Room 13 Episode 2

Listen to Room 13 episode 2, the radio drama by Rae D Magdon the lesbian fiction story of a music student who finds romance unexpectedly

Michelle thinks the ghost she met in her practice room might have been a hallucination, but her friend Zach can hear Tamara’s voice on the recording too. If Tamara is real, what does that mean for Michelle?

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About Room 13

Rae D Magdon has created a sweet radio drama romance about a music student who finds love where she least expected it.

If you love Rae’s novels then this is an audio treat just for you.

This show is running on The Lesbian Talk Show with permission from the creator who holds all the rights. 

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Room 13 an audio drama and paranormal romance written by Rae D Magdon performed by the author and featuring the voices of mutts Lea and Aurora foil on this story features themes of mental illness self-harm and suicide although these themes are portrayed sensitively listener discretion is advised to find out how you can support this show please follow me on tumblr Twitter and Facebook as Rae D Magdon you can also find me at my website this podcast is available for download through the iTunes Store Google music play stitcher radio blue berry a bunch of other websites that I don’t remember because there are so many and on my website [Music] you heard that right Zack yeah like you heard that voice in the recording not just static yes why you’ll think I’m crazy you’re already crazy what actually a ghost wait what Oh ghost damn it I shouldn’t have fucking say anything wait wait wait now I’m invested you’re saying a ghost was talking to you and you recorded it it sounds even crazier when you say it what kind of goes like sheet over the head like look it was that girl the one who killed herself five years ago in practice room 13 holy shit holy shit well you’re not the first one to say that rooms haunted it’s just some dumb story people tell freshmen to keep them from practicing in that room you know how crowded it gets no no I believe in this shit seriously yeah why don’t you know you’re the one who heard a ghost well why do you believe in it I grew up in an old house you hear stories and feel presences you’re fucking with me no I swear my mom says you have to be open to these things then your mom’s crazier than me rude so what else did she say a ghost well that dying hurt obviously and I don’t know something about how the right music at the right time can transport somebody I guess like literally I think she meant figuratively I said I was a shooting musician and she said shitty musicians can still have an impact if they play the right music at the right time you’re not a shitty musician I’m in heaven musician among prodigies and masters same difference you’re not a shitty musician Zach say with me I’m not a shitty musician I am a good musician come on I am a good musician I’m a good musician now can we please focus on the ghost so you do think it was a ghost I don’t know after I played pavan for a dead princess she didn’t say anything else well you just left what else was I supposed to do sleep there you could have at least tried to summon her again or something she’s not a demon Zach she’s a girl who died or an auditory hallucination or something I don’t know maybe playing for her put her to rest for a while or something you’re gonna make me go back there aren’t you of course I’m gonna make you go back there really really really fine you’re just gonna go along with this what else am I supposed to do you heard the tape you were supposed to hear her voice it was supposed to be a Hindu or a side-effect of my meds or something and then who said there was nothing there I could go to student counselling and fucking no okay you’re getting wound up hey fucking mozdok officer real all right thanks let’s go to the practice room if I see the ghost then you’ll know you’re not crazy I could still be crazy what do you do when you think you’re hallucinating recording so so I’m probably not hallucinating any of this and we should go to the practice room thing let’s go what right now why not because I just had a really awful anxiety attack well your anxiety drops after anxiety attacks it’s the best time fine whatever will doh [Music] okay we’re here so so talk to her that’s dumb you came all the way across campus because this is dumb fine Tamara Tamara nothing see no ghost where she doesn’t want to talk to you thanks or maybe she can’t talk to you try playing something really stop looking at me like that I didn’t make you come here and bring your flute actually Zack you kind of did you signed on for this fine [Music] see nothing nothing this time you still believe me even I don’t believe me I told you you have to be open to these things we’ll try again later we’ll see so dining hall I think I’m gonna practice you’re gonna practice in the spooky haunted room I think we just proved it’s not haunted or if it is then tomorrow’s not here I repeat you’re gonna practice in the spooky haunted room if it’s an empty practice room then yeah dude whatever don’t get murdered Zak you could come get pizza instead of being in the ghost room just go I’m fine okay all alone in a big small 15 by 15 foot practice room little buddy else here all alone been in it I ain’t afraid of no ghosts oh my god I’m a dork okay [Music] brahms huh Tamera hi everyone and thanks for listening to episode 2 of room 13 I was thrilled and flattered that so many of you liked it and blown away by some of the responses it means a lot because this project is very dear to my heart it’s based on a lot of true stuff that happen to be in music school not the ghost part but a lot of other stuff and I am so glad that you enjoyed it if you did I love reviews so whatever platform you’re listening on the iTunes Store Google Music play stitcher if you want to leave a review that would be awesome and then on top of that if you want to share it on social media so your friends can hear it too then if I could get even more listeners that’d be great and I can make the podcast even bigger and there are 11 episodes left to go of season 1 but I’m hoping to do a season two and I will see you guys next week you English (auto-generated)