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Rules Are Made To Be Broken…

Two years after her marriage implodes, event-planner Cleo Nightingale is ready to get back in the dating game. However, she has one key rule: no younger women. How hard can it be?

Fresh out of uni, Becca Cramer is single and ready to embrace her new career. She’s not looking for a relationship, but then fate steps in and introduces her to Cleo.

Mix in two weddings & a festival, a jilted brother and a pregnant best friend, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a hilarious page-turner featuring the unlikely love-match of the year!

Book five in the London Romance series features favourite characters from previous novels, and is another uplifting, sparky romantic comedy from best-selling author Clare Lydon.


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you were listening to book clubs a mini podcast in which authors and narrators do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book London actually London romance series book 5 by Clare Lydon read by Lucy Price-Lewis chapter 1 if Cleo nightingale had to list her biggest irritants her top three would be a slam dunk in no particular order one weddings to her brother Duncan 3sat that involved number one and number two Saturdays like today she wrapped her knuckle on the door of his bedroom three times and waited for a response strictly speaking it was her spare room and not his bedroom for the moment though it was Duncan’s ever since Michelle had turfed him out no answer she knocked again Duncan had was getting irritated just go without me he shouted through the wood wall I want to go to a wedding when I know relationships don’t work anyway the door opened and Duncan peered out his eyes bloodshot his face pale his dark hair sticking up at all angles he looked like someone who drunk two bottles of wine the previous night and perhaps a bit of whiskey on top mainly because he had you know I should do she took a step back when she smelt his breath a heady mix of Speights and battery acid do enlighten me Cleo waited for her brother’s words of wisdom this should be good she could see his face souring as he composed the words in his head I should turn up at the door of the church with a banner saying don’t do it it’s all a bloody con bang on the glass like Dustin Hoffman in the Graduate they’re getting married in a hotel she tried not to smile too wide look I get it I really do having a wife leave you sucks you’re preaching to the choir however we’ve told fian we’re going to this wedding and seeing as she’s one of our oldest and dearest friends don’t you think we should even if you don’t want to go do it for me you’re crushing in my spare room eating my food and drinking my wine so think of it as doing something in return plus mum and dad are going so they’re going to expect us to be there too he winced facing mum and dad is not top of my to-do list when my life is up creek she sucked on the inside of her cheek leaning on the hallway wall he was acting like the baby she so vividly remembered crashing into her life when she was 5 years old and then we in her Polly Pocket when he was old enough to walk you know what I mean I’m saying that I want to go today and you’re my plus one I’ve been to enough weddings so low and I’d preferred to have you as my escort she raked a hand through her still naughty hair so for me please jump in the shower iron your shirt and be my knight in shining armor you’re not normally fond of knights in shining armor I’m all for them so long as I don’t have to sleep with them Duncan side folding his arms across his chest and blowing a raspberry okay you win I’ll get showered and polish my suit of armor I’ll need it to ward off the evil spirits of marriage she leaned over and kissed his cheek thanks she pulled back before he could breathe his angry dragon breath anywhere near her and while you in the shower try to think happy thoughts I want a smiling Duncan by my side not a snarly one I’ll see what I can do he said standing up straight and yawning as he spoke arms stretched over his head but tell me why you so bloody keen to go to a wedding marriage is hardly being kind to you either mrs. divorced before you’re 40 Cleo flinched she knew she wasn’t special just another statistic but when he put it like that it sounded so much worse for today though she was determined not to think about herself and just be happy for fian because who knew maybe it would work out for her maybe she would be one of the lucky ones the ones who beamed when they spoke about their partners it wasn’t something that had happened to her nor lately to her brother just say it’s not so much the marriage more seeing everyone again or fianc family and friends plus its food I don’t have to cook and wine I don’t have to buy so it gets a thumbs up from me chapter 2 Becca Kramer might be the youngest of five sisters but often she felt like she was the lone sensible voice in the family so far today her sister Siobhan had laddered her tights and acted as if this was the literal end of the world it wasn’t her sister Ruth had drunk too much wine before dessert and nearly fallen off her chair finally her sister Rachel the closest in age and also a lesbian had spent the entire day gazing at her girlfriend Alice even though they’d been going out for over six months and so really should be over that part of their relationship by now frankly Becca had enough love vibe surrounding her today seeing as she was at the wedding of her cousin Theon who was marrying Ryan a Chelsea fan Becca was trying not to hold that against him the main source of amusement so far had come from Ryan’s joint best men pleasingly called Dave Gaz and Tim having three best men you’d think things would run smoothly but that would mean you hadn’t factored in alcohol and nerves having Irish heritage Becca had been to many boozy weddings and in that time she could count on her hands the amount of decent speeches she’d heard normally because the speech givers were either crippled with nerves or just plain pissed this wedding had hit the jackpot of both bingo apparently Ryan had given his best men gifts of hip flasks with their names engraved on them and filled the flasks with a nice single malt to calm their nerves the best men had downed all the single malt when the time came to deliver their speeches they’d belly flopped spectacularly the splash as they hit the water sending ripples all around the room on the upside the speeches had been short and the drinks flowing two ingredients that could save any occasion in Becca’s humble opinion they were now at that part of the day where they were waiting for desserts and the tables were getting restless Becca was keeping an eye on her watch her stomach gurgling in preparation for her upcoming chocolate fondant could she make it to Soho for a final few drinks later it depended if she could slip away without offending too many people or worse alerting rachel and alice because then they might want to come too no offense to her sister and her girlfriend both of whom she loved dearly but they were a little full on right now all her friends thought it was way cool she had a lesbian sister they didn’t know the reality is this going to be here too soon that was her cousin April her lips gleaming pink leaning over and addressing Rachel and Alice in response the pair looked at each other with loved-up grins on their faces shrugging their shoulders like they’ve never given it a second thought Becca knew the truth if Rachel and Alice didn’t spend half their time in bed picking out names for their future children and/or pets she’d be amazed not quite yet Rachel replied but if we do you’ll be the first to know make sure I am April said her cheeks alive with Pinot Grigio splotch I have been to a gay wedding yet so no leaving me out gay straight wedding they’re all the same doomed Becca’s ears pricked up now here was something she could work with they all end in tears mark my words continued the man who’d been introduced to the table as Duncan and ever since had been drinking more than his fair share of red wine it was only 5 p.m. but Duncan already had red wine lips along with stained front teeth he refilled his glass one more time as the woman next to him put her mouth to his ear and a hand to his arm Duncan waved her away I’m not speaking that loudly he said at a volume that made a woman at the next table turned her head Duncan the woman berating Duncan was his sister Cleo someone who had caught Becker’s attention from the moment she’d introduced herself to the table and sat down next to Alice she was according to Rachel an old neighbor of the bride Cleo and Duncan had grown up living next door to fian but Duncan was clearly not that pleased to be here Becca was glad Cleo had made the effort though as it never hurt to have a little eye candy at your table did it Cleo was dressed in black trousers black shirt and black brogues and she presented as some sort of stealth character from a Marvel movie a mass of cheekbones burnt amber hair and deep brown eyes splashed with the color and shine of autumnal conkers she was saying something else in Duncan’s ear now and Duncan was rolling his eyes Becker was intrigued by Cleo and she liked Duncan very much Duncan was already drunk and so already entertaining other people’s family being drunk and dramatic was so much more fun than her own every time someone mentions love in the next speech we should drink Duncan held up his glass trying to stand up but being held down by Cleo who’s with me Becker grinned I am she said refilling her glass ray chill turned and rolled her eyes play nicely Becca gave her a look relax she told her sister catching Duncan’s eye and giving him a grin it’s just a drinking game you’ve never played one of those at a wedding before Becca knew the answer already as she turned away Rachel was still clearly on best behavior mode when it came to Alice however out of the corner of Becca’s eyes she spied Alice filling her wine glass and holding it up I’m in Rachel tilted her head back in defeat are you down on love too Duncan asked Becca reaching over Cleo to claim her uneaten bread roll Cleo was either not that hungry or else she was in the anti carbs brigade Becca would lay bets it was the latter Cleo watched her brother with a trained eye something Becca was sure she’d done many times before Becca shrugged not exactly I’m just taking a year off seeing life from a different perspective seeing Rachel’s gaze returned her way Becca held up her hand that doesn’t mean to say I don’t think Fiona and Ryan aren’t perfect for each other they could be the match of
the century for all I know I just think weddings are a little over the top sometimes says the wedding planner Rachel said one eyebrow raised Becca gave her a look I never said I didn’t want to make money out of it I just don’t want to get married right now that’s not a crime Duncan leaned forward his left elbow landing in a butter pot he either didn’t notice or he was ignoring it it’s not a crime it’s the sensible option get from someone his wife left him but he doesn’t have enough courage to try new things he told Becca and there was me thinking it was all about in good times and in bad he paused actually I applaud you not wanted to take part in the whole charade and he began to do just that until Clio clamped a hand over his no clapping her tone was firm and sure and Duncan obeyed Becca imagined most people had the same reaction Cleo’s voice was business casual with a hint of sweet insistent and firm if Trillo whispered something in her ear Becca knew she’d obey Duncan reacted by cupping his mouth I’m not allowed to applaud you but I do on the inside he banged his chest like a war cry and laugh bubbled up in Becca’s throat but she swallowed it down as their attention was drawn to her Uncle John Theon’s dad getting up to speak she sat up straight giving Duncan a sly grin her eyes meeting Cleo’s as they pulled away getting caught there momentarily Becca let her gaze settle as did Cleo and for a moment nobody breathe she inclined her wineglass eyebrow raised Cleo did the same their glasses like pistols but nobody was going to shoot Uncle John applying his fingertip to the mic broke the spell aloud tap-tap-tap reverberating around the room Becca’s gaze slid to the table then back up to Cleo she was still looking her stare inquisitive her features soft Cleo was making Becca a little fuzzy and heat rose to her cheeks as she twisted to get a view of her uncle glad to have a shift of focus for a few minutes she grabbed a glass of water her cousin April had poured for her and clogged it down in one she’d probably drunk too much red wine already and she shouldn’t be egged on by Duncan pacing was what was needed as my you know there’s one major ingredientes brought us here to this moment with fian and ryan and that is overwhelmingly love Uncle John began hey Becker turned to see Duncan holding up his wineglass along with Alice he said love you have to drink Beca flicked her gaze to Alice who was already drinking to Duncan who had his glass raised and ready and then to Cleo who was watching the whole scenario play out with an air of mild amusement Becker gave her one last glance which clear returned and then grabbed her glass and took a sip as Duncan drained his she could support Duncan and not get wasted she was sure of that so long as Uncle John didn’t say the word love too much London actually London romance series book 5 by Clare Lydon read by Lucy Price Lewis you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information [Music]