Podcasting For Lesbians pt 2 – Podcasting For Publishers And Authors

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Podcasting for Lesbians pt 2 -Podcasting for authors and publishers

When I first spoke to Denise I was planning on discussing podcasting for authors and publishers and how they can use podcasting to their advantage. Little did I know she would have such an interesting history that I would split it into two podcasts.

So, in this one we talk all about how authors and publishers can use podcasts. How podcasts work and an overview of what is involved with creating a great podcast.

About This Episode

In the second of our two-part podcast Denise, from My Lesbian Radio, chats to us about podcasting. Give us tips and talks about how publishers and authors can use podcasts to boost sales.

Denise talks about

  • the best decisions she made for her podcast
  • the most popular topics she has covered on her podcast
  • how she records and edits sound
  • how to promote the podcast
  • fulfilling expectations from listeners
  • and more

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