The Lesbian Historic Motif Project: On The Shelf October 2017

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast: Episode 15a – On the Shelf 

Your monthly update on what the Lesbian Historic Motif Project has been doing.

In this episode we talk about

  • A summary of the publications covered in the blog in August
    • Books on the queer history of Boston and on the concept of the Boston Marriage in modern psychology
    • Medieval penitential manuals that address same-sex relations
    • Works on sexuality and same-sex relations in medieval Europe
  • What’s coming up in the blog
    • More sources on medieval and pre-modern Europe
  • This month’s author guest: Caren Werlinger
  • Ask Sappho
    • Where did I get the music that introduces and closes the podcast?
    • What did people think about queens who had same-sex relations? Did it affect what the common people and the people of the court thought of them?

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