The Lesbian Review Podcast

the lesbian review podcastThe Lesbian Review Podcast is a podcast version of The Lesbian Review website. Sheena chats about only the best audiobooks, movies and books.

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What The Lesbian Review Podcast Is About

Sheena loves to talk about new and exciting discoveries in the work of lesbian fiction, movies and audiobooks. Her podcast is aimed at doing what the site does but in podcast form. So you get top 10 lists, notifications of awesome finds and interesting selections of books. But don’t get the wrong idea. It is not just a duplicate of the website. Far from it.

The wonderful thing about doing a podcast and a website is that you can play to the strengths of each. Top 10 lists that work well on podcast may not work online as well and vice versa.

The podcasting format opens a world of possibilities. It gives listeners an opportunity to find great entertainment while commuting or doing chores, so that you do not have to read a review in order to find a great new book or movie.

In the nature of podcasts, it is also a fantastic space to help you find audiobooks. A natural progression if you are already listening to podcasts.

Sheena and Tara coordinate their podcasts to ensure that they do not do the same books, giving you a wide variety of books, movies and audiobooks to choose from.

Who Should Listen

Lovers of lesbian fiction should listen to this podcast. Whether you enjoy audiobooks, movies or novels makes no difference. Sheena enjoys sharing her discoveries and ideas with you.

Show Host

Sheena founded both The Lesbian Review and The Lesbian Talk Show. She is thrilled when she finds awesome women who have a similar passion for books as she does and is quick to rope them into doing their own shows.

Sometimes Sheena brings guests onto the show. Usually they are reviewers from The Lesbian Review or authors in the sector.

When Is The Lesbian Review Podcast on

Every alternate Friday sees the release of a new episode of The Lesbian Review Podcast. Friday is review day on The Lesbian Talk Show alternating between this show and Les Do Books.

What Listeners Love

Sheena’s passion and enthusiasm for lesbian media is infectious, pair that with her adoration of doing new things and you get innovative and exciting shows.

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