Les Do Books

Les Do Books is a book club podcast that celebrates books by and about women who love other women. Because it’s hosted by a reader, it’s all about the reader perspective and features lots of talking excitedly about excellent books.

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What the show is about

Les Do Books is a book club podcast. Once a month I talk about a pre-announced book with one of my fellow reviewers from The Lesbian Review. We discuss the book’s premise, its characters, the writing style, what we loved and if there’s anything we didn’t, and who we think should read the book. Because books are announced a month in advance of releasing these episodes, we don’t try to hold back any spoilers, allowing for a more open conversation about exactly what it was that we loved about each story.

In between those episodes, I talk to authors about books that they’ve read and loved. Authors are readers too, so I want to know about the book lover behind the author persona. Maybe it’s the first lesfic they ever read, their favourite, or a great book they read recently. It might even be fanfic, because lots of lesfic readers got their start there. They tell me what each book is about, what they loved about it, and why it means so much to them if it’s near and dear to their heart.

Whether I’m talking with a reviewer or an author, it’s a conversation between readers talking enthusiastically about books they love. Conversations don’t always stay on track, but they usually do at least stay focused on lesbian fiction.

Who should listen

Anyone who loves reading lesfic and wants to hear others talk about it. You should also listen if you’ve also wondered what lesfic your favourite authors have read and enjoyed.

We don’t tear down books in Les Do Books, so if you’re looking for a reader podcast that includes negative discussions as well as positive, this may not be right one for you.

Show hosts

Tara Scott is the main host of Les Do Books. Guests include lesfic authors and regular reviewers at The Lesbian Review.

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