Curves Welcome

Curves Welcome The Curves Welcome podcast by Suzie Carr is about embracing the beauty in life’s curves and learning from the many lessons they teach.

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What the show is about

Suzie explores the ups and downs of life and digs deep into her own personal experiences to learn the lessons life is trying to teach. She discusses practical strategies from thought leaders who inspire her, from insightful books, and from personal triumphs and struggles on how to live a great life full of meaning. Additionally, she shares techniques on how to overcome obstacles as they present themselves. She asks the tough questions as she seeks the truthful answers, and the goal is to get to a result that can take a person from a place of defeat to a place of empowerment. Life is full of twists and turns, challenging people to embrace the good and bad and the ups and downs. Through Curves Welcome podcast, Suzie shares personal reflections on life’s curves and the lessons they have taught her. She provides examples and game plans in areas like personal development, goal-setting, living with purpose, change, and decision-making. Listeners can expect to hear about life’s tough lessons through a compassionate lens, one that shines an honest light and emphasizes a good old fashioned respect for life’s unknown trajectories.

Who should listen

People who are seeking to enrich their lives through an honest look at what drives them to do the things they do.

Show hosts

Suzie Carr is a contemporary novelist, animal and equal rights advocate, blogger, and podcaster. She has written eleven lesbian fiction novels, a motivational book on productivity, and two books on the craft of writing. She has also produced a video course for writers.

When is it on

You can listen to Curves Welcome every second Thursday on The Lesbian Talk Show podcast channel

What Sheena loves

Every week Suzie deals with one new aspect of finding peace and happiness in your life. This is a great podcast for anyone looking for the answers on how be happy in life, whether you are looking to find out how to be happy again or how to be happy in life alone. Heck, even if you are just having a tough time right now, you will find inspiration in her words and leave the podcast feeling like things are not quite as awful as they feel.

Every episode is packed with great quotes and tips to help you improve your happiness.

Listeners really appreciate Suzie’s action packed approach to the topics she talks about. In every episode she will give you some things that you can do right now to make your life happier and more productive.

Suzie also runs a Facebook group where you can find light hearted and motivational posts aimed at making you feel happy and connected to good people.

Apart from that Suzie has written a couple of non fiction books to help you get more out of your life. You can find all Suzie Carr’s novels and non fiction books here.

Teaser Episode

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