Magnetic Reverie by Nico J Genes

Hear a reading from Magnetic Reverie by Nico J Genes @NicoJGenes on this episode of Books Clips the mini podcast where authors and narrators give you a taste of a book with a short snippet. 

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Will Lana’s dreams become real?

Lana lives a perfect life in Washington D.C. with her husband, Greg. Right in the middle of a peaceful and simple life, she awakens from a dream that reveals to her a new reality that questions the very essence of who she is.

Enter Claire, a beautiful young woman with who Lana is supposedly in a relationship.

Meandering between Slovenia while sleeping and the USA while awake, this love story makes Lana evolve and grow.

Magnetic Reverie is the first book from The Reverie series, now available also in Spanish.

Warning: There are a few descriptive same-sex love scenes. The ending is a cliffhanger. The next book in the series is Reverie Girl.

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You are listening to book clips a mini podcast in which authors and erasers do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book hey there my name is Nico J Genes and I’m the author of the reverie series today I will be doing a reading from the prequel magnetic reverie the scene takes place after Lana had to take lots of pills in order to finally fall asleep the alarm sounded and I woke up feeling perfect the room was still dark and silent I was alone in bed I didn’t feel like I had slept for too long but at least I felt good and my head seemed clear this was what I wanted most of all I stood out despite a light dizziness but when I managed to open my eyes properly I realized that I didn’t recognize the room I was in this wasn’t my bedroom how did this happen it felt strange looking around I was trying to figure out what was going on the decor was nice and cozy but I was so confused as this was in my bedroom what was going on I kept looking around and went to the window to my surprise it wasn’t the usual view although it felt familiar it was dawn but the street lights were still on I could see lots of trees River and some bicycles parked next to a terrace in front of a restaurant a few people were walking most likely heading to work although it seemed far too early for this well that was the least of my worries it seemed very much like my home city but I couldn’t think clearly so I wasn’t sure about anything I was confused and scared at the same time i sat back on the bed trying to figure out what was going on I tried to relax telling myself there must be an explanation I left the room and to my left I heard the sound of a shower so Modell’s was in the apartment the sound was very clear so it had to be very near outside the bedroom was the hallway which didn’t look familiar either I stopped in front of the bathroom door and hesitated for a moment I found the courage and knocked as I had to know what was going on there was no answer but I couldn’t wait any longer so I decided to go in and knocked again and entered without waiting for permission I had to figure out why I’d woken up in a different bed I didn’t care if my actions might seem intrusive the water stopped running the shower cabins door opened and somebody stepped out it was a young woman hey can I get some privacy here I heard her voice though she didn’t sound disappointed by the disturbance if it was me I’m sure out have freaked out seeing a stranger in my bathroom but she seemed cool strangely she didn’t seem bothered and she didn’t even look surprised at seeing me I try not to look at her her naked body which by the way looked beautiful she had to be around the same age at myself she smiled nicely while wiping her hair and wished me good morning I must have looked shocked because she stopped and looked at me are you okay she asked depends on what think okay’s I explained you’ve probably had a bad dream but don’t worry dear it was just a dream I’m almost finished so I will give you some space in here a fresh morning shower will do you good by the way Lana do you have any plans this afternoon or can we go see that movie we were talking about she knew my name this couldn’t be real what was happening to me who are you I asked are we playing the same game again she asks the nice man Lana sorry to disappoint you but I’m in a hurry so I have to take a rain check on this we can play later this evening if you don’t mind what game I mean it who are you and why am I here I must have looked a little freaked out because she paused looking concerned but then she gave me another nice smile she kissed me on my cheek and explained really babe as much as I appreciate your playful mourning mode I don’t have the time right now I have a big job interview today remember I was speechless and now totally confused she left the bathroom and I took to her advice and dressed and got in the shower it was a very girly shower and the water felt pleasant on my skin I must have been there for ages trying to figure out what the hell was going on it’s true that I had taken a cocktail of different pills the other day but surely I couldn’t be hallucinating this badly then it entered my head this must be a dream I pinched myself nothing I was still in the shower the water began to get cold so I grabbed the towel and got out the soft material felt nice and gets my skin whoever had bought this towel knew how to shop I started to look around the bathroom I found a range of girly stuff some of which was like the things I had in my own bathroom even one of the perfumes that I like to wear a day cream called visionary from Lancome was the same displeased me it was the first thing I’d recognized so I started to feel helpful I opened the jar and before taking some of the cream I noticed that were wasn’t much left inside it couldn’t be possible as I bought a groom only a few days ago what was going on the only thing that seemed familiar giving me hope was taking away just seconds later I wasn’t bother about who had used the cream but I was brought back to reality I had woken up in an unknown place which I seemed to be shared with someone who knew me but I don’t recognize her suddenly I heard the door opening and closing I left the bathroom I would get to the bottom of this I had to outside the bathroom there was a small corridor one way led back to the bedroom and the other to the living room of course that nothing looked familiar on the right side of the room was a small but modern kitchen with an island placed in the middle separating it from the living area it had some nice barstools lying next to the island whoever decorated this apartment had great taste I might not have been the best at decorating but I didn’t have a problem with meeting it when I noticed good work what am i doing how can I waste time admiring furniture and when I simply can’t figure out where I am I needed coffee to wake me up just then I spotted a coffee machine great at least I could have coffee first and then continue searching for an explanation I figure out how to use the coffee machine in no time I sat at the breakfast bar enjoying my drink I was hoping to get a sign anything that could explain what was going on I noticed a post-it on the fridge that said I didn’t want to disturb you in the bathroom as I was in the hurry talk to you later babe was this note for me it seems so okay so this girl knows me she knows my name she calls me babe and she didn’t seem surprised at all that I showed up in her bathroom who was she I can’t recall seeing her before from what I saw of her she seems attractive not a typical beauty but she had that one special thing her blue eyes were beautiful yet oddly familiar in a way it feels like I have seen them before but didn’t have a clue were we roommate okay she was going for the job interview and expect us to spend the evening together I suspect that I’m due to go to work having just working up in a city that I appear to be living in I decided to look around the letter maybe to get to know more about the woman I had just met I noticed a bookshelf where I could see many classics fashion and beauty magazines and a few dictionaries then I spotted it I was afraid of this but there it was a picture of the two of us together we were smiling and seemed happy a bridge and the view of the ocean was behind us we seemed really content when was it taken I don’t look any different so it can have been taken that long ago what was going on I looked again out of the window I was even more convinced that this was my hometown maybe I could visit my parents there is a chance that they are still in the country wait that’s ridiculous none of this is real so how am I going to find them I was dreaming for sure I had to be you have been listening to me Nico J Genes doing a reading from my novel magnetic reverie I hope you have enjoyed the reading despite my strange accent you have been 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