Room 13 Episode 7

Room 13 Episode 7 – Michelle discovers that Tamara might not be so disconnected from the physical world after all.

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Rae D Magdon has created a sweet radio drama romance about a music student who finds love where she least expected it.

If you love Rae’s novels then this is an audio treat just for you.

This show is running on The Lesbian Talk Show with permission from the creator who holds all the rights. 

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[Music] room 13 a supernatural romance and audio drama by Rae D Magdon written and performed by the author and featuring the voice of Aurora koyla this episode was edited by quiet persona this podcast is available on iTunes for Apple devices Google Play Music for Android and on bluebury for desktop browsers this story features themes of mental illness Souths harm and suicide although these themes are portrayed sensitively listener discretion is advised [Music] hey Tamara Hey we are friends by the way you jerk you were listening to me up my excerpts and ramble to my phone this whole time only part of the time and the rambling is kind of endearing shut up so why do you hate petrushka because of the time you recorded it with the orchestra you heard that recording yeah a couple times it’s in the library why curious I do love Stravinsky but actually dr. wood mentioned it that’s interesting interesting huh what do you mean it’s nothing come on you heard me talking to my practice log like an idiot you’re not an idiot it’s just that dr. wood was the professor who recommended I edition here when I was in high school he was on the panel it seems like so long ago now lucky having him on your panel I mean I guess actually she was acting weird around me today like hitting on you oh thank god I thought I was imagining things wait did he ever hit on you a few times it creeped me out but he didn’t groped me or anything he’s old and divorced it still grows he was married when I was alive Oh even grosser he said it was just a couple times not worth reporting it was just weird things like about how my smile was pretty and I was special the university does all about sexual harassment anyway it’s not like he’s the only professor who tries I had Turner for music history I’m guessing your type isn’t fifty year old men with bald spots in that age range Gillian Anderson is more my type Gillian Anderson is everybody’s type hmm sometimes I miss TV I wonder how much of the world is passing by without me while I’m stuck in here you can touch the piano now right maybe you’ll be able to leave if you keep working at it so you were listening to me the other day you’re being surprisingly positive speaking of positive I have an idea hmm I just so happened to have my music bag here and in my music bag just so happens to be my laptop and our building just so happens to have a Wi-Fi connection which I just so happen to have the password to aren’t you supposed to be practicing come on you haven’t seen TV in like five years we can at least watch a movie or something you’re willing to risk getting kicked out of your room for me the practice rooms are for practicing you know better than anyone that nobody reserves this room I’m one of the only students who comes in here hmm I wonder why I’ve heard more than a few people call it the murder room when they pass by in the hallway Wyatt but you killed yourself well yeah but what you ghosts too in the movies murder the hot one first so about barrassed hey I take offense to that the smart ones don’t die right away true and you get plus two points being white and for being a woman sometimes one of them will make it out alive really know if anyone’s gonna kill me it’s gonna be me not a murder ghost are you sure about that Oh Tamara did you just touch my arm wait you mean you could feel that I think so where are you right in front of you don’t move I see you well an outline of you what do you see you keep going in and out like you’re made of fog or something or breath on a mirror hold still I am holding still come on what do you see I see your glasses huh I guess my ghost for unlike the aesthetic – I see your eyes they’re bit Brown what else the buttons on your blouse are one-off really don’t look while I fix it I won’t what wait you’re gone I can’t see anything anymore I had it for a moment though yeah you did holy what’s wrong are you okay I’m not covered in blood or anything right no nothing like that it’s just I don’t have visual hallucinations so that means you know I’m real this is really more involved event anything my brain could come up with even on a bad day you’re real I’m not crazy I’m not crazy Michelle hey it’s okay I never thought you were crazy where’s your hand give it here here feel it it’s warm I don’t know why or how right now I don’t care I don’t care either I haven’t touched anyone in five years sorry I’m the definition of touch starved I don’t mind do you um still want to watch the movie yeah I do Tamara hmm I think this means you might be able to leave the room someday hey don’t jinx it but I think you might be right I don’t do romance I don’t do crushes it takes all my energy to keep myself on an even keel emotionally speaking but these past few weeks have been I don’t even know how to describe it with most people I’m always on my guard tense like something stupid or weird will slip out any second because it usually does it’s exhausting but not with you when we talk when we laugh when we play together I’m not alone hiding inside myself I’m present in reality I want to be in reality because somehow you’re in it I don’t understand how or why but it’s hard to care I doubt you feel the same way about me it’s wishful thinking on my end also you don’t have lots of options for company but if you suspect what I’m starting to feel I know you won’t say anything we both know it wouldn’t work you’re dead but even though I know that I’m happy I’m happy because this proves I can feel something other than wanting to erase myself something other than sadness fear loneliness for the first time in a long time feeling something good and now that I’m open to it maybe I can find a way to keep these feelings going even if we’re just friends like you found your way back to music like how you’re gonna find your way out of that room I know you will Tamara hey everyone and thanks for listening to episode 7 of room 13 as always you can follow me on social media at rady magton on Twitter Facebook and Tumblr of course and if you want to give the show a share that would be great I’d love to expand my audience you might have noticed this episode is especially well edited and that’s because we have a new editor for the show quiet persona and she’s doing an absolutely great job so you can thank her for the improved audio and see you next Tuesday [Music]