Women And Words

Women And Words podcastWomen and Words is a website that brings you news and views on women, writing, publishing and reading. You can find their website here

You can find all of the Women and Words podcasts here

What the show is about

A weekly roundup of what’s going on at the Women and Words site with focus on lesbian and feminist fiction and other things going on in the world of lesfic/LGBTQ writing and publishing. Served up piping hot with hosts Jove and Andi’s differing perspectives and approaches. Includes sides of warm n’ fuzzy, occasionally goofy, and often silly. Think of us as that quirky house at the end of the street where the neighborhood tends to go and hang out and then ends up staying for dinner and sitting on the porch with us until it’s really late and then goes home but comes back as soon as it can to hang out some more. We’re that kind of place.

Who should listen

Everybody! But okay, technically readers and writers of lesbian fiction (and even fangirls of LGBTQ rep in media, because we do a Fangirl Friday), anybody interested in what’s going on in the lesfic publishing world.

Show hosts

Authors Jove Belle and Andi Marquette, neither of whom are actually superheroes, though they might have hidden super powers that even they don’t know about.

When is Women And Words on

A new episode of Women and Words goes live every Sunday.

What Sheena Loves

Jove and Andi are a high energy, high entertainment duo. They always have something going on and they love sharing.

Despite my best efforts, their 10 minute podcast runs for at least 30 minutes because they just cannot squeeze all that awesomeness into a shorter slot.

Teaser Episode