Room 13 Episode 13

Room 13 Episode 13

The exciting conclusion of Michelle and Tamara’s story!

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About Room 13

Rae D Magdon has created a sweet radio drama romance about a music student who finds love where she least expected it.

If you love Rae’s novels then this is an audio treat just for you.

This show is running on The Lesbian Talk Show with permission from the creator who holds all the rights. 

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please note this transcript has not been edited and is automatically generated meaning certain words will be incorrect

room 13 a supernatural romance and audio drama written and performed by Rae D Magdon Adam featuring the voices of Aurora Waylon and Matt Slee featuring the editing of quiet persona this podcast includes themes of mental illness self-harm and suicide although these themes were portrayed sensitively listener discretion is advised this podcast is available on iTunes for Apple devices on Google Play Music for Android devices and on blueberry for your browser [Music] [Music] [Music] is he I don’t know Michelle are you it’s fine I’m fine oh my god no I’m not I’m not fine he just tried to take me he killed you but it’s okay we’re still here you’re still here in the hallway I’m in the hallway I’m in the hallway you’re free I’m free because of you Michelle Tamara oh my god what happened Zach professor wood should I get help we’re fine now we we all need to go get help he’s unconscious and bleeding serves him right for true she dies at the end we can’t let him die says you don’t think I killed him I’m psycho remember you’ve never been violent in your life no she’s right all running to get help tell campus security it was self-defense it was self-defense and Kim security is worthless get the real cops and an ambulance which is more than he deserves I’m calling 911 hello dispatch yeah a professor attacked a student on campus Reineke music-hall he’s injured the student no she’s fine yeah the professor what are we gonna do when they get here tell them most of the truth tell him he tried to assault you and threatened you by confessing to killing another student in the past you push him into the piano to defend yourself what if he tells them about you then people won’t think you’re the crazy one for a change he’ll have to go along with your story this is gonna be so awful no matter what and why are you grinning because I’m also stupidly happy because you set me free because we sent you free god I’m exhausted I wanna sleep for a hundred years I didn’t think they’d question you for so long I know what part of he attacked me was so hard for them to get I don’t know do you think he’ll make it yeah the paramedics stabilized them head wounds just bleed a lot you’re not upset are you relieved I don’t want him to come back as it goes – oh god I didn’t think of that I’m not sure that’s how it works I think I got left behind because I had some unresolved business here on earth if that’s true why are you still here because I still have unresolved business oh oh stop it I didn’t say anything so here’s me do you want me to go to my dorm or come with you you’re sweet Zach but I think Tamara and I need to talk right talk you’re too late to be suggestive we already did it in the practice room wait what bye Zach I want details later I owe him a lot he knows how grateful you are we don’t have to go back to my dorm room right now if you don’t want to technically you can go anywhere you like now hmm right I can go anywhere I like but for now I think I want to start with your dorm room you can stay as long as you want thanks Tamara you don’t have to stay with me unless you want to I don’t want you to feel trapped and I know my mental illnesses can exhaust people you don’t have to let me stay unless you want to either I don’t want you to feel obligated to help me but I want to help well I want to stay do you ever think we’ll actually admit we’re good enough for each other I don’t know but you told me if your voice often enough you start to believe it and you have a beautiful voice you have a beautiful everything else even when it’s invisible smartass uh-huh hold my hand while we go up your hand is cold yours is warm you know what I’m gonna do after all this now that it’s over what write a song about it for everyone to hear hey everyone thank you so much for listening to the final episode of room 13 this podcast means so much to me and I know it means a lot to the other wonderful people who have worked on it as well Aurora and motts Lee and Tanner and especially quiet persona who suffered through editing the final few episodes we’re hoping to release a full and enhanced version of the podcast in the next few weeks and it will have all the episodes streaming together so you won’t have to hear my voice at the end of each episode and we really hope that you will share it with your friends so they can enjoy the story too thank you so much for being a part of this and hopefully I will have ideas for a season two  English (auto-generated)