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Hear a reading from the book Learning To Swim by KJ @propertyofKJ on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast that gives listeners a taste of a book.

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What do you do when your world flips upside down? You take a wild ride with your best friend, fall in love with the person you least expect, and find out that sometimes, instead of drowning, you learn to swim .

Meet Andrea. She’s an executive accountant. Her two best friends, Lauren and Hanna, tease her about being a workaholic, but she doesn’t deny it. Andrea likes to think she’s got a handle on all aspects of her life, but she doesn’t really. For example, Andrea has no idea that Lauren has been in love with her for six years. Andrea has no idea that her life is about to implode when her mum is rushed to hospital. Andrea has no idea that there are moves afoot at work to destabilise her world. Andrea has no idea about any of this and it takes a life changing experience and falling in love with the one who’s been right in front of her the whole time to stop her from drowning. In the end, Andrea discovers that changing your life is a little like learning to swim.

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hi i’m KJ and today i’ll be doing a reading from my novel but into swim andrea glanced fondly at the polished brass plate on the outside of lauren surgery remembering the first time lauren had shown her in henna around the surgery a month after they’d become friends and that’s what you’re doing you’re apologizing to a friend first and foremost andrea thought her bill sounded with the opening of the door and emily looked up from her computer i bright smile spread across her face and she set back in her chair hi Andrea I haven’t seen you in ages we’ve got a day off Andrew across the reception area to the desk leaving her hip against the edge hi Emily yeah a bit of a day off I guess she tilted her head and looked carefully you’re looking fantastic Andrea grinned the dimple in her cheek showing a blush crept up Emily’s neck and she’s skeeters her gaze around the room away from the gorgeous features of her boss’s best friend bloody hell Andrea look at me getting more silly about a compliment here as bad as a Lauren at making me blush like that Andrea laughed it’s true though then she felt the stirring of nerves in her body speaking of Lauren has she got a minute oh sure she’s on lunch out in the courtyard just go on through she smiled I’ll just be here pretending I’m not blushing at compliments from beautiful lesbians Andrea snorted and shared a grin with Emily before making her way down the corridor it’s the little courtyard at the back the corridor was lined with framed photos of Lauren cuddling holding or standing next to various pets their grateful owners grinning beside her she paused at one snapshot Laurens smile impossibly wide eyes twinkling as she pressed the side of her face to an outrageously ugly scale and cat Andrea smiled as she recognized tawny she stared a moment longer at the pure delight in Laurens beautiful face from drowned in the dark of her eyes Lauren finished the last bite of her sandwich crushed the paper wrapping into a ball and wedged it into the empty mug that sat him atop of the courtyard table she set forward in her chair pulling her shoulders back and stretched her arms high a voice one that Lauren recognized immediately spoke softly from the open French doors Lauren dropped her arms and turned to face Andrea hi Laurens face was impassive Andrew pulled the woolen hat off her head causing her hair to fly around hermetically she hesitated at the door touching her hat in her hands and Lauren quietly contemplated her friend how odd to see someone actually apologizing holding their hat in their hands just like the old saying andrea was noticeably exhausted pale in defiance of the wind which had tried to add color to her cheeks there were dark circles under her eyes despite all that Lauren thought Andrew was beautiful standing there in her white pullover her jeans the ones made by elves and her black boots it took all of Lauren’s willpower to not snap Andrea up in her arms and bury her face in their hair do you want to sit Loren indicated the extra chair at the table Andrea’s smile was uncertain and fleeting as she pulled the seat out and sank into it dropping her hat on tabletop her eyes dark brown and gorgeous filled with tears but Lauren held her gaze evenly I’m sorry Andrews eyes are wide her remorse clearly obvious I’m so sorry Lorne she breathes deeply trying valiantly to recover her emotions he didn’t deserve to be told that they are not together that you were she breathed that our wonderful night was was like a service agreement that was unspeakably unkind Lauren watched as Andrea swallowed heavily I was just Andrea at the sentence fade there was no excuse for what she’d done I was wrong I’m sorry I know that this doesn’t take away the hurt you feel I can’t ever take it back or undo it although I wish with all my heart I could her face had impossibly become even more pale so she twisted her hands in her lap I know it’s unlikely that you’ll forgive me for what I said and I don’t blame I do to give you Lauren’s husky voice brought Android to a halt Lauren stood up and wandered a few steps away from the table tracing the cobblestone lines with her toe and poking at the moss what Lauren Beate go by you heard me she shoved her hands into her pockets standing side onto Andrea why Lauren’s shifted to face Andrew who was sitting bolt upright clearly bewildered she paused because Oh Andrea I know why you said it that’s why Lauren had suddenly raised her voice and she brought her hands out of her pockets to cut through the air in heretic slices god Andrea I’m not going to pretend that what you said didn’t hurt because crap did it ever she started to pace and she whirled around to face Andrea but I do forgive you the voice was strained I really do because I know what you were doing when you said it Andrea leaned back in her chair and raised a trembling hand to her mouth her eyes were huge I get that your mum’s in hospital I know that’s really stressful Lauren’s hand chopped through the air like punctuation I know you work crazy stupid hours in a job you love but don’t especially like I know that your sister is a religious wait who has made your life awful she dropped her arms to aside and looked at Andrea and our night together that amazing incredible wonderful night Andrea that night we you were so present that you suddenly saw a possible future that night the very idea of an us terrified you so much so much the only way you could handle it was to push me away he basically said piss off Lauren because big emotions like these are too scary for me to handle Andrea was no longer able to contain her tears they were streaming down her cheeks her hand desperately trying to swat them away Lauren was silent watching Andrea cry with one arm wrapped around her stomach she walked to her chair pulled it around in front of Andrea and sat and reached out to hold Andrea’s hands Lauren waited until she looked up blinking away tears I know you think you’ve lost your best friend she day – Andrea crooked smile Andrea hesitated have an eye Lauren frowned and then glared no you haven’t got she rolled her eyes and lightly shook Andrews hands in their own Andrea do you want to know something I have always loved you as a best friend that’s not up for debate but here’s the thing she paused I have always been in love with you the idea of enough is mind blowing and so bloody awesome and thrills me beyond words that’s why last Friday night was amazing Andrea stared at Lauren her mouth open I’ve always loved you Andrea and now you know I’m in love with you and that hasn’t changed no matter what has happened Laurens eyes were blazing as she repeated her words her hands tightened around Andrea’s that Andrea I won’t be your buddy Andrea flipped nearly joking her hands out of Lauren’s grip I want all of you you know the whole lot she let drive and his hands I want the idea of it us but it has to be the whole shebang okay like we showed to each other on Friday but at the moment there’s no room for in us she tapped a finger on Andrea’s fired in their eye Andrea’s for his croaked and she tried again I really like the idea of a nurse as well a smile wobbled really really Lauren leaned back in his seat and crossed her arms you have to like the idea of a you first laundry another in agreement a tiny smile making its way more firmly onto her face she looked at her lap I know what you’re talking about I’m not very good at being me so how can I be good at being us but always for so low that Lauren had to strain to hear it she pointed a finger yep Andrea’s breath shuddered I can do that find me I mean like me myself I can she began slowly nodding okay she took another breath okay yes you’ve been listening to me KJ doing a reading from my novel learn to swim you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more 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