Knotted Legacy by Brenda Murphy

Hear an excerpt from Knotted Legacy by Brenda Murphy @BMurphySideshow on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast where authors and narrators give you a taste of a book with a short snippet. 

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Martha McLeod, Head Mistress of Rowan House, Skye’s most exclusive pleasure house, is heartbroken.

Frustrated and lonely after a bitter split with her lover, she departs Rowan House for Lake Como, Italy to seek solace at the feet of Madam Givernay, keeper of Martha’s deepest secret. Lake Como and Madam’s attention is the perfect balm for Martha’s broken heart, until she meets Mistress Lucia Coruso.

Captivated by Lucia’s regal elegance and cool demeanor, Martha is torn between her desire for Lucia and the fear her secret will be revealed. When an extortionist threatens to destroy Rowan House, Martha and Lucia must join forces to save it.

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you are listening to book clips a mini podcast in which authors and erasers do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book hello this is Brenda Murphy reading from my novel knotted legacy the third book in the Rowan house series in this scene Martha McLeod meets Lucia Caruso for the first time you’ve read through my instructions madam looked at Martha from over top of her glasses are the directions clear yes madam very clear Martha nodded her hands together but there is one thing out with it I don’t have time for chitchat a minute death focuses you as much as pain am I to understand you’re giving me a person Alicia Caruso Madame narrowed her eyes not giving I want you to provide a place for her she has been with me for the last 15 years I want you to provide for her Martha frowned stand but why do you think Rowan house is the right place for her Adam set back in her chair and raised her chin at Martha are you questioning my judgment no I just I’m not sure I’m the right person to be her mistress madam laughed whatever gave you the impression that’s what I intended Lucia will make her own decisions I simply want you to provide a place for her to live my house and give Renee reverts to my niece Lucia inherits the bulk of my estate here everyone else will share in what’s left after the sale of the house they have families to return to if they choose Yonex ends with me but for those who have developed a taste for what we’ve had here there are very few places to go Lucia has no family Rowen house will be perfect for her what if she doesn’t want to go Skye is a far cry from Lake Como and our clientele tents desire more physical forms of entertainment Martha sipped our coffee has she agreed to your plan madam pursed her lips her eyes dark she will just as you will she exhale forcefully and sank back in her chair she waved her hand over the documents any more of my decisions you want to question chastised Martha bowed her head no madam she placed her cup on the table I’ll do as you ask mistress she’ll have a place at Rouen house for as long as she desires I will provide for her as she requests a sharp rap at the door made them both look up and a woman entered the room Lucia Caruso this is Martha McLeod madam set back in her chair Lucia recently returned from Japan she rested her hands in her lap a half smile on her face as she observed them Madam’s demeanor as she watched them race the hairs on martha’s arms woman who stood before her was as tall as Martha her thick dark brown shoulder-length hair hung and loose curls about her face and brush the tops of her broad shoulders her skin was medium brown she was dressed in black trousers and a sharply tailored white shirt the top three buttons of the shirt were unfastened giving Martha an unfettered view of her collarless neck an ample cleavage Martha caught herself staring and forced herself to look into Lucia’s face her eyes were a bright blue green Lucia looked into Martha’s eyes and inclined her head Madame has told me so much about you Martha the cool edge and her voice cut through Martha’s fog and she extended her hand it’s a pleasure to meet you Martha caught the delicate scent of Lucius perfume sandalwood and jasmine a subtle blend of spice and sweet who she took her hand and squeezed hard her grip firm she kept her gaze on Martha’s eyes and you as well the effect of her touch in the hard edge to her voice had Martha clenching her jaw she returned the friend grip and her sharp gaze Lucia let go of Martha’s Han and turned to face Madame I take changed your mind madam she pressed her lip you want me to go with she nodded towards Martha her it was the disdain in her voice and the failure to use an honorific that set off the mistress and Martha madam snapped her fingers come here Lucia the shallower into her chest and walked over to Madam’s chair she sank to her knees madam reached out and grabbed her chin you will not disrespect her she was making subs beg for her touch when you were in grade school she released her and lucious sat back on her heels it is my final wish for you to go to Rowan house what transpires after you were there is your business I won’t be here to care lucious lip quivered for a moment before she firmed her mouth yes madam her voice was soft the tone one of respect Martha watched not speaking waiting for madam to signal the meeting was over madam fisted her hand and Lucius shirt and pulled her faced within inches of her own eyes to me they should raised her head you came to me and asked for my ownership I didn’t force it on you trust me now honor my request I will summon you to return here when I need you to attend me again she pressed a rough kiss to her cheek and released her shirt she looked away from Lucia a fine tremor shook Madam’s hand she picked up the small hand doll by her chair and rang it once gia entered the room take me to my room gia assisted her to stand martha waited trying to make sense of what had taken place between madame and Lucia madam glared at martha her eyebrow raised and her gaze hard daring martha to speak Martha looked away mistress and watched from under her lashes as madam walked from the room her fingers wrapped around Gia’s arm her head high leaving behind the force of her will Lucia remained kneeling her head bowed her hand resting on her cheek where Madame had kissed her Martha waited until Lucia rose she kept her head down as she turned away from Martha and left the room closing the door softly Martha walked to the window and looked out at the garden beasts hovered over the late September blooms a riot of orange and yellow she chewed her lip as she replayed her meeting with Lucia and Madame what the hell of I agreed to this is trouble she’s trouble and beautiful what am I going to do what are you up to Madame this has been Brenda Murphy reading from my novel knotted legacy you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information