriptor of him he’s kind of outside he wants to meet you please don’t be nervous you can’t just tell someone not to be nervous sorry it’s been a while since I’ve interacted with people I’m people yeah but you’re you if you aren’t comfortable with him coming in I’ll tell him to get lost this is your space more than anyone’s oh it’s it’s okay I figured that’s what happens sooner or later you did I could take a physical shape now I was gonna be seen by someone eventually it might as well be someone who won’t scream well he’ll do better than I did when I met you Zack she’s in here yeah where I don’t whoa hi you’re real really real I knew it validation you didn’t think Michelle was the one playing piano on her practice log Recordings did you she can barely get there the Clemente sama Tina’s that’s better than you are at flute how do you know I haven’t tried yet I’ve got something we can all try if you say weed my delicate lungs and I are leaving have a little faith you want to play aren’t you going to ask me a bunch of questions I mean I am a ghost doesn’t that change your entire concept of reality you know you’re not the first one I’ve seen but check out the composer on this tree oh yeah first I kind of wish he’d brought weed now it was one of the only scores in the library for flute oboe and piano though she didn’t consider maybe just picking a flute duet and taking one part and miss the chance to introduce you to the work of Carl goat fart I think not why not let’s do it I like your moxie put it on the weights I think I’ve got this hey you did it yourself getting better whoops OOP too soon here I’ve got it you’re not trying to flute anytime soon though that’d be ten Gran’s thinking through your hands dibs on the stand hey Cher get your own if you two are done ready let me wet my read I guess the oboe Studios jokes haven’t changed sadly No [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] that was awesome I got to play chamber music with a few ghosts well you didn’t freak her out despite your best attempts hey give it time she likes you by the way come on I’m serious you’ve got the whole paranormal romance thing going on I can’t even handle regular romance joke if you want but something is there you’ll have to acknowledge it eventually or I could just ignore it and focus on helping her leave that practice room mmm sure for now the two of us won’t work you trying to convince me or yourself cuz it’s not gonna work well either way Zach all I’m saying is she likes you I can tell you don’t get it even if she wanted to be with me it doesn’t matter why not give me a reason because she’s a ghost and and she disappears at random stuff floats right through her hmm only sometimes she’s stuck in a practice room that might change if she’s becoming semi corporeal again what kind of future would we even have you know I’m not up for casual stuff even if Tamara did manage to leave the room she couldn’t get a car or a job or an apartment she couldn’t live a normal life with or without me so she gets a job on the internet and finds a roommate to sign a lease you maybe plus she doesn’t have to pay taxes if she’s dead what if what if I’m too much of a hot mess for anyone to date especially someone with so many problems of her own if hot messes weren’t allowed to date no one would you take your medicine and you go to therapy you’re still in school you have a couple stable friendships you’re in decent enough working order for a girlfriend but what if I ruin everything I’ve been so happy the past couple weeks Zach like she reminded me of something important I’d forgotten I’m scared to risk that mm-hmm Michelle do you remember our first semester yeah remember when I asked you out I can’t believe you didn’t know I was a lesbian I told you already it wasn’t obvious I hadn’t I can’t think straight pin on my flute bag it was funny on multiple levels anyway dummy I asked you out and you said no and put me in the friend zone and you know what the friend zone is a pretty great place to be and now we’re best friends and it’s awesome Oh Zach I know I’m adorable you think that’s how it’d be with me and Tamera mm-hm you can at least give her the chance to say yes I want to smooch you or no thanks do you think she even could kiss me I mean mm I think you’re gonna find out hey everyone sorry about the impromptu hiatus we all went on vacation and then we all got sick but we’re back now and episode releases are gonna be on Thursdays because there’s higher traffic on Thursdays so we hope you enjoy the conclusion of the show it’s coming up there’s 13 episodes and we’ll see you next week you