Room 13 Episode 6

Room 13  Episode 6 Dr. Wood gives Michelle a chance to play first flute, but it comes with strings attached.

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About Room 13

Rae D Magdon has created a sweet radio drama romance about a music student who finds love where she least expected it.

If you love Rae’s novels then this is an audio treat just for you.

This show is running on The Lesbian Talk Show with permission from the creator who holds all the rights. 

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please note this transcript has not been edited and is automatically generated meaning certain words will be incorrect

room 13 a supernatural romance and audio drama written and performed by Rae D Magdon featuring the voices of Tanner’s a Harris and Aurora while on this podcast is available on iTunes for Apple devices Google Play Music for Android devices and blueberry for web browsers if you like the show please leave a review on your chosen platform and be sure to share the show on social media this show deals with themes of mental illness self-harm and suicide although these themes are portrayed sensitively the sender discretion is advised [Music] come on in hey Michelle hey doctor would you sent an email about wanting to see me listen here for a second that’s our recording from five years ago Madison langar played the first oh you mean I you know her through professor Clark studio yeah by name at least small world it always is Madison’s finishing a per graduate degree at Eastman doing well for herself she asked me to write a letter of recommendation huh good for her she’s lucky and talented although I guess there’s always a little luck involved when auditions are concerned here what’s this your part I’m giving it to you in advance so you can practice we’re doing petrushka wait a minute why do you have me playing first I like to swap parts through the section once in a while you’ve played plenty of second and paper though already amber is okay with this she beat me in the semesters auditions it’s fine I cleared it with professor Clarke thank you you’re welcome you’re a beautiful and talented girl Michelle more than you think there aren’t many others like you out there ah okay thanks petrushka is one of my favorite pieces to conduct not just the music but the liberato for the racist parts right of course but stereotypes aside the themes are fascinating attraction jealousy the blur between fantasy and reality and how it all combines yeah I guess Stravinsky is one of my favorite composers so I’m excited as am i well I guess I should go oh of course run those octatonic scales enough practice and I’ll be writing you a recommendation letter next oops forgot the part thank you was that as weird as I thought it was Tamara Tamara are you in here ah I hope you’re here I kind of had a shitty day not that you’re obligated to talk to me about it I just thought or friends now all right kind of I realized I never officially asked oh well guess I need to practice anyway [Music] petrushka is about a fuck-boy no seriously it’s about this sad pathetic puppet who’s brought to life by a creepy magician in his Magic Flute there are two other puppets the beautiful ballerina and they handsome more and yes the Moors costume is just as racist as it sounds plus he vows to a coconut so that makes everybody feel super comfortable but the more isn’t a fuck-boy petrushka is because he’s into the ballerina and she’s into the more because I guess given the choice she would rather date a hot puppet than a creepy clown puppet so the ballerina is thirsty and she seduces the more and they’re in the mores room minding their own business when petrushka bursts in all jealous like an asshole looking for a fight he’s trying to protect the ballerina from the guy she was heading on in the first place [Music] so Patricia going the more fight with the more kills him because hey Patricia barged into his room and tried to punch him over a girl who wasn’t interested but anyway petrushka comes back to life and scares the shit out of the magician who had the very poor judgment to keep sentient puppets as magical sideshow attractions and that’s the end of the story the audience doesn’t even know how much of it was real the music’s amazing though different totally dissonant compared with classical and romantic stuff but beautiful completely unlike anything that came before [Music] petrushka huh Tamara I always hated that one hi everyone and thanks for listening during 13 I hope you’re enjoying it because I’m really enjoying producing it and I love acting with my co-stars it’s a really fun new experience for me so if you haven’t followed me on social media yet I am ready magton on tumblr Twitter and Facebook and I especially appreciate it when you share the show on your social media I have well over two thousand listeners by far but I would love to hit three and the more people who listen the more people find out about my other work so thank you so much for your support and I am so glad that you’re listening to this podcast [Music]