The Lesbian Talk Show is a channel dedicated to bringing you only the best podcasts.

We are a channel dedicated to podcasting for women by women. Our popular podcasts range in subject matter and style. We have a range of presenters from all over the world exposing listeners to a global outlook on women related content.

Our shows include (alphabetically):

Book Clips – Lesbian fiction author readings (about 10 minutes)

Curves Welcome – Motivational podcast by Suzie Carr (about 15 minutes)

Les Do Books – Book reviews and discussions with Tara and Brooklyn (about 15 minutes)

Les Talk About It – Busting lesbian related myths and discussions on these with Tamara and Sheena (about 15 minutes)

Lesbian Historic Motif Project – We learn about lesbians throughout history with Heather Rose Jones (about 12 minutes)

The Write Stuff – Interviews with authors and publishers on the business of writing and publishing in a market as niche as lesbian fiction with Sheena (about 45 minutes)

Women And Words – The Women And Words website is humming with activity. There are always new competitions, interesting discussions and industry news. This podcast gives a roundup of the weekly happenings with site owners Andi Marquette and Jove Belle.

What Makes Our Podcasts The Best

Every woman who does a podcast is an expert in her field. And many of them are also published authors who know how to put together a story. This is exactly what makes our podcasts great because women who know how to put together great content make great podcasters.

Where Can You Find Our Podcasts

You can find all of our podcasts online.

Click on the image to choose your preferred way to listen:


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