Room 13 Episode 4

Room 13 Episode 4

Michelle speaks to her conductor, Dr. Wood, about Tamara’s untimely death, and does a little research of her own in the library.

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About Room 13

Rae D Magdon has created a sweet radio drama romance about a music student who finds love where she least expected it.

If you love Rae’s novels then this is an audio treat just for you.

This show is running on The Lesbian Talk Show with permission from the creator who holds all the rights. 


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Room 13, audio drama by Rae D Magdon written and performed by the author and featuring the voices of mutts Lee and Tanner Zaharris this podcast is available on itunes google play music blueberry and on my website

the story features themes of mental illness self-harm and suicide although these themes are portrayed sensitively listener discretion is advised [Music] winds don’t let that last cord lose energy he needs to Sparkle until the final note floats away and keep it stabilized so the solo violin can find you keep it stable and make it float just pick one looks like we’re out of time pack up quickly so concert band can rearrange the setup my swab is gross and get a new one so have you heard any more from the ghost Zack what I’m just asking I hear okay uh-huh see you didn’t see her wait can you see her or is she all the way invisible go so got a read you flutists are the ones always blowing seriously don’t dish it off you can’t take it I’m going now and to see your ghost you see the conductor [Music] dr. wood hey Michelle what’s up so was it a tuning issue on that last chord or a momentum issue flat on both counts maybe grab the rest of the wind section and work on us for a few minutes before next rehearsal right sure I can do that um can I ask you something else about your hair Asad actually it’s about did you know Tamera white Tamera oh it’s almost Halloween again isn’t it wait what I’m sorry I shouldn’t have brought it up well I brought it up first what is it the past few years have been discouraging when Tamera passed away it was a blow to the whole department no one can play the piano part two petrushka quite like her so you must have known her pretty well then yes she was a sweet girl young full of energy always smiling that’s why it’s so disappointing when people turn her into some kind of ghost story to scare the freshmen the graduates from a couple years ago were her friends they knew her these new incoming students never did so you’re saying she’s not a memory to them just a rumor I suppose that’s what I’m getting at but I remember her what did you want to ask I think you already answered it okay you know we did end up recording for Trischka for the school album five years back one of our best there are copies in the library if you want to listen humanize the myth a little thanks dr. wood see you later no problem Michelle see you [Music] hmm the library is kind of spooky at night when it’s not finals week recordings recordings school CDs mm and here we go let’s get you into the player Christ how old are these headphones okay here we go Tamara well it’s so effortless [Music] she breeds in the same place I do I wonder if where are the yearbooks they have to have copies I mean wait stupid Internet okay Tamara white okay so that’s what you look like I didn’t know what you were beautiful I keep looking at your face Tamara I keep questioning whether this is real whether you’re real I know you were once but the voice in room 13 the picture I pulled up on the computer are they the same girl does that girl even exist outside of my own head you’re smiling in the picture you’re wearing a white sweater glasses maroon lipstick your hair is a dark storm of curls in your eyes those big brown eyes feel like they’re looking through the screen Street at me like you can actually see me like I’m the ghost I don’t know anymore I hear your voice on tape and Zack heard it and I heard you play God you played like you were touching the lover after a long time apart but I guess you were weren’t you but if you loved what you did so much why did you kill yourself the you and the pictures won’t tell me I guess that means I have to ask you hi everyone thanks for listening to episode 4 of room 13 I’m sorry it was a day late we had some technical difficulties but we worked through it and it’s all good to go now and updates will still come on Tuesday nights if you haven’t followed me yet on Facebook Tumblr and Twitter my user name is Rae D Magdon my website is Rae D Magdon calm or you can find all of my original fiction which is about women in relationships having adventures so if that’s something you’re into go check it out also a reminder this podcast is not just on iTunes I know some of you think Apple is the devil I love Apple but I respect your opinions so if you want to listen to it on a different platform it’s available on Google Play music as well as blueberry which is a really great site to stream it right in your browser thanks for listening and I really hope you enjoyed the podcast you English (auto-generated)