Room 13 Episode 8

Room 13 Episode 8

Michelle and Zach do some digging in the library, and discover there’s more to Tamara’s death than they knew.

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About Room 13

Rae D Magdon has created a sweet radio drama romance about a music student who finds love where she least expected it.

If you love Rae’s novels then this is an audio treat just for you.

This show is running on The Lesbian Talk Show with permission from the creator who holds all the rights. 


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room 13 a supernatural romance and audio drama by Rae D Magdon written and performed by the author and featuring the voice of Moxley and the editing of quiet persona this podcast is available on google play music for Android devices iTunes for Apple devices and on the website blueberry for browsers this story features themes of mental illness self-harm and suicide these topics are treated sensitively but if it may be upsetting to you listener discretion is advised [Music] we’d cease our like actually saw or standing in front of you and everything she didn’t look like a normal human but yeah I did you seem weirdly calm about this I was expecting more panic I’m relieved actually because your hallucinations are visual yeah but not just that I feel like something’s gone your mind no what you insensitive dork well yes but I mean oh wait it feels like a weight has been lifted you think she’s snapping you out of this depressive episode yeah I do which I’ve only been trying to do for the past year it’s not your job to fix me it’s mine I know but I still want to help sorry I know being my friend is more like being a caretaker sometimes you know I love you show everyone needs to be taken care of sometimes and everyone needs an occasionally fucked-up misanthropic friend right maybe not as misanthropic as you think mm-hmm you pretend you’re all kinds of messed up but you’re really not you haven’t given up even when life’s thrown all kinds of shit at you like a ghost like a ghost your new ghosty friend well I haven’t actually met yet despite dropping by the practice room every day it’s not to marys fault she can’t always control what she comes and goes so she says what’s that supposed to mean no just that she really seems to enjoy your company that’s not saying much I’m the only company she’s had in years at least the only company who can hear her so far yeah wonder why that is you’re being evasive I’m not you’re being dense what think about it out of all the people can use that practice room she chosen you to talk to and you were the first one who listened to her without freaking out I did freak out no no I’m just saying she likes you do you like her Zach no no first of all she’s a ghost so people have crushes on fictional vampires all the time maybe ghosts uh next supernatural frontier I can’t believe you just saying ignoring the ghost thing Tamera’s got plenty of her own problems she’s trapped in a room she spent the last five years alone in a small space with a piano she couldn’t play though she can play now I’ve heard the recordings she’s amazing well yeah buy it and speaking of those recordings she sounds pretty happy in them even when she isn’t playing she would be ecstatic too if you could finally interact with the world around you again that’s the other thing I don’t think it’s a coincidence what’s not that she was only able to play piano again after meeting you but you were the first one to see her after all this time and that she could feel her hand what are you saying maybe you’re part of what’s pulling her back in the art world no she did it herself I’m not gonna take that from her acknowledging you helped someone isn’t taking anything from them I know but she spent five years in isolation when I felt her hand she reminded me she hadn’t touched anyone in all that time can you even imagine that going that long without contact I’d go nuts most people would but she’s normal scarily normal under the sarcasm there is what why you like her it’s not just the music I don’t know what you mean you admire her if she can hold this together after going through all that maybe you can get better to some of my mental health issues are chronic you know that they don’t just get better I didn’t say cure I said get better it’s a more reasonable goal than you think I know it is see you wouldn’t have said that a month ago I know that – I don’t get it though she’s so determined couple dumb words of encouragement from me and she was off to the races so why why would a girl like that one was such a strong core of hope I don’t know sometimes for me the short-term pain is so bad I can’t think about the long-term I want to cut myself out of my skin no matter what it takes mmm maybe maybe she didn’t you think so too don’t you I can see it in your eyes be honest from what you know about her to suicide it seemed like something Tamara would do Zack she could have been different when she was alive than she is now death can change a person’s perspective don’t you think it’s weird she has a convenient gap in her memory about dying maybe she blocked it out she says it was painful exactly it was painful why would she kill herself in a practice room not with pills or something not even a razor blade she’s car keys right who the fuck’s lets their wrists with car keys their blunt you have to rip yourself open to hit blood yeah when you self-harm you use what you have on you self-harm and suicide are two different animals if someone tries to kill themselves they want it to stick you don’t tear your wrists with a key and leave a huge fucking mess and possibly end up getting tetanus instead of actually dying so what are you saying you know what I’m saying yeah shit I do [Music] [Applause] you’re right it is creepy at night in the library and it isn’t midterms or finals at least we don’t have to be afraid of ghosts you don’t know that maybe not all the Mirza chills Tamara why did you start believing in ghosts anyway okay so you know my house in Vermont the one you and your mom think is haunted dude I don’t just think I know weird stuff happens all the time doors opening and closing lights left on when no one remembers being in the room once when I was a kid I saw a reflection in the bathroom mirror something out of muttonchops and a curve ah seriously why have you never told me to store it before because hallucinations are a sensitive topic for you now shut up and let me tell it so I saw this guy we just stared at each other through the glass and I had this funny feeling in my chest like like he could see straight through you like you are the ghost yeah is that what your beard is the way it is hey it took me two years on t ocurro this hair I’m not just gonna shave it all off besides they don’t have mutton chops just a mess we’re getting distracted he didn’t make me realize I was training stuff a ghost made you realize you’re trans yeah you looked pretty good for a dead guy and no one was saying I couldn’t grow up to be a dapper dude with a beard and a cravat I don’t believe the dapper part when I see it we’re getting distracted haven’t seen much just a couple small news articles and the public memorial Facebook page and music stuff from before she died hmm what’s on the page a message from her mom dated five years ago we want to thank you for all the outpouring of love and support bill and I are answering messages as can that it’s easier and less tiring to update everyone at once we hope you understand we have some news the autopsy says Tamara suffered a head injury at the time of her passing probably from falling against the piano bench the coroner believes it was a contributing factor he thinks Tamara might have been trying to self harm and fainted not everyone who self harms is necessarily considering suicide I’ve included some links about both below hmm looks like Tamera’s mom has become something of a mental health activist yeah you think this tracks do you if she fainted and hit her head on the piano maybe that’s why she doesn’t remember maybe maybe not she’s the only one who knows her used to know what happened hi everyone thanks for listening to episode 8 of room 13 as always you can follow me on Twitter Tumblr and Facebook at Rady Magda and I love it when you reblog episodes of the show there are five more episodes left of season 1 of room 13 and I’m considering a season two and also the next project I release is going to be called the adventures of lesbian lass so if you’ve ever heard those old radio shows like the shadow or the Green Hornet then you know exactly what I’m talking about it’s a cheesy 1940’s inspired radio drama but featuring an all-clear cast so I hope you’re looking forward to that and I will see you all next week