Les Talk About It

Les Talk About ItLes Talk About It is a show that debunks myths about lesbiansWhether you are a lesbian, bisexual or curious woman doesn’t matter to us. Pull up a pair of earphones and laugh along with us as we discuss all sorts of topics.

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What Les Talk About It is about

Every week Sheena and Tamara pick a topic that relates to lesbians and they discuss it. There are such a range of stereotypes, myths and even legends around lesbians that the dynamic duo don’t face ever running out of things to talk about.

Many of these stereotypes are hurtful to lesbians and it is Sheena and Tamara’s aim to bring some clarity to these myths.

Some of the favorite episodes have included topics such as multiple orgasms, lesbians being cat ladies and all butch women want to be men.

When we can find some history to explain why a myth started then we will discuss that and we will also share any studies that were done around the subject.

Shows are sometimes serious, sometimes light but always done with the goal of providing a happy ending to the listener.

Note: A number of the topics feature sex and are not suitable to youngsters. Please check the age restrictions before listening with them around.

Who should listen

All humans should listen to this show.

It will help women realize that they are not alone in things they may suffer with. It will help men understand women better and most importantly it will help lesbians to realize that they are not weird or awful.

Show hosts

Sheena is the founder of The Lesbian Talk Show. She started the channel when she saw a need for good podcasts about lesbian and women related topics that left listeners feeling good. She is also the founder of The Lesbian Review.

Tamara is a marketing guru, design superstar and also happens to be married to Sheena. She loves research and makes the show a lot more interesting as a result.

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