The Love Doctor by SW Andersen

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Sofia Delacruz is her name and love is her game.

Despite the tragic end to her own story, she hasn’t given up on happily ever after. At least, not when it comes to other people. With her best friend, Reyna, by her side, they’ve built a successful business helping others make their one true connection.

When a new client hires them in hopes of kindling a relationship with her long-time crush, life takes an unexpected turn. Personal desires burn like bonfires and professional boundaries are pushed, putting the duo in uncharted territory.

For Sofia, however, that tantalizing burn also pierces like a stake through the heart. Can she finally shake the pain of her past and heal? Or will she spend the rest of her days cursing the powers that be?

S.W. Andersen delivers a heartwarming story about the healing power of opening oneself up to love after loss.

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Transcript for The Love Doctor by SW Andersen

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hi you’re listening to SW Anderson and I’m reading from my new book the love doctor this is a story about finding love after loss in this chapter that I’m gonna read chapter 3 Sofia and her business partner and best friend Reina who owned a dating consultant company are out celebrating a new match made but Sofia has a past that sometimes sneaks up on her even in the happiest of moments stepping through the door of Rafael’s Sofia stopped and took in the vibe of the room it wasn’t stuffy but it wasn’t laid-back either just a different crowd a trendy Latin American theme with bright colors lots of character and his upscale as advertised but basically it was a higher end hunting ground for single white-collar types at least the music wasn’t annoyingly loud there was nothing worse than having to shout out a conversation in an establishment meant for conversing this place is packed she said bobbing your head to the bubbly music marina nodded yeah and the hot scales off the charts definitely a great place to find a hookup maybe even a sugar daddy or mama she said straight-faced Sofia rolled her eyes but decided not to comment mm-hmm definitely not the place for a quiet date not in the mood to be squished into a crowd she surveyed the room for a table there’s a spot on the far side parent manoeuvered quick as they could through the swarm of bodies lucky to get a seat at all I’m ready to drink and it could take forever to get a server Rena whined a pouty frown settled upon her lips Sofia pulled out a $50 bill and handed it over here I’ll take a vodka martini excellent be back in a few keep an eye out for my one-in-a-million okay sure thing Sophia laughed as her eyes scanned the bodies in the room handsome guys beautiful girls 20s 30s even 40s it was a nice mix of professional people drinking and having a good time up to the left a young man engaged in a poor attempt at picking up a much older woman the dye job blonde with far too much plastic surgery accepted the drink and then shooed him away like hired help along the back wall two women were making out hard and heavy a gaggle of men hung on every grope as if it were the game-winning drive in the Super Bowl no wonder their business was so good these places weren’t where you went to find love no you were all about lust in the search for the instant gratification of a primal need Sophia shook her head this had never been her scene she’d always preferred more natural settings and a connection without alcohol and forced expectations it was too hard to get an honest impression with all the false personas people wore to bars and clubs she continued her visual trip around the room skipping from patron of patron many of whom either wreaked of too much makeup or too much testosterone then her gaze landed on a sight from the heavens unable to look away unable to breathe no sound reached her ears no other person existed heat weld deep in her belly there amid a pile of cubic zirconias stood a diamond shining bright beautiful brown haired girl next door who dared to tempt with just the right touch of sexy had a cute little slope to her nose a smile that beamed and the kindest dark eyes what shade were they chestnut chocolate would they have golden flecks or dark ones Sophia’s gaze finally traveled lower tight-fitting burgundy dress shirt with several buttons undone at the top showed off some enticing cleavage she licked her lips her heart pounded with more force against her rib cage stumbling over a beat or two she rubbed her hands together nervously only find them damp the thing sheen of sweat talk about lust Sophia’s primal need search to the surface like a tiger after its prey suddenly she was just like everyone else in the bar she believed herself to be above their behavior but here she was drooling like every other desired filled fool that laid eyes on her in Sophia’s defense however the magnetism was impossible to ignore for a moment she considered approaching the woman she was capable of flirting when she wanted though that desire had been dormant for quite some time this woman though she had definitely struck a chord a very deep one it had been a long time since Sophia’s heart and actually fluttered that thought sobered her in a spot she ripped her eyes away focusing instead on the older fake blonde who had scored yet another free drink loud music and annoying chatter once again filled her ears quick and harsh the abrupt change left her cold sophia fallen hard and prayed for her drink to arrive to soothe her parched throat no sooner had she’d asked then her prayer had been answered as Rina slid unto the other chair unaware of Sophia’s crisis she set the drinks down and went on and on about the two hotties she had chatted up at the bar neither of which had been the subject of Sophia’s intense inspection Sophia down half of her drink in a flash and when her eyes returned to find the woman she was gone pounding of her heart skidded to a stop heaviness settled in her chest feeling as if she had lost something big made no sense they hadn’t even met yet the moment seemed monumental she’d missed her chance at whatever it was and for whatever reason he cut deep she closed her eyes inside suppressing a tear from the memory of the last time she had lost something dear to her without conscious thought her fingers moved to her pendant hey Soph you okay what’s wrong marina reached over and placed a comforting hand on her forearm Sophia shook her head and tried to regain her composure nothing she sniffled nothing I’m fine she repeated stronger than before you don’t look fine you thinking about I’m fine I think I’m gonna head home though I want to be on top of my game for our new client tomorrow she handed marina in another 50 and gave her a hug you sure I can go with you no really I’m fine it’s over now lives she avoided eye contact have a good night and be careful see you tomorrow bright and early boss look concern heavy in her eyes marina turned her lips into some semblance of a smile Sophia forced a smile of her own left her half-finished drink on the table and hurried toward the exit there would be little rest for her tonight you have been listening to SW Anderson reading from the love doctor you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information