Podcasts about bisexual women

Finding great representation can be difficult for bisexual women so we have put together some of the coolest podcasts about bisexual women here.

Books About Bisexual Women

While we do feature a number of recommendations for books with bisexual leads on all our book related podcasts, this one is entirely about leads who are out as bisexual.

Click on the link to listen to 8 Awesome Books With Bisexual Leading Ladies

Bisexual Podcaster

One of our out bisexual podcasters is the awesome Tara Scott. Here are several podcasts in which she talks about being a bi woman. Click on the title to listen

Tara Scott’s Coming Out Story – in this episode you hear Tara’s coming out story

The Interviewer Gets Interviewed – Brooklyn Returns – in this episode you hear Brooklyn returning to do a guest spot and she interviews Tara

Podcasts about being bisexual

In this mini series of podcasts you hear the creator of the les talk about it podcast doing a series called Ask A Bisexual. In it she interviews two women who identify as bisexual and together they bust some common myths about bisexual women.

Find the entire season here

Audio drama’s with bisexual leads

We have also produced some audio fiction with bisexual leads.

The first is the 13 episode radio drama called Room 13. It’s a romance set in a music school and you can find the full season here

Next we have a once off narrated audio original called Peaceweaver by Jennifer Nestojko

Our channel works on representing a good range of lgbtq podcasts and has often been called some of the best queer women podcast on air.

If you enjoyed this listing of podcasts about bisexual women then be sure to find all our future bisexual podcasts on spotify, podbean and apple podcasts.