Room 13 Episode 10

Room 13 Episode 10 – Zach finally gets the chance to meet Tamara. Michelle wonders what kind of future she and Tamara could possibly have.

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About Room 13

Rae D Magdon has created a sweet radio drama romance about a music student who finds love where she least expected it.

If you love Rae’s novels then this is an audio treat just for you.

This show is running on The Lesbian Talk Show with permission from the creator who holds all the rights. 

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please note this transcript has not been edited and is automatically generated meaning certain words will be incorrect

room 13 a supernatural romance an audio drama by Rae D Magdon written and performed by the author featuring the voices of Aurora foil on Canada Harris and Muttley this story features themes of self-harm mental illness and suicide it also contains a scene of a teacher trying to initiate an inappropriate relationship with a student although these themes are portrayed sensitively listener discretion is advised this podcast is available for download on the iTunes Store for Apple devices on Google Play Music for Android devices and it’s available on blue very calm for your browser [Music] [Music] so that’s your new solo dopplers fantasy pastorale hunger oz lots of freedom it’s supposed to be violin music Romani influence a sim practically all Hungarian classical music here not wrong when you play this what do you think about flying there’s nothing tethering me when I played us I remember what it’s like being untethered Tamara why do you think you’re stuck here if I knew I probably wouldn’t be stuck what I it’s just I wonder if maybe we’re missing something wait well yeah I want to help you already have you know I tried the door the other day I held the knob in my hand I pushed and felt resistance but something held me back like an invisible train you’re getting closer you’re right so chains huh do you mean literally because the ghostly chain-rattling thing doesn’t really go with your whole aesthetic how do you know whether chains are part of my aesthetic or not I don’t know I just thought it was a bondage joke keep up oh okay wrong audience noted not really I mean your face it’s the same color as your hair try not to laugh right and failing okay seriously do you feel the chains loosening yes the non erotic metaphorical chains team weaker I still feel like we’re missing something there you go that we again sorry no I like it you know your piece reminds me of what seduction no seriously it’s like bolero crossing every side of an idea to learn its shape damn you’re kind of right wait are you writing chilly and Anderson’s name in your expressive notes yeah so no I approve go right ahead [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Thanks wonderful just wonderful all right we’re finished remember to move the chairs for concert band so so what you still haven’t told her have you if I do I’ll let you know how embarrassing it was you’ll do fine where would I even ask her out on a date – she can’t leave yeah you’re on your own with that one Thanks you’re a huge help hey I’m helping I’m your moral support well you suck at it Zack Zack huh oh sorry dr. wood is looking at us mmm no at you crap what’s wrong nothing just wait here for me don’t leave please okay boo why thanks Michelle you’ve been practicing yeah thanks for giving me the part early of course we only have six rehearsals adding this to the program will be a crunch yeah I’m sure it’ll be fine now I should probably go and considering how well you’ve been playing in rehearsals recently I’ve started thinking about marches concert oh I was considering adding bronze number four to the program what that’s my your favorite I know but how do you okay I hope I place high enough in January to stay in Orchestra then I wouldn’t worry about that wait what you’ll still have to audition of course it’s part of your undergraduate requirements but I can bring students into Orchestra from other ensembles at my discretion so if I got bumped back down you’d pull me from concert band you sound surprised I just why me isn’t it obvious I love the way you play you’ve really blossomed this year as a musician right as a musician you’re at a pivotal point in your artistic career and I can help you continue to grow in fact we could schedule another meeting to discuss it I’m sure we could talk about it here after rehearsal my office is more private and I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about you should make yourself available I’ll send you an email when I’m free but I really need to go now bye whoa slow down what’s going on you blew right past me he touched my arm here what forget it wait are you talking about dr. wood I said forget it but I don’t want to deal with this right now I just cut damn it Michelle wait later okay good number three is open I can’t see Tamara not right now [Music] [Music] [Music] I’ve only wanted to be an orchestra and play the solo since I was 13 and now I don’t I can’t I don’t know if anything I’ve done this semester is because I actually earns it I’ve been working so hard forget it I can’t do this why did he even decide to do petrushka again was it about me oh god oh god what if I’m crazy and he wasn’t hitting on me maybe I miss reading this whole situation like a total idiot no no he touched my arm not in a normal way he touched my how did he get away with that in front of everyone else I won’t even notice except Zach and that’s because I told him how many girls has he done this to it says how Maddie got her recommendation letter she might not have felt like she had a choice and Tamara said he hit on her too that’s three of us at least it took the two of them even know about each other what am I gonna do I can’t report this they won’t believe me or they will and they won’t do anything which is worse why would they listen he’s a tenured professor with credentials out the ass and I’m some mediocre undergrad god they have my medical history at the Student Counseling Center too even if I did tell so I wanted caught me a psycho and be done with it what would Tamara tell me probably something sarcastic something like he needs to realize no one actually wants to look at his baton or it’s no wonder he likes petrushka the entire lip-read is about a puppet her asking a girl he doesn’t want him should she tell me don’t let one misogynist Pig spoil all your hard work you know what you put into this it’ll pay off she’s right I have time her other solos there are other orchestras other conductors other opportunities but tonight I’m just so damn tired I’m so tired I don’t want to die Tamara but this is one of those times when I really really wish I could stop existing hello everyone thanks for listening during 13 we couldn’t get a podcast out last Thursday because of a minor editing issue but it’s all fixed now so thank you so much too persona 4 all her hard hard work on editing the podcast and thank you to all three of the people who have voice acted in this podcast with me it’s been a real pleasure to work with all of you truly to learn more about the podcast you can follow me at Rady Magda on tumblr twitter and my facebook author page or you can check out my website at radio magton comm oh and I have a new cyberpunk novel coming out within the next two weeks called lucky 7 and it features a lot of lesbian bisexual non-binary and transgender characters so keep an eye out for that see you guys next week