The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast

lesbian historic motif projectThe Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast brings you stories about women who loved women in history and historic literature

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What The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast Is About

The Lesbian Historic Motif Project blog is an annotated bibliography that looks at published research of interest to writing historic lesbian characters. It covers both historic people and literary characters who either fall on the lesbian continuum, or whose lives included space for the possibility of women loving women. This companion podcast presents some of their stories in a more informal way, and often includes readings from the historic source material.

The episodes include stories of both ordinary and extraordinary women, from a 16th century German housemaid, to an African American teacher in the aftermath of the Civil War, to Dutch soldiers, to a Restoration-era English playwright and spy.

Who Should Listen

Do you love stories of other times and places? Do you want to learn about the many different ways that women found love with each other in the past? These episodes focus on “human interest” stories, often in a light-hearted manner, but without flinching from the difficulties and opression faced by our foremothers.

Because people’s understanding of gender and sexualtiy has varied drastically in different centuries and cultures, the Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast takes an inclusive and honest look at these topics, embracing a continuum that covers both bisexual and exclusively lesbian women, and exploring the complex historic relationship between lesbian and transmasculine identities.

Some episodes may be Not Safe For Work due to passing references to sexual activity.

Show Host

Heather Rose Jones fell in love with history as a child and has indulged that love not only by writing stories with historic settings, but in decades of involvement in historic re-creation groups. One of her passions is connecting other people with bits of history they never knew existed. The Lesbian Historic Motif Project was born out of the desire to populate historical fiction with well-researched women-loving women and to help other authors who want to do the same. Historical research led her to acquire a PhD in Linguistics, but she pays the bills as a manufacturing discrepancy investigator in biotech.

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When Is Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast on

This is a monthly podcast that airs on the last Saturday of every month.

What Sheena Loves

I love the real stories of lesbians throughout history, or perhaps in this case we should call it herstory. Not only is it fun to listen to the adventures of the brave women from past eras but it is also inspirational to know that we are not alone and lesbians have been around since humans existed.

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