RG Emanuelle Gets Interviewed

RG Emanuelle Gets Interviewed 

The Lesbian Review Podcast 

Sheena is joined by RG Emanuelle today to talk about her writing, food and Dirt Road Books.

Topics Include:

  • RG has released a novel this year called The Potion.
  • What RG is working on at the moment?
  • Dirt Road Books is a cooperative – what does that mean and where does RG fit in? Other than supplying fantastic recipes for the newsletter.
  • RG has qualifications in both english literature and food? How do they pair together?
  • What goes into good food-focused writing?
  • RG shares an old timey food fact about asparagus with us.

Books we talk about

The Potion by RG EmanuelleThe Potion by RG Emanuelle

Publisher: Dirt Road Books


Vera Kennedy, widow of Professor James Kennedy, wants to be a scientist, but in Victorian Boston, that isn’t an option for women. Nevertheless, after assisting her husband in the laboratory with his experiments, she has learned everything she could through his unintended tutelage. After his death, she continues his work until she veers off onto a different path with her own experiments, which threaten to consume her to the exclusion of all else.

Georgette Harris, widow of Professor Roland Harris, has been left destitute in the wake of her husband’s death. He had amassed mountains of debt and left Georgette to pay it, in any way she could, and now she occupies a dilapidated and mostly empty mansion with what little food her remaining housekeeper can scrounge. So when a medicinals company wants to purchase a formula that Roland had proposed to them, Georgette searches for it without success, and then discovers evidence that her husband had worked with James Kennedy. Armed with this information, she seeks the help of Vera in uncovering the missing formula.

But Vera is not one to give up secrets easily, though she is inexplicably drawn to Georgette. Despite her reservations, she considers Georgette’s request, and they soon discover that both their husbands were involved in an experiment layered in deception and danger. Together, they sort through mysterious clues and talk to unscrupulous men in order to discover what that outcome was supposed to be and in the process, they may discover something far stronger between them.

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Add Spice To Taste by RG Emanuelle


Giovanna “Jo” Rossini teaches cooking classes at The New York Culinary Institute and though she enjoys it, she’s still struggling to make ends meet and figure out how to get her life back on track. Her dream of owning her own café was broken when the business failed, and her heart was shattered with the end of her long-term relationship. 

Then, a Moroccan cooking class reveals a few surprises when Jo finds herself attracted to Julianna, one of her students. Despite her internal attempts to deny it, she soon discovers that the attraction is mutual. Even more surprisingly, she must also fend off the unwanted advances of another student—and deal with her own weaknesses and past mistakes. Can Jo find the courage to allow Julianna past her self-imposed boundaries and allow herself to love again? Or will she choose to keep her heart locked away instead?

This novella contains original recipe and photos of dishes from Jo’s Moroccan cooking class.

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