Erica Mills on Newsletters For Authors And Publishers

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Erica Mills on Newsletters For Authors And Publishers

In this episode of The Write Stuff Erica Mills discusses newsletters for authors and publishers. Our goal is to look at how authors and publishers can use newsletters to build a following, sell more books and engage with readers.

In today’s world of connectivity, recluse authors are often frowned upon and people far prefer authors who are accessible. One of the best tools for authors to not only keep in contact with their audience but to tap into them and increase sales, is to have an effective newsletter.

When planning this podcast I knew that I wanted to interview someone who could answer the questions that would get just about anyone started with their own newsletters. I was delighted to find Erica Mills.

About Erica Mills

Erica Mills is the Executive Director of NineStar Press.

She has a BA in English and music, an MA in international journalism, and close to a decade’s experience writing and editing.

For three years, Mills worked for a magazine called International Living and sent out a daily newsletter.

Her knowledge of marketing and her background in writing and publishing means that she can talk about everything from newsletter service providers to open rates, making her the perfect person to talk to for The Write Stuff.

Highlights Of This Episode

In this episode we look at:

  • why it is a good idea for authors and publishers to start a newsletter
  • what can go wrong with a newsletter
  • what to put into your newsletter
  • what newsletter service provider to use
  • what day of the week works best for sending
  • what time of the day is ideal
  • how to know where most of your audience is located
  • how long to make your newsletter
  • your newsletter headline
  • how to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter
  • what should go on your subscribe page
  • how to get people to click on your newsletter links

We also discuss what NineStar Press is all about and go slightly off topic and discuss the LGBTQA publishing industry and the demand for books in that sphere.

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