Reclaiming Your Life Through Weight Loss

In this episode of Curves Welcome we focus on reclaiming your life through weight loss.  I chat with Rosie Moore, an inspiring woman who has reclaimed her life and health through a major mental and physical weight loss. Rosie shares some great insights to help anyone struggling with the emotional roller coaster of life. Rosie inspires people through her positive mindset, posts, and overall love for life and all it offers.

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hey thanks for joining me today for this episode of curves welcome a podcast about facing and embracing the curves of life if this is your first time tuning in this is Susie car hey so for today’s episode I am going to be sharing with you one that I recorded a few years ago with my friend Rosie Moore I recorded it on a different channel the curvy life and she had some really insightful things to share about health wellness and weight loss and so I wanted to share that conversation with you because I found it to be super helpful so without further ado here is my episode with Rosie more welcome Rosie hey that’s great to be here I know that you are post-workout right now so we’ve talked a little before this and you are hungry and so I’m really grateful that you have taken the time to be here with me and kind of suffer through your hunger pains let’s kind of circle this – your weight loss so before you embarked on a weight loss journey if you don’t mind me asking where were you what like what was your know if it’s okay to ask you what your weight was back then where you are now just as a reference point really right right right yeah no as far as my roommate it was brought to my attention intentionally by my boss I look up to he was to me a father figure because he treated me in a certain way that I actually needed from my dad and I think that happens a lot but getting into that there was a certain routine one of the guys was doing to clean the windshield off they would climb on top of the hood and you know clean it off and he hadn’t told me not to yes don’t do things like that and I had clicked that at wrong like because he or I don’t want to say no climber what’s wrong oh it’s cool oh that’s so bad old school is good you old school and you know he guys should be doing things a certain way women shouldn’t have to do so that was the point I took that a wrong way in a good way sort of because after that I was looking at the skinny kid up there washing window then Here I am okay why what’s the difference and I actually did get on the scale because of that of that remark you know and it’s like oh my god I’m 380 pound how do you not know you’re that big of course you know I couldn’t fit in the gene I was wearing jogging pants and those shirts and you know they closed I wasn’t really paying attention because I was my mind was somewhere else my mind was I work I pay bills I have a baby to take care of feed and have a home for security but what I didn’t realize if I didn’t secure myself I’m not securing her if I’m not taking care of me I can’t take care of her which I didn’t realize I could have a heart attack in a split second where would she be and that start that’s where my mind was started to go to an action that I had taken a walk right out my door and I’d probably got about 500 feet and I was out of breath my heart was beating so hard and it scared me I can’t believe I can’t even go 500 feet just past my house past the property and then I had to come back and you know I went out that 500 feet and to turn around look at how far back I had to girl it was like oh my god I have to go back and I couldn’t believe that it was so I was so bad that I literally if there’s life out of me you know I could have died right there from having a heart attack exhaustion in my teens I used to run five miles and have that adrenaline rush and then I couldn’t this I 308 pounds I could believe out big it was how I did not notice this how I let it slip by and be and not being able to walk that far and feel like I was gonna die since we own a 308 pounds 308 pounds yeah that’s how long ago was that Rosie oh my gosh that was actually quite a while that was I want to say 2001 okay my daughter’s young that was quite a while back I did drop the weight but I never got to this point where I’m at now I couldn’t get to this point and soon after you say we’re and where are you now oh my gosh 160 and I bounced 10 pounds 160 170 it goes back and forth it is really frustrating because I know I’m thinking in my mind I know I can get under this and I’m staying here I do car deals for a while I dropped ten pounds I do weight I gained 10 pounds ha ha ha yeah I know when I worked the weights I’m gonna gain the muscle weight and I have a lot of loose skin so I’m not certain how much the weight is the fat and how much it is the skin because I’m not really knowledgeable at mat so I just continue to keep doing like doing and I still have triggers I’ll go a day eating junk and then I will feel worse it’s not just a physical worst feeling it’s also an emotional it’s like why are you doing this you’re making yourself sick you know I can have a slice of pizza and it will fill it make me feel bad it’s not that a mental bad but a physical bed like my health yes something certainly in this outfit the processed ingredients in the food these days if it’s not just grown right out of the earth it’s scary the kind of stuff that’s in our food I can totally relate to that feeling of first of all like I I’m kind of a health food person as well I’m very dedicated to my health and wellness it’s one of my top priorities in life and I’ve always been that way but you know I think there was a period in time well I know there was a period in time back in about it was about 2009 or 2010 where I didn’t gained 30 pounds somehow I just I don’t know like I always exercise but I just started eating and I don’t know what the point was maybe to fill a void that I didn’t realize I had an emotional void maybe but I’m just got really comfortable and I just got really comfortable with just eating and maybe drinking too much wine and and just eating all the wrong things and then you know for me it’s interesting you had talked about that somebody had made a comment but no teven directly to you but you took it as such that it was right oh my gosh this person is telling me I’m I’m not physically fit to to do that kind of work well for me I was I was at work and I was in the kitchen and there might have been 10 of us that I work with if they kit in the kitchen at that point and one lady said we’re gonna do a Biggest Loser competition and she started going around pointing at everybody who needed to be in this competition and I had never seen myself as somebody who would ever need to be in a Biggest Loser competition even at 30 pounds heavier than I am right now I knew like things were uncomfortable or whatever but I never saw myself as somebody needed that and then she pointed to me she said oh you need to be in it and you well that day I was floored and I was I was humiliated and I went to my office and I cried and I remember thinking oh my gosh like what have I done to myself she’s right it’s someone the kind of person somebody challenges me and I get a little obsessive-compulsive and I ended up winning that competition I lost 40 pounds I should have probably but I lost 40 pounds in like three months and they went at it but at the same time so that particular days anybody else probably would say oh my god what a bitch how dare somebody say that to you but I have to say to this day I would thank that woman I don’t see her anymore but if I did see her I would thank her because there are different ways to approach it I would never ever say that to somebody but at the same time for me that’s what I needed I guess I needed that kick in the butt I needed someone to challenge me and say and make me aware that because I was not self aware and so it really jump-started my health kick again because I like I said I’ve always been sort of a health nut I took a little break but this particular time it’s just ever since then I’ve been really cute into it and you know I mean there’s just so much to learn about health and so much to learn about what’s in our food that affects our weight and we might think we’re eating healthy by eating all of these packaged beautiful foods that marketing say it says is wonderful and healthy for us so what not just all these fruits and dinners that are in the supermarket and right the name itself would say it’s the healthiest thing in the world right but if you look at the ingredients it’s just got everything that’s wrong with it so it’s really it’s really about educating yourself and really looking at the ingredients and and trying to make the best choices I mean it’s right I thought it is is she’s trying to make the sensible choices picking more food that’s good for you than bad for you right right yeah so here you are you lost all of this weight honey how is a day to your workout 2 to 4 hours because I think break well I take breaks in between the rep and in between were set to rest a little bit so that I have that extra bulk sort of a cool off and then a warm up and then cool off the warm up I wanted to go back to where I first lost a bunch of weight back here in 2001 because I was triggered again we had three people that passed away within six months and that was another trigger because I was really close to two of them yeah and there again I had lost somebody that I really loved and it triggered until about my oldest number two heart day for my Kyle he was about 18 months when my daughter had when we had the disconnection and he’s eight now so it’s been about four and a half five in there when I had started back up really kicking it in and really stuck to it this time course I’ve had diets between now and then at that point and then but they never never worked I tried over-the-counter stuff I tried G and C stuff I got arranged from absolutely nothing that would happen to where I would have heart palpitations you know those type of patients were scarier than what I was feeling when I walked at 500 feet there’s just a lot of stuff out there you have to be really careful about and I have to say I truly found a compliment work for me that you know I’ve been with ID license 2014 it’s like incredible because I’m even with my triggers I’ve learned to control them but you can’t get rid of them because it’s a primitive thing you know if we are all built with these primitive actions reactions so let’s talk about the triggers because again we all have them oh my gosh I mean for me it’s when I become overwhelmed and you know I have a million things to do in a day’s time and I’ve become overwhelmed and then when outside influences or events if you would call them events happen that I can’t control it triggers me all right I get nervous and anxious and I want to set everything right and yeah I just want to eat when that happens right or I want to not exercise or it’s a trigger in its animal of mind so what do you do when you have these triggers do you embrace the triggers do you resist the triggers what’s your game plan when triggers come into play I have to tell you when I started once I lost everything I was encouraged to go to a gym and I am with any kind of fitness anywhere I love that thank you anyone and I would have so many triggers in a day that I was going to the gym three or four times a day with several hours of work out and I’m not I’m talking I would go in the morning I would go in the afternoon I would be there at midnight I will be there at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning because I was having so many triggers I felt like I was I was running mm-hmm always going going going going because I was I refused to go back to where I was before I did not want to go back to it I was fighting I was literally fighting for my life by working out as much as I could your solution then it sounds like it’s a state change so when you’re going through a trigger moment you stop everything and you try to change that state of mind because it can be a dangerous state of mind if you allow the trigger to continue and progress and take over so your solution and I think that’s really important to say is the solution is to kind of change your state of mind and for you you found that solution in working out in putting your body in motion right sobriety in motion creates momentum and it changing ideologically and physically and so I think that’s a fantastic idea and that’s a really helpful piece of advice is when you are facing a trigger to do something different with your body right ready able to feel empowered and to get past that moment I know for me when I’m in my office at work that’s what I want to eat I don’t know why I just gosh I just want to eat it’s crazy and I’m a busy person I don’t have time on my hands but for some reason I just want it like I want a crunch and I want some chocolate and it’s like I’m had this oral fixation where I want something in my mouth all the time right so my solution to that is I’ve run up and down the stairs out have for flight of stairs that’s what would happen to me and my solution was I would go on the stairs and then I would the office and be like okay I don’t need to eat that anymore right right right yeah exactly it’s not to say that I do still have some sugars where I will go and recess stuff and I feel crappy afterwards but 85% control that you’re listening to Lisbon talk-show the lesbians will choke on you’ll have a podcast information let me ask you okay so because I think this is also another important point there are things in life that you’re gonna want a piece of cake right right don’t want like for me I’ll be honest with you Easter eggs Cadbury mini eggs this Easter Sunday and I want Cadbury mini eggs so I might have a bag of small bag of Cadbury mini eggs I think a problem with many people when they’re trying to lose weight or trying to maintain a healthy weight is they feel that guilt when they do treat themselves to something for me my problem is when I treat myself to something I want more of it and right right so I think it’s really trying to create that healthy balance of once in a while you’re gonna have a birthday and you’re gonna want a cake right so much them that someone special is gonna be celebrating a birthday and maybe you want a small piece of cake right what I would like to get to the point for me is to not feel guilty over that and to be able to have it and then be able to say okay I had it now let’s go back to eating something healthy right what are your tapes on that I do have any thoughts on that I’d say have the cake when it comes to the celebration to realize that food that you’re eating is addictive to remember that and then be able to cut yourself off and then go do something different to take yourself away from them because eyou’re gonna have to burn that out of your system in order to get that addiction away from you it’s like any addiction that lifehack yes you did taste that piece of addiction you’re going to want more remind yourself that does cause an addiction and you have to stop you know you have to make a limit and then go do something else because really Rosie those the stuff sugar for instance and I’m sure you’ve heard it many people have heard it that sugar is more addictive than cocaine on the brain exactly yep when I yeah when I heard that it was I was mind blowing to me it really was I had never heard that before and then I heard it and I thought and you can’t unhear that I hear that because I’m like I don’t want to know that but it’s sugar is very addictive and that’s the problem is when you have a little small package of the Cadbury mini eggs for instance in my case right your brain automatically wants more so yeah yeah it’s really important and I love what you said you have to remind yourself that it is an addiction it’s an addictive food that you’re eating and you have to be mindful of that just right the person who drinks a glass of wine does it mean they’re an alcoholic but understand that it has addictive tendencies so you have to be careful of that and monitor that and I would think that the way to monitor that is allow yourself that small treat but then cut it off and say okay now it’s water and lemon for their you know for their epitome or to just get the tray out and know that be mindful that the food that is out there that are treats that are really yummy and filled with sugar and processed food are just not good for us and our body doesn’t know how to regulate correctly and it’s it’s really should be eating in small quantities and this bond right here that we can eat right either whenever we want but it’s that’s not the case not really food and that’s where people they want to call it so it’s not really so it’s actually I just call it junk your body is a organic organism and if you don’t feed it the organic stuff that it can identify it’s going to either you know figure it out your body or it will it will take it and it will store it as fat and that’s where that builds up and sugar of any source whether it’s pure sugar sugar cane corn sope sugar is worse is in everything that’s processed if you choose to give in a little bit and have that just remember that it is addicting and once you do have it to change quickly as quickly as you can in just doing something else for the rest of the day take yourself away from that yeah that’s great advice and it’s practical advice it’s something that all of us can can put into practice and do is yes have the tree right that’s it for the day like put it aside don’t make it go on for a week right because it’s going to be even worse you know your brains are really gone yeah um something that I know you put your thumbs up when I talked about Tony Robinson yeah things that I love that he talks about is the pain pleasure principle so a lot of times what I’ll remind myself is this short term pleasure that I’m seeking when I eat junk food what’s giving me more pleasure eating that short term junk food or being strong and being empowered and being f it and being healthy and feeling good and my clothes are fitting and my skin is healthy and my body my organs are functioning properly focus on the long term pleasure right right I think is the key is focused on what has given you the longest term pleasure and it’s certainly not the sugar in the junk food right if you realize that the junk it has a sugar in it it’s a brain stimulant so it immolates the brain like I said it’s a drug but it stimulates the brain in nothing else if you notice if you take and eat that stuff for a long period of time you feel your energy draining but you’re getting the stimulant in your brain which tells you to keep eating it but your body is like telling you something totally different people would just listen more to their body and pay attention to what’s really going on to their body because I know a lot of them don’t and I didn’t for a long time myself there’s a result being obese who I want to say wake up and take a look at yourself look at your life you know it’s not about being skinny it’s not about looking the most sexiest person in the world it’s about once you get your health in order everything else comes in order to one of the things that I you know I learned a while back to is I had this intolerance to gluten so I didn’t realize why I was having them sort of health problems that I was having for a while there and just they came up out of we’re and that’s sort of what happens I here with gluten intolerance and then one day I’m like I had severe brain fog I mean I had memory loss the thing that opened my eyes one day I was at a neighborhood barbecue and somebody said oh do you live in the neighborhood – and I was like yeah and he’s like what street do you live on Rosie I just we’re gonna god I couldn’t remember the name of my street that I had lived on for ten years and I can act and I said oh I’m sorry I have to go find you know whoever was at the party my friend I’m sorry I have to go and find somebody real quick I forgot I I forgot I had to tell her something because I was so embarrassed I couldn’t remember the name workman’s street I thought I had early Alzheimer’s I had no idea so I went to the doctor and I said I could remember the name of my street I forget the names of my friends kids like this was slowly starting to happen and it was scaring me I mean I was only in my early 40s and I thought what is happening to me and it turns out I have a gluten intolerance and once I gave up gluten my memory is fine and crystal clear and sharp and I could think sharply and I got rid of all this gluten products which is all processed food anyway I got rid of all of that and wow I can think clearly so I felt like I was on a super drug meaning I was just like high on life at that point I could think clearly I could move I had energy no more tired no more mood swings just from giving up the processed food and the gluten in it and a lot of people have that intolerance and they don’t even know it it presents in different ways mine was the whole memory thing among other things you know it’s just common in common with gluten issues and it’s the processed food puree it is Syria I’m sure there’s hundreds and thousands of people out there the same way it needs to be addressed aggressively actually I believe it does because there’s so many people like that I’ve had issues like that to myself have scared me you know as far as memory loss yeah I would be going down the road and not remember where I was going hey I’m going in a certain direction okay wait a few minutes just keep going it’ll come back to me and it does but I have noticed getting healthy you’re right that the clarity has really come back if the mind-altering drug once the demand for the junk I call it is not there anymore in the demand for the healthy stuff rises up everything will change it’s already starting to change I have seen this and in stores I seen you say at truckstops we don’t grow gardens in the back of our truck you know we can’t make it to these farmers markets all the time we’re just not getting enough nutrition in our body to where our bodies will function properly yeah we gotta feed it the right stuff you know it’s all about my body is the only body I’m ever gonna have for the rest of my life and I need to take care of it because I need a place to live right exactly right and the way to take care of it is to feed it nutritious food it needs nutrition in order for the cells to operate correctly and in order for the brain to function properly in the digestive system to function properly the cycle to function properly it all right it’s a very intricate system that will run very smoothly if you take care of it right exactly feel like a lot of us are up against some pretty strong odds in terms of just being faced with all of this these temptations and so what would your advice be to someone who is facing all of these temptations what would you say to them unfortunately I’ve said a lot of stuff for a lot of people they actually mean it but what if they’re willing to hear it willing to listen it’s totally up there because I know that being addicted to junk it’s hard to pull yourself off of it you come up with all kinds of excuses it’s difficult because you wanted to reach out there and you want to grab them and wake them up shake them up I was there at that point it took me for me wake up a tragedy of life-changing tragedy of losing everybody that I loved the connections that to people that I love to wake me up you see my life from where I need to go with it for a strategy does it whether it’s healthy whether at the relationships don’t wait for a tragedy to have a heart attack don’t wait for diabetes again no way for a doctor to prescribe you something several different medications that work against each other that’s going to end up having side effects that are worse than what the fear is I’ve seen this happen with so many feels that I love life is so worth living and there is just so much to experience in life this life has been handed to us we were entitled to it but a lot of us don’t seem to believe that they we deserve it you know I was there it’s a continuous process we don’t force ourselves to grow into bettering ourselves to where we can experience life better to be able to share this with other people with our families with our kids our grandkids for the future we need to do this for the future we need to bring back the nutrition once we see life more clearly we don’t know why we was in that spot before it’s the whole waking up process money is one of the big deals that people have an issue with we can’t afford it if you buy in bulk organic in bulk and you separate that and divide the price up you’re gonna come up a heck up there you add in the value of your life that is improved it actually doesn’t cost much love that that was it’s beautiful the value of your life you can’t put a price tag on that no yes no you can’t there’s a legacy to me they’re left behind from each of us and we all have such a gift to give world no matter who you are we all have a gift you know we need to get rid of that negative that self-loathing we need a huge huge support room is going but I think it needs to spread bigger I need to be bigger it’s not life it’s not living when you are destroying yourself I mean I look at it like well you know we’re no different than plants I got a even neglect my plants I have a shelf full of houseplants and there are times they’re like oh my gosh I haven’t watered me browning and I’m just like oh my gosh I haven’t fed them I give them a little ant food nurture their leaves and things like that and sometimes I’m like oh my gosh I neglected them and look at them you know and I feel bad but it’s the same thing it’s the same thing with our bodies and the people that we learn my gosh Rosen this has been a really good conversation and I’m really grateful that you took this time out of your day and you shared some of your insights and your story it’s it’s a powerful story and I think it’s one that a lot of people are going to be able to relate to and take a lot of information that you being them and then we learn some things from that and yeah it’s really powerful hey friends thanks 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