Moving Violations by McGee Mathews

Hear a reading from Moving Violations by McGee Mathews @mcgee_mathews narrated by Rebecca Langham on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast where authors and narrators give you a taste of a book with a short snippet. 

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When interim police chief Molly Gorman pulls Amy over, more than the antics on the motorcycle catch her eye. She discovers Amy Gilbert spends her days repairing cars in her family garage and is intrigued. The only holdup? Amy occupies her nights playing softball and drinking with her wild best friend, who offers incredibly bad advice about love. After several run-ins with a certain drunken mechanic, Molly wonders if Amy is really worth the trouble. When Amy disappears, she has to put her mixed emotions aside to work the case.

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hi my name is Rebecca Langham and today I’ll be doing a reading from moving violations by McGee Matthews

chapter 4

Mollie Gorman put down her coke when the call came in about a nuisance in the park she cranked the engine flipped on the blue lights and hit the gas pedal the Chevy Caprice was still so new it smelled weird there were certainly perks of being the boss she’d been interim police chief for almost a month the first woman to hold the job in diamond late her grandfather had been the chief of police for over 20 years that helped her seal the deal her uncle being on the City Council didn’t hurt either a little nepotism cancelled the discrimination against women and she was a damn good cop she pulled into the park circling around the back lot where only one car remained she had seen it earlier probably wouldn’t start she swung around the back and as the light swept the field she saw the problem some lunatic was riding a motorcycle around the softball fields while standing on the footpegs no helmet not wanting to startle the fool she slowed the car hoping the lights would be enough to catch his attention if not she’d have to use the siren and that might cause a wreck as she reached the last parking spot near the field the motorcycle has showed no signs of stopping she flipped the switch and allowed wah-wah ring across the fields as she predicted the driver jumped lost his footing and slammed hard onto the seat the bike teetered wildly but didn’t go over completely at least he had the sense to stop the bike and get off molly flicked off the siren propped on the spotlight and focused on the driver to her surprise it was a woman in a softball uniform she hesitated then called in that she didn’t need backup as she got out of the car she grabbed her baton and slid it in her belt the dirt crunched under her feet as she walked the familiar diamond this was the first time in her work uniform and not cleats she got close Jesus what the hell she muttered to herself she recognized the woman she played for Gail’s team molly noted that her uniform sported some dirt street down the left leg must have slid dude you scared the out of me Amy called out wobbling back and forth as she spoke grace molly thought to herself she’s probably drunk do you have a license on you the park is closed after dark do I need a license to drive on dirt because I’m not on the road Amy put her hands on your hips you drove it here and helmets are required Molly crossed her arms she was not in the mood for a hard time amy looked at her closely you please short stuff for Nancy don’t you hope you shoot better than you throat at first you want most broke my ankle she began to laugh Molly bit her tongue and hoped her blush didn’t show in the dark who should be asking questions ma’am have you been drinking this evening Amy stopped digging in her gear bag and handed Molly the wallet yes I have and again I repeat I am NOT on a public road Molly would normally ask the person to take out the license but she sensed it would only provoke more hostility she was starting to regret turning down backup she opened the wallet and saw the image and the name a martyr Gilbert ah you play for Gayle yes I do Amy leaned back and screened when I’m not benched because Deb is playing for the other team and making me lose my mind she collapsed to the ground kneeling and sat back on her feet tears began to roll down her face Molly considered the situation by the book she should tag her and put her in jail to sober up the list piled up fast no helmet reckless driving trespassing drunk driving the blow limit was 0.0 0.2 the woman on the ground you stay here and I will be right back Amy didn’t answer Molly trotted to her squad car she picked up the mic and called out her license numbers it came back clean she stood and closed the door regardless of what she did Amy shouldn’t be riding that bike she walked towards the figure now sitting on the motorcycle I’m going to have to ask you to get off the bike Amy seemed to have collected herself look I’m so sorry about before I’m having this sort of bad night what’s your name Julie Molly and we have what I call a situation here I can’t leave you he and I can’t let you drive ami opened her mouth and then closed it she finally said not sure I understand she stood and swung her leg over the seat I know everyone in town knows everybody’s business but I also don’t want you to have an accident Molly handed Amy who all about I’m not taking you in where do you live I blocked down from the Gilbert garage on 4th come on I’ll give you a ride home Molly offered her arm but Amy ignored it how much have you had to drink Amy grinned just one what a smartass one what Molly reconsidered her decision one 12-pack Amy started to snicker then caught herself just kidding a couple beers I guess can I get my gear couple of bees no worries I’ll take it Molly took the bag off the motorcycle and escorted her to the police car I’m sorry but you have to ride in the back I won’t cuff you or anything Amy put her hands out together that might be fun we could still head to the station Molly hold the door reckless driving no helmets drunken disorderly point taken Amy quickly took a seat as she sat Molly grabbed her head so it wouldn’t heat just to habit Amy’s face fell and dark hair hung in her eyes her muscled arms were bare he cold I’ve got a blanket in the trunk no Amy replied although she was visibly shaking have it your way Molly shut the door at Burger King Amy slurred Molly got into the car pulling on her seat belt it’s better to get a ride without going in the meat wagon and this way you have your bike in one piece you can come and get it in the morning Molly turned back when she heard the yell and they’re just leaving my bike there are you Amy was slapping the wire and the window it son of a bitch if it gets stolen I’m going to be really pissed Molly asked are you sure you want to yell at me Amy screamed you don’t understand it’s an antique I just finished rebuilding it what if some jackass knocks it over it’ll be all your goddamn fault think you need to reconsider that point Mali reached over and cut off the blue lights oh really an asshole malee push the button on her seatbelt and got back out of the car she opened the back door out ami stepped a foot out what the hell Mollie grabbed her wrist as Amy stood quickly slapping on the cuffs sit malee shut the reader a little harder than she needed to she got back into the front of the car cranked the engine and drove toward the city jail you’ve been listening to Rebecca Langham doing a reading from Megan Matthews book moving violations you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information [Music]