Meant To Be Me by Wendy Hudson

Hear a reading from Meant To Be Me by Wendy Hudson @whudsonauthor on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast that gives listeners a taste of a book.

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Trying to find “The One” is never easy and engineer Darcy Harris is finding it tougher than most. It doesn’t help she’s also dealing with a shadowy stalker trying to make trouble for her. But Darcy’s determined not to let anyone ruin her life.

Her loyal best friend and boss, Anja Olsen, is stuck in a strange conundrum, forced to question who she has become and who she wants to be.

Meanwhile, stranger Eilidh Grey’s first instinct is to run fearlessly toward chaos and love. But this time she’s on a collision course with fate.

A chance meeting on a snowy bridge in Inverness, Scotland, binds all three women together, creating an unexpected, tangled, love triangle. What happens when it all unravels?

A compelling, slow-burning, romantic suspense that will keep you guessing right to the end.

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hey everyone my name is Wendy Hudson and I’m going to read to you from my latest book meant to be me which is that in and around Loch Ness in beautiful Scotland and to give you a little bit of background you’re about to meet Darcy one of our main characters ever the optimist she’s about to take yet another leap of faith by meeting a woman she’s been talking to online and why that’s such a big deal for Darcy is because she has a stalker and let’s just say these dates haven’t gone well in the past you should also know Anya is her best friend and Ailee is another potential love interest who she randomly met on a bridge one morning Monday wasn’t exactly an ideal night for a date but with a work trip looming the following day an Amy shift pattern it was all Darcy could offer her Ailee was going to have to wait a little longer but something told her it would be worth the wait in the meantime Amy deserved the chance Darcy had taken extra care with her wardrobe that day not so over-the-top that folk my comment at work but enough that she wouldn’t feel so official when she met Amy straight from it the bar Amy had chosen was relatively classy hello a little dead given it was 5:30 on a Monday and outside the snow fell in droves she glanced down at the profile picture again and then back up at the door her stomach jumped a little every time it opened only for her shoulders to drop when Amy didn’t appear she was 20 minutes late but thus he wouldn’t panic quite yet this wasn’t new for her in fact it was becoming annoyingly regular Amy could simply be caught up at work or in traffic 20 minutes was nothing to worry about after 30 minutes she tapped out a quick message hey I’m at the bar he held up at work it was diplomatic and light in case Amy had a genuine excuse hello Darcy was beginning to wonder if they even was an Amy it had to be Shirley she couldn’t have fallen for that again after 45 minutes Darcy gave up she paid the tab at her unfinished lonely glass of wine and resigned to a dates fate left the bar don’t look around keep your eyes forward head held high mutual expression you are not annoyed there is no one watching you right now it’s all simply been a misunderstanding they haven’t gotten to you you are not raging back in the sanctity of a cabin Darcy paced how the is she allowed this to happen again the first one Michelle had been a mild inconvenience she’d shrugged it off as cold feet and taken the plenty more fish it wasn’t her it was them the second one Tricia had been a little harder to swallow had she turned up saw Darcy and walked away what was wrong with her stood up twice in as many months I mean was she completely undo tabal what was it about Darcy that made these women think they could not show up without even an explanation but now she was wise to it always meant to be Amy had seemed so genuine the real deal there had been pictures that a reverse image check on Google hadn’t shown to be stock photos there was a Facebook page locked down but with at least half a dozen profile pictures available with likes and comments a LinkedIn account that didn’t have a photo but did confirm all the career details Amy had told her Darcy thought she’d been so careful and had found enough evidence to be sure Amy actually did exist bastard in stalker they’d won again toyed with her again given our hope then chewed her up and spat her out twisted she gulped back the last of a second glass of wine and grabbed her laptop she knew what she would find or wouldn’t as the case might be but had to be sure I suspected the dating profile was gone she clicked and searched and checked more than once but it was pointless Ami’s profile had been deleted along with her Facebook account oh no the one on LinkedIn remained had they stolen it used it as inspiration for Amy’s character knowing it didn’t have a picture and couldn’t prove them a liar it was risky but feasible her mine straight to Ailee as Anna’s words of warning echoed should she be questioning Ailee sudden appearance in her life or had it truly been a magical coincidence that brought them together on that bridge at least she knew Ailee existed or did she the person existed yes but was that her real name was she who she professed to be their meeting had been oddly random but how would a be of known Darcy would be there that early on a Saturday morning it has been a last-minute urgent meeting only a colleagues knew about it she thought of the perfume the gig tickets wine flowers and chocolates how are they known about any of it Darcy shuddered she glanced towards the porch window it’s curtains still open were they watching her right now was it Ailee out there she shook the thought loose no she wouldn’t do this this is what they wanted or so she thought every move they made seem conflicted from a beautiful framed print by her favorite artist that should care and attention despite the utter creepiness that left with him Darcy’s core to fake profiles and dates and the crushing emotions have been seemingly rejected did they hate her or love her was it something in between would they physically hurt her would they one day reveal themselves and what would happen if they did she moved to the window and yanked the curtains closed before checking the locks on the front door again the worst aspect of the situation was definitely not knowing who when why if the questions were driving her crazy and Darcy was convinced that was exactly what they wanted thank you for listening everyone you can get your copy of meant to be me on Amazon along with my previous books also set in Scotland and four steps and mine to keep I’d really encourage you to click via the lesbian review link to the books to help support the great work they do for our lesbo community you can also find me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram just search wendy hudson author i’m the only one out there cheers bye