Publishing and Social Media with K’Anne Meinel

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Publishing and Social Media with K’Anne Meinel

In this episode we chat about publishing and social media with K’Anne Meinel.

K’Anne Meinel started Shadoe Publishing when she realised that she had a lot of knowledge about publishing that she could share.

In this podcast interview she discusses, publishing, social media and her move from an author to publisher.

About Shadoe Publishing

Shadoe Publishing was started in 2011 with the premise of helping fellow lesfic authors.  It has grown to include over thirty contracted people including authors, editors, and translators.

K’Anne has published over one hundred in various forms including pocket paperbacks, novels, and large print.

Shadoe has published over fifty books for authors and will be branching out into foreign language and audio book in the foreseeable future.

K’Anne does much of the design and formatting of the Shadoe books as well as publishing. What makes her unique is that she teaches authors to market themselves and helps them to create the base for their marketing efforts such as a website.

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