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Sheena is joined by Kitty McIntosh to discuss the list that was released on – TLR’s 55 Most Reread Books. In this episode, Kitty talks about her selection of books.

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The Way You Smile by Kiki Archer

Publisher: Indie Author

Audio: No


Real life doesn’t play out like a movie. Electric connections mostly mean you’ve got static in your jumper. Camila Moore knows that; she’s not daft. She has two teenage boys and bills to pay, plus the only man she’s ever been with has traded her in for a gym bunny.

Returning to work’s the answer, but when she finds herself in the wrong room, wrong place at the wrong time, the last thing she expects is to be promoted out of obscurity into the arms of Harriet Imogen Pearson, media darling, hotshot entrepreneur and notorious lesbian playgirl.

Camila can’t believe it; she’s an ordinary woman, nothing special – in her view – so what’s Harriet’s motivation? What’s her end game?

Are Camila’s feelings just infatuation or is it real life love?

Kiki Archer is the mistress of chick-lit romance for women of all ages and inclinations.

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Courting The Countess by Jenny Frame

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Audio: Narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent


Professor of Archeology Henrietta “Harry” Knight becomes Countess of Axedale upon her father’s death and takes a sabbatical from Cambridge University to begin refurbishing the long-neglected and run-down Axedale Hall. The child of a loveless marriage, witness to her father’s infidelities and her mother’s pain, Harry has no intention of ever falling in love.

Annie Brannigan is a survivor, remaining positive through hardships. As an agency housekeeper, she moves from post to post with her daughter Riley, taking care of people who have everything she will never have. Annie’s greatest wish is to find her happy ever after, but she fears this dream will never come true.

Can love restore the countess’s heart and the crumbling Axedale Hall, or will the foundations of love turn to dust at the first challenge?

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US, Canada and Germany

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welcome you are listening to a special episode of TLR podcast in the series we are talking to the reviewers who brought you tlrs 55 most reread books each episode breaks down the list into specific favorites for that reviewer you can find more reviews and based of lists on the lesbian lucam I’m Sheena and I’m joined today by kitchen McIntosh did I pronounce that correctly yes you did yeah perfectly yes kitchen has joined us relatively recently on TLR she’s got her own book blog which she reviews and I love her reviews and I managed to persuade her I feel pretty chuffed about this to come and review for us as well and so this is the first time she’s doing a podcast with me so it’s a great pleasure kitty let’s talk today about rereads what makes you come back to a book again and again if it’s something that makes me feel quite emotional or makes me laugh makes me cry then I’m more likely to come back to it and the two books that I have chosen certainly did that and the author’s Kiki Archer and Janey frame are authors that I really enjoy reading and I’ve read a lot of their books and I decided to choose one from each of them for the rereads books that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and one of them has made me laugh so much and even rereading it I still laugh at the same things and find them hilarious and the jenny frame book that I chose I just love her books are so good and I think she rates the best witches in the business and every book that have read by her she or with us such good butch characters and that I really appreciate we didn’t that so that’s why I have chosen those I completely agree so the first one is the way you smile by kiki Archer Archer is geniuses comedic situations for her characters this book is no exception to that the way you smile I think it’s my favorite keiki Arabic because it is the funniest thing I have ever read and I just cannot stop laughing at it and there’s one particular scene in it and a boots a short which is like a chemist the drugstore and that sales makeup it has the funniest scene I have ever read and however many times I read that scene I still laugh out loud and it’s she’s a genius I don’t know how she does it but she’s me she’s a funny lady to meet when you meet her she’s really nice and really funny and she gets that one the peach as well and I really appreciate that you want to give us a synopsis what’s it about well it’s about a mum of teenagers who decides to go back to work and when she splits up with her partner who has gone off with someone else and it’s all about getting back into the world of work and she’s certainly not expecting to meet the love of her life but she does and it’s someone she would never expect because she was with a man before but she’s just so drawn to this character when she meets her the situation’s are hilarious but they’re also very real and I could really identify with a lot of the things and and this character it was so so funny she even drove the same car as I did when I was reading it and I thought this is so funny and she just gets she gets people she really does that’s just what stands out for me in her books and especially in this one because I have teenagers myself and I could really appreciate Lords of the things that she was writing about in this story so that’s why I chose this book this book if I recall correctly this one has the best first date I’ve ever read with the butterflies my favorite scene was actually the one and Boots the Chemist where they’re the second character the high-flying businesswoman who’s also always like perfectly turned out and with really expensive claws ends up and a static cling tracksuit and realizes that it is clinging to all the wrong places and it’s very embarrassing so they go into this chemist to get some hair spray to spray I had to try and get rid of the static cling and end up sticking this this is the canvas breathing down the trousers and get caught by someone and it’s that absolutely hilarious situation and I actually read again this morning that scene and I still can’t start laughing it is really really funny but that is definitely my favorite scene in the whole book it’s just it’s all real and the characters are very real so I agree it’s a delightful book so if you are looking for something funny and lights with some serious chemistry and much witticism then this is a great book to go to thank you for being an awesome listen and supporting tools the channel that brings you all the podcasts you want to hear you’re listening to talk find more podcasts on the Lisbon talk show calm okay so your next one is quitting the contest by Ginny frame which is also on one of my rereads list because this book is phenomenal yeah I love this book and I could have chosen all three of them and the series but I chose this one because it’s the first and introduces us to the village of axe deal and if you go to axe deal once you want to go back again so it’s absolutely fantastic and it starts off with them Harry who is like the the lady of the manor comes home after her father dies and she has to do up the stately home which is in a state of disrepair and ends up hiring this woman and she has a child that the woman has a child and she’s had he’s very sort of graph and grumpy but Annie manages to get through to her and it’s there’s something just crates of delightful but the whole story and also the fact that she makes the same character strong one and the butch characters the one who’s like the wind ‘red soul and needs some went to to save her and to make her life complete and I think that really works and she always manages to do something different with our butch characters and this is what really appealed to me about that story but I think if you read this one then you’re definitely going to want to read the next two because there that is good though I always think one is amazing and I read the next one and I think is even better and the third one is even better so if I could recommend our series it would definitely be this series but starting with this one the characters are just so endearing and I think that I don’t imagine anyone not loving this series it’s wonderful and the first one really got to me so I really enjoyed it and I definitely recommend it absolutely I think any who’s the housekeeper is one of the nicest sweetest most delightful human beings I’ve ever read about in fiction she’s just one of those really lovely characters she is and she manages to to charm everyone and I think that it’s so unexpected to see how he changed the way she does and I think the people of the village find it quite amazing the deference Center and I think everyone in the village loves Arnie by the end of the story I also enjoy the fact that when you go on to the next stories you you get to see them and those stories too and I think it just works so well and I just loved Jenny Freeman books wonderful I agree you touched on this very briefly but Jenny frame writes her butch characters with such diversity and such nuances and such skill that I don’t know if there’s another author analyst Vic that does it as well as frame no I don’t think there is I think she tends to sort of see them in a different way she always makes them a bit more vulnerable she obviously loves Butch’s ourself you can see that because the way she writes them I’ve never read a anyone doing that like that before and I think Hardy had he’s a great character and once you get to know you see through the gruff exterior and you see that she’s actually really sweet and lovely and I think it’s are very different we have rating a butch character and I think she’s got that alter safe journey for him no one else does it like that no I agree with that and I was actually writing a review this morning for another Jenny brand book and I was thinking to myself you know I can pick up any one of Jenny frames books and I’ve read every single one of them so far and there’s yet to be one that disappoints me I just love everything she writes yeah I love the the werewolf books are excellent as well I’ve loved doors though when you’re reading at the moment is the next on my review list so I’m going to get to that this week so I look forward to starting that and I know it will be great because they’ve all been so wonderful and I really want to know what happens next and that’s particular story anyway because I loved the first one so can’t wait to get to that one frame I was chatting somebody else about Jenny for him and my philosophy about her books is she writes like a modern fairy tale yeah that’s true yeah she definitely does there’s always the hero and but the heroes never who you think is gonna be it’s always slightly turned on its head so I think she’s very clever and how she does that and I think that’s why she appeals to so many people because it’s is very different and I can’t wait for the next one yeah it’s also lovely that she includes like a range of UK characters because we don’t see a lot of diversity day yeah that is interesting and although she’s Scottish like me she doesn’t always write Scottish characters she does English characters as well yeah I think Ellie I like that I like having something different there’s up there’s a lot of books set in the US and I love them too but sometimes you just want something about different you want a different culture to read about you want to find out about how different people live and I really appreciate that and I love how she she gets the small English in village perfectly she’s you can just imagine everything about it when she read in our books she’s just wonderful I can always desperately a wheat the next book that she puts so all right where can people find you online if they want to hook up with you because they’ve listened to this podcast and they’ve decided you are awesome and you know your stuff when it comes to books right well I review for the lesbian review obviously I also have my own review essay I’ve been doing for a few years I’d say Cathy Katz book review blog and you’ll also get me on Twitter at Cathy cat author and you’ll find me on Facebook as Cathy McIntosh so anyone wants to get in touch she’ll get me in any of those places and I love to hear from people I’ll add links in the show notes for those of you who went a quick and easy way to click through and do connect Kitty is amazing to follow and she’s always reading something interesting thank you so much for joining me today thank you for having me she night was lovely to speak to you thank you for tuning in to the special TLR podcast series where we have been chatting about our favorite rereads to support the work TLR and tilt adieu please make sure to use our by links for Amazon or become a patron using our buy links gives us a small Commission on purchases you make on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking the link becoming a patron means you get exclusive content