Kilbirnie Scotland: The Night Dusty Played by Kitty McIntosh

Hear the first chapter of Kilbirnie Scotland The Night Dusty Played by Kitty McIntosh @KittyKatAuthoron on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast that gives listeners a taste of a book.

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Small-town Scotland in the sixties is not the place for a woman to love another woman – especially one of a different religion.

It’s 1964 and Patty’s life revolves around Saturday nights and the big-name acts that come to play in her small Scottish town. Anything to keep her mind off her day job working in the local mill making fishing nets. She’s yet to find love, however hard she tries to find the local fellas attractive.  Meeting a woman at one of the concerts makes her realise she’s been looking in all the wrong places.

Frankie’s a bit of a tomboy and works hard by day and follows her local football team at the weekends. Sometimes she finds time for the gigs in nearby Kilbirnie, especially when the chart-topping bands are due to play. Her mother assures her she’ll find ‘the one’ and settle down – but Frankie knows that won’t happen – and why. Until one night she meets a woman who takes her breath away.

Will they be able to be together in a society where the rules are supposed to be obeyed – and loving a woman – a Protestant one at that – means breaking them all?

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you are listening to book clubs a mini podcast in which authors and erasers do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book hi I’m Katie McIntosh and I’ll be doing a reading from my short novel Coburn Lee Scotland the knight dusty plead it’s the story of two young women in 1964 who tried to find a way to be together when same-sex relationships were a no-no the fact that they’re from different religious backgrounds doesn’t help either the story alternates from each character’s point of view party 1964 just5more Menace I can’t keep my eyes off the huge clock on the far wall of the factory floor as soon as the hooter stones I’m off out of here the weekend starts and I can leave the smell of fishing nets and the noise of the machines behind me for two whole days Kathy Kirby is playing at the Walker hall Tamura Nate so for once my mother wouldn’t complain it’s not easy being a part of the swinging sixties for a good Catholic girl but she thinks the Sun shines out of Kathy Kirby’s arse although if I hear secret love blasting from the record player one more time I’ll scream I can’t wait till the end of the summer and Dusty Springfield is just a play the place will be packed I’ll need to drag Maggie so early that night to be at the front of the ticket Lane I love Dusty Springfield so there’s no way I’m missing that concept the blast from the hotel pulls me out of my daydream one that involves a beehive and panda eyes and the sultry voice I’ve ever heard max appears at my shoulder pulling on her heavy green pea coat arm and arm we walk along the Main Street passing the various departments of the coop and struggling without success to keep dry we arrive at 8:00 as hair salon and ahead by a blast of hot Ian hairspray it seems like every girl in town has beaten us to it as all the hair dryers are in use half a dozen B highs drying off under the hoods we take a seat and we start on reading the latest gossip mags that have been left lying for customers to pass the time I love this part of the week but the time I leave here I’ll have the hairstyle that has to last me all week I’ve got a head scarf in my bag to keep it from blowing out or getting away on the way home then mags and I will go to her place and do her nails and we’re all set for the weekend Frankie at last five o’clock I’ve been bent over this table for the past two hours and my shoulders are killing me I sometimes wonder if getting a French polishing apprenticeship was such a good idea I roll my shoulders and have a good stretch to try and get the kinks out I can’t wait to get home and have a long soak in the bath I love afraid innate fashion chips from the chippy reading a book in the bath and I nearly night then exhale full edit immortal I’ve got the match in the afternoon and then if I get back in time and they out at the Walker hall and Nicole Burnley I’ll get the third degree once I get back from mum have I met a fail oh I know I know why not but I’m not about to tell her yet maybe ever she wouldn’t understand Patti open that door I want to get ready the dulcet tones of sherry my younger sister by 11 months and unfortunately my roomie reverberates throughout the house with sex other siblings there was no way I was ever going to get peace to Teta vite myself and I had been lucky enough there was enough hot water for a bath a reality I’d managed to keep my hair whale out of the water thankfully so no it was just my makeup to do and I’d be off for a night of music and dancing and I shared it to help with that she might be annoying as hell and with enough sass and attitude for 10 sisters but she had a talent with makeup and dress making that I could never hope to achieve she’s already dolled up her eyes caked and cold and wearing the tinniest many dress I’ve ever seen oneth she’s going to get past my mother with that or when I do it no come on I do enough long I’m meeting Terry for a drink before the Walker home yet another boyfriend she seemed to have a new one every week me I have tried but to tell the truth I don’t know what all the fuss is about Frankie looking in the mirror I’m happy enough I know I’m not feminine and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been mistaken for a boy while wearing my work overalls I don’t see the point in wearing a dress I look ridiculous it just doesn’t feel right so I’ve bought black pedal pushers I can get away with that if Audrey Hepburn can I’d rather wait a suit-and-tie like the Beatles but I’d get lynched in this tone dressing like that the grandfather clock in the living room straight 7 I’ve got 10 minutes to make it to the bus stop grabbing my handbag from the hook by the door I sprinted and managed to make it just before the boss kills ode there’s not a spare seat to be had every young person in the garnet Valley seems to be heading to the same place the bus conductress cranks the handle of the ticket machine one insect she says I hand over the coins and raced against a pool catching my breath and hoping the run to the bus stop hasn’t left me too sweaty and unkempt party mags and I eventually get to the front of the queue I’ve been standing at the flaking green pain on the ticket booth for the past half hour as we inch closer to the window I was worried we’d be too late and wouldn’t get in tickets tops in hand we make our way to the ladies loose and stake a place in front of the Miller’s her beehives have survived the journey and two-tone makeup still plastered to her faces caked on and unlikely to move Shelly made a great job of my eyes but the call is making them itch like kale come on I want near the front my ex isn’t a hottie she wants to be right at the stage when those fail is playing she likes to give them the eye and I know for a fact she had off with one of the guitarists from a well known band last month naming no names from the Beck hole I can hear the music starting light mags most of the girls rushed to the front of the stage the fail is hanging back trying to look cool and not wanting to admit to lie King Kathy chirpy she’s standing in the middle of the stage a spotlight cell awaiting her against the dark blue stage cuttin her band are dressed and tight black suits a contrast to the virginal white taffeta and soaked dress she wears as the first notes of secret love fill the room the girls scream droning out the music my mom wants a blow-by-blow account of the performance I’ve been listening to her singer all week and I’ve had enough I prefer the daughter’s D version for some reason more heartfelt the heat of the room is getting to me and I’ve had my toys tried annoying three times already I need to get out of the crowd and cool down mags has made it perfectly clear she’s not moving but if I don’t move I’ll pass out I made my way to the back of the hole and feigned I’m not the only one fainting it’s stifling a girl who looks up at my age is leaning against the wall calm and apparently unfazed by the whole occasion she’s tall and fat looking wearing black trousers and a crisp white blouse turned up at the caller nothing like any of the other girls here she looks straight at me green eyes catching my attention she doesn’t look away and it would normally be uncomfortable but for some reason I’m mesmerized the first song finishes and the few seconds of silence compelled me to see something you’re feeling the heat to I it’s a bit close in here but I prefer to stand back anyway the smell of cheap aftershave and Brylcreem in night crowd is not appealing I know that she has a local accent but I can’t remember seeing her here before but people come from all over to these corn sauce she could be from Glasgow or ear for all I know I hold out my hand to her I’m party I’m here with my pal mags but she’s up front and she’s not for shafting I doubt we’ll see her for the rest of the night Frankie nice to meet you she takes my hand and our drape is strong and confident I look up and our eyes meet again and this time I feel as if my stomach has been invaded by butterflies what is that all about Frankie it’s 11 o’clock already and the band are packing up the night has gone end so quickly I’ve been talking to this girl for hours and I don’t want it to end here I can’t even remember much about the music all I know is that I can’t keep my eyes off her can she tell I feel tingly all over and quite breathless she seems oblivious but what do I know I’ve never felt anything remotely like this ever I noticed her looking over in the corner your pal seems to have found herself a lad I see par for the course with mags were you planning and walking on together yes but it doesn’t look like that will be happening now I’ll be fine it’s only ten minutes up the road I can’t wait you do that you don’t know who’s hanging about with the drink in them and they define my excuse to be with her a little longer you have been listening to me Keti McIntosh doing a reading from my short novel called Burnley Scotland the night dusty plead you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and buy links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information