Room 13 episode 3

Listen to Room 13 episode 3, the radio drama by Rae D Magdon the lesbian fiction story of a music student who finds romance unexpectedly

Michelle and Tamara meet for a second time in Room 13. Tamara rediscovers the greatest passion she had in life, with a little bit of encouragement.

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About Room 13

Rae D Magdon has created a sweet radio drama romance about a music student who finds love where she least expected it.

If you love Rae’s novels then this is an audio treat just for you.

This show is running on The Lesbian Talk Show with permission from the creator who holds all the rights. 

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Music] room 13 a supernatural romance and audio drama by Rae D Magdon written and performed by the author and featuring the voice of Aurora foil on this story deals with themes of mental illness self-harm and suicide although these topics are discussed sensitively listener discretion is advised this show is available on the iTunes Store for Apple devices on Google Play Music for Android devices and on blueberry and my website Rae D Magdon comm if you want to listen inside your web browser to support the show please share it on social media and follow me at Rae D Magdon on Twitter Tumblr and Facebook [Music] Tamara is not you do you know any other ghosts just what I need another smartass excuse me sorry forget it but why didn’t you say something before I looked crazy in front of Zach I’m not always here was Zach a friend what do you mean you’re not always here so you go somewhere else too yes but I don’t know where you mean you forget or no I don’t forget it’s a great place I guess soft like fog there’s paleness in the distance faint light no matter how far I walk I can’t get there no matter how far I reach I can’t touch it I I don’t know what to say that’s okay I’m not describing it well anyways do you know why you’re still here you know on earth not really the last few minutes before I died are all blocked out except for the pain I remember everything that happened before though I remember what I was like to play Oh what did you play this oh you can’t see me pointing I forget sometimes piano I play played piano solo stuff or anything solo orchestra chamber ensembles and did some composing an accompanist work I did a rotation in your studio really what Plutus aren’t that bad well we are but no that’s not what I meant it’s just it must be awful existing in the same room as a piano and not being able to play sometimes ever tried right after I came back as a ghost nothing happened the keys didn’t even move I slammed them tried to tip the bunch over there myself against the door I couldn’t leave that’s when I knew I was trapped here hmm have you tried it all since then couple of times once I thought I felt smoothness under my fingertips something flat and cool but it didn’t work I haven’t tried in a while why not not like you have anything better to do here sorry that was an asshole thing to say kind of I know sorry I’m really bad at social interaction with people let alone ghosts so why don’t you try again right now mmm besides the crushing disappointment the reminder that my favorite thing is in front of me but I’m dead and can’t touch it sometimes I think being alone in here has messed up my sense of humor a little bit so piano was your favorite thing of course is it yours that’s kind of complicated what do you mean flute is not so much love as compulsive need I can’t not play but it’s exhausting and being here at conservatory and pressure yeah I guess and I’m not talented enough for a scholarship so money’s kind of an issue which is why you fantasize about cutting off your fingers you heard that I promise I’m not as weird and creepy as I sound I wouldn’t actually you know forget it not the weirdest thing I’ve heard in this room so so what are you gonna try and play piano right now I’m surprised you’re so invested you barely know me hey I played for you there’s fear trying takes a lot out of me you know each time I fail I feel like another piece of my soul fades away you’re still here though right in some form earlier hmm guess I’m due for another try anyway [Music] Oh oh my god I can feel the resistance cold here the dust on the keys it’s beautiful who wrote this I did but it’s only been in my head I’ve never heard it out loud before thank you for what we’re asking me to play or giving me someone to play to thank you you’re welcome it can’t I’m not sure how to tell you what this means to me I didn’t really do anything you did I can’t leave this room it’s my own personal purgatory but now now I can play again and someone hurt me I haven’t even gone through the door and I already feel free that’s great I’m Tamara I’m so glad I could help sort of hey would you maybe play it again my keys try and stop me so what’s it about longing for the thing you can’t quite reach hold on what if I tried [Music] [Applause] [Music] Wow that felt surprisingly good the right music at the right time huh Tamara Tamara oh you disappeared on me again huh maybe I should write down our [Music] hi everyone and thanks for listening to episode three of room 13 please continue to share the show on tumblr and Twitter and other social media like Facebook I am raid imagine at the same so you can forgive me a follow if you want it really means a lot to me and it gets the show out there so I appreciate it also if you like cute supernatural romances I have a series of short stories on Amazon called fur and fangs it’s about a vampire who’s recovering from a bad relationship and a non-binary werewolf who’s just discovering their gender identity so that sounds interesting to you check it out on Amazon see you next week