The Pros And Cons Of Coming Out

In this episode of Les Talk About It, Sheena and Tamara chat about the pros and cons of coming out.

The process of coming out

  • Coming out to yourself
  • Coming out to your loved ones
  • Coming out to people at work
  • Coming out to the world at large

Pros To Coming Out  

  • It is less stressful
  • It is easier to date
  • It allows you to be okay with yourself
  • It helps helps you feel less different
  • It helps you see all your allies
  • You can become an ally to someone else
  • Allows you to connect with other lesbians
  • Dispel myths about lesbians
  • Makes you feel like part of a community.

Cons To Coming Out 

  • It can be dangerous
  • You can lose your job
  • You can find out that people who you thought were friends are actually bigots

What No One Tells You About Coming Out 

Coming out is not a once off thing. You will forever be coming out.


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