KD Williamson Talks Fix-it Fanfic

KD Williamson Talks Fix-it Fanfic on Les Do Books with Tara

In this episode, author KD Williamson is back to talk about fix-it fics—AKA, fan fiction that rights the wrongs that happened in the original show/game/movie/etc, whether it’s queerbaiting, burying gays, or more.

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hi I’m Tara and welcome to les do books email me at tara@thelesbianreview.com with any questions or comments would come join our Facebook group so SP interview book club I am really excited because KD Williamson is back today she is the author of five lesbian books including the popular cops and dark series the latest in the series is drawing a line which is out everywhere from elephant publishing and it’s even recently been released an audio and is narrated by the amazing Abby Craden welcome KD so you and I got to chatting recently and we came up with an idea for this podcast you want to share a little bit about what that is well after we struggled for about a month or so to figure it out we decided to do fits it thick which i think is an excellent excellent you know subject because I talked about it actually in one of my books so so for people who aren’t familiar what is fix it fix it swear okay like for instance I know not everybody plays video games or anything like that but I think good you know bit of the lesbian community is familiar with Mass Effect 3 where Shepard dies at the end and from there spawned a shitload of Sam fiction where they changed the ending to where she is or you know or like if people have seen the 100 and it’s a dies in season 3 so there have been people who have redone season 3 and fanfic where she doesn’t die and she just goes on and they live their best life so to speak but the person they were involved with so its various kingdoms I think that do that and I would even say it doesn’t even have to be a death it can be where you have that character of Mary offs took you know a man when when they had subtext between two zlk you know as we typically call you know kind of burry your gay type situations or you know just kind of dragging us along to make us like just watch the show so it can be applied to that scenario as well and as we know various shows have done that so we have once upon a time we have Rizzoli and Isles warehouse 13 they’ve done it – oh my god what’s show handsome really you know well I think even Will and Grace recently did it with Karen there was some stuff about how she got a girlfriend and it’s Samara Wylie and I’ve heard about that yeah and like all the queer ladies online got so excited and then they walked it back and she said no I’m straight I’m not bisexual and so hopefully there’s gonna be some fanfic that fixes that – oh my god it reminds me every time I hear about something like that there was this movie I saw a couple of years ago called love story have you ever heard of it I don’t know maybe it starts off with these two best friends reconnect you know through some circumstance I can’t remember the circumstances and they kind of start gravitating toward each other and they become a couple for a little bit of time then one of them has to go back to where she lives and they just kind of lose contact and so then one of them gets is getting married and so years later she contacts a friend that she used to have sex with and says you know I want you to come to my weddings and so she comes to the wedding and it’s just like all this angst about you know what didn’t you call me you didn’t call me and it and how it ends up is that she just gets married no there’s just no point I mean it was just no point in it I mean you know yes she was bisexual we called that but I didn’t get what the whole point of the movie was it was just like just to kind of drag you alone and make you watch it to a point I think you just kind of at the end you just kind of go like okay so yeah I mean there’s the media really lets us down and its really frustrating sometimes you know as queer women to watch media and we think like yes finally we’re gonna get that positive representation and sometimes it comes through but often it doesn’t and thank goodness for all the tireless fanfic authors out there so do you have some examples that you want to share yes I have been I used to be a huge fan of once upon a time the first few seasons it was I thought all this is a very creative show there’s so many ways that you go with it as innovative and the two female leads you know Emma and Regina had such great chemistry and it was just so much heat and and the staring you don’t know there’s gotta be something underneath there I mean I don’t know many people that get that close to each other and you can you can just feel the chemistry between them and so that’s an example of queerbaiting you know and that’s an example of you know the producers and the directors saying oh all that was incidental you know we didn’t mean to do that after they had gained a huge lesbian following I mean huge so for about I want to say the first three seasons maybe four it was kind of back and forth back and forth you know like you know just them being in each other’s space you know that kind of thing and the eye-fucking and you know all kinds of things it was just crazy and so from that just spawned fantasy and so and after a point everybody started getting boyfriends and even the stars were saying you know no no their true love is Robin Hood the true love is I should get belly flop fire or or it was hook or whoever whatever it you know so people got pissed and the show got abandoned big time and I know it did you know for quite a while and by the end of the show I think the viewership was completely down and not many people are watching that at all but it’s fun a hell of a lot of fanfare I mean very good fancy and some of my favorite Weider’s and that in that Sandom is a sapphire smoke anything by her is it’s this stupendous she creates this really good chemistry between Emma and Regina there’s some angst that kind of sweetens the pot so to speak it’s if she really has it going really well and then like the miss the sexual chemistry is great the stories are great they have a nice edge too so it’s not sort of saying if are hard so to speak she’s kind of I would say Megan O’Brien on acid oh yeah yeah some of this that good okay yeah so yeah I’m saying that you know how I feel about making a Brian so so yeah it’s really good yeah I say and I’m not even gonna give you a particular story I’m just gonna say anything buy her anything and I think she’s written in a couple other fandoms too but my favorite that she’s written in is once upon a time so she just does everything just like they um it’s just perfect and there’s a there’s a particular story called a phases of the Moon and I think she only is like those a couple of stories is by wall-e one that’s an incredible story as well it’s it’s kind of an alternative tight story where Emma is like she’s strict it’s still in the same you know universe but it’s a little different between the characters I think Emma is a stripper or she’s stripping to make money or something and it just kind of takes off from there but it’s an interesting story and again it has some angst this is not over the top but it’s really good and so it’s so both of those writers has some of our favorite tropes I was saying you know you got dominant versus submissive you know all submissive you got a stripper ho dynamic and then there’s one that has a college professor student you know it’s really good about miss kennel oh that’s I would say that’s my favorite story in in the fandom if I were to talk about all the ones I’ve read I’ve come back to that one probably time and time again and I think the last time I wrote it I’m afraid it was maybe six or seven months ago it’s called butterfly effect though that’s my favorite one and I’m giving all these title because I want people to go freedom but if you don’t know what if you don’t like them you can you know email and fuss at me about it or you can email me and say oh my god Katie you were so right that was great you know so easy you’re the one you want to do but those are mine like top three I mean I’ve read a bunch of other stuff when I had the time to do it but those are those are my top three and I’ve read that one we were talking about earlier about called it about coalition girl that was really good support even anything yes coalition girl is great the thing that I love about fanfic is that when I go to take a break from my review list because as people probably know I review a lot at the lesbian review and a little bit of a couple of other places and sometimes I don’t feel like writing 500 words about something when I’m done reading it and I can go to our kyv of our own and I can say as I did that day I feel like reading a coffee shop story that has two women in it and it brought up a once upon the time story and I was like hmm I have watch this show I really like this story so then I shout silly winter who I know was pretty big in the fandom at that point and she was like well you have to start with coalition girl and so I did and all my is she ever wonderful so the one story that you were just referencing in case other people want to check it out is called send up a signal that everything’s fine I am going to try and find links for all these stories that we’re talking about and put them in the show notes for people that don’t feel like clicking that’s what it’s called if you go to our cup of our own if you look up coalition girl and you sort her stories by kudos that’s gonna be the one at the very top oh and it’s so good it is is so like and to give us an OPS Asst it’s you know you have Emma and Regina playing actresses on the show so it’s not a real people think per se but it’s kind of like it’s that there’s a little bit meta I mean you know because they’re actually playing you know the actresses from the show so that’s what makes it kind of you know a little more interesting as well you get kind of lost in there but it’s really well done and the characterizations you know go a little deeper so I like that and it’s almost one hundred and twenty thousand words so if you’re looking for like a real novel length sink into for the weekend that’s gonna be a really good choice for you yeah and most of the stories that I’ve read in the Once Upon a Time famed them are nice and long because I like you know every once a while you want to read a good thought doesn’t work when you know when you got a few minutes but you want to you know read the ones that have meat to it and everything you know so you can just sit there and just go okay I’m gonna be up to four am remiss because I can’t put it down yeah it’s true so what is kind of your next example that you wanted to share this is another show you haven’t seen but if you ever decide and I think you’ll be very happy about it because it has all kinds of stuff the 100 now I don’t have to say what happened there because I think everybody knows what happened in season 3 and that kind of spawned a movement that you know that actually as an example I mean you have flex akan and then started because of what happened so a lot of the things came out of that even though you know we were all hurt you know by that that whole incidents you know so it is also spawned a lot of shame a lot of good fanfare but I have two favorites out of all that I’ve read because there’s a lot of a you type fanfic that goes with that show and I tend to like the more the stuff that sticks with cannon you know that’s just write off the show it has the same characters the same circumstances there’s a few people who completely rewrote season three then it kind of started from the beginning and went all the way to the end and Beyond and V Marquette everybody else with Andy is I mean everybody has no baby it’s gonna help wrote a really really good story it is fucking five hundred thousand words but it’s an excellent it is insane it is just like she’ll laugh about it if you ask her about it she laughs about it she’s just cute monster and I couldn’t stop writing it and she had the best time right in it so this was she said but it’s called grounded and it’s a complete rewrite of season three and it’s just just the way it was doing it it didn’t have it’s an adult type story I want to say and I don’t mean adult in the conventional sense I mean it’s it’s more you can tell that a mature person wrote it I guess you could say not to you know say anything about you know the younger people aren’t into saying them that are writing but you can I don’t know it’s like she wrote them as equals as adults it was none of that you know that bullshit you get with oh did you like me and I’ll cheat over anything you know any of that crap it was just it’s just there you know when something happened they communicated they talked about it you know when they figured out their attraction they addressed it I mean it was just like it wasn’t any of that dragging along stuff now it is so burn but it’s the best kind of so far you know it’s where they kind of build a friendship and you know repair what was broken when when the friendship kind of went sideways so if he goes from there you know and it hits all those little beads and by the end of it you’re just like oh and even though it’s fun for it that’s the words you don’t want it to eat you don’t want it to him now I’m from what I understand she is eventually gonna do a follow up to it for what I understand so this was allowed me yeah and she has some other fanfic that’s associated with the 100 some of I think the other stuff is ain’t you though but that’s still good as well she has a nice little fluffy fancy from the 100 that she can’t remember the name of it because I haven’t had a chance to read at all but that one’s good is we’re offering like maybe half of it but that one’s really good and the other person that I really like charm poet and I think everybody knows her but KL Hughes oh yeah she did not burn love yes the effect within was yeah that’s upon a time yes it was yeah so she was big in that fandom and I think she’s pretty big in the 102 so she has one story to stick stuck out for me it’s called this heart fossilized and silent which is the interest in title it must have come from somewhere maybe it’s from a lot of poetry or something like it’s a Guinness or retelling of season three or it picks up somewhere in season three and it kind of diverges from everything that happened on the show but it’s really well written and it’s it’s beautifully written it’s a lot of exposition but I think it’s well done so those are my two favorites out of everything I’ve read it so an Emmy and I’ve read a lot but those are my two favorites okay yeah like and like terrorists say that the ends you’ve gotta find a link so everybody can enjoy as well and I mean if you can’t I’ll be more than happy to email them to you for you yeah well you can also email them to me and then I can you go yeah yeah quiz I don’t mind everybody write me and know that’s gonna be a lot of UMS yes a lot of emails you’re listening to the lesbian talk-show the lesbians all choke on your hub of podcast information what other fandoms did you were there any other phantoms then again I know you’ve never watched warehouse 13 I think you will like the show I liked our God before Jamie Murray came on there no Jamie Murray is right oh my god Terry you need to look her up meet you done you can look her but typically what she does she comes on the show she gains it up really good and then she dies I know there’s no I know but there’s some ETA I back you do not she was the name of this show Spartacus have you ever heard you heard this so when you see lawless I tried watching Spartacus who was a little too violent but it was actually one of like if you want to talk about one of the heartbreaks of Neil’s life it was what happened to the lead actor from that show like he loves that show and he loved that actor oh yeah it was so he was I mean and I know it’s it’s one of those weird things right like we get we get attached to celebrities and so and you never know which one is gonna really hit you and when they die but like I was yeah yes yes it was so I saw some of it but was like I got it was too it was too violent for me yeah but it’s just like if you can get past that I’m a game of Thrones fan so you know yeah I can get past that just a drama and the story involved in it show but the very first it was a prequel to the actual show of Spartacus it was a Rico season with Lucy Lawless and Jamie Murray so she what she did get it up and if she was murdered so but that’s that’s what she does and uh she appeared on warehouse 13 HG Wells which was a nice little slip because you know everybody who’s athd Wells is so they did a nice little slip I commend them for it you know I’m gonna cause that was very nice so and immediately there was chemistry between HD and mica who was one of the agents in the warehouse who were responsible for looking for these artifacts and that changed history or affected people in some way and bringing it back to the warehouse so there was immediate chemistry which the actresses themselves talked about how they kind of fade into and how they would have loved you know if if of the writers explored that option of them being together you know and it was almost as if they were kind of sort of uh so I mean there was those arguments that maybe they were and you know and it was just so subtle but what happened with that is she was she appeared on the show she was a good guy or she appeared to be a good guy she’s not being a bad guy did she end up being a good guy and then she died oh but then she came back what yeah yeah then she came back and when it comes when it comes around to it when she came back they ended up I think it was at the height of the popularity of the HG and Myka of sand see again you know the this justice Anne’s being crazy about them and how they below two cons and you know and asked him about all that kind of stuff it was at the height of their popularity and they brought HD back from from there they rewind time and brought her back and then I a the second episode she came back they kind of retired her in a way with a man and a little girl yeah and yeah which is you know whatever but it so is just like you know just to kind of dump that chemistry or whatever they just kind of dumped it right there you know and they got rid of it and at the end of the series it was Myka and her partner Pete who ended up together so they counter yeah they really dropped the ball with it but doing all that it spawned a lot of saying sick sick sick sick when uh when she died you know a lot of physical so uh I had some favorites in Jay Duncan which she does she writes professionally as well I’m sure everybody knows who she is but she got her started fanfic she’s written for my god Glee I think she did some once upon a time if I remember correctly I don’t know and that she thought she did a few warehouser she did Lost Girl as well she did she had a assist a few stories in warehouse 13 I thought was really good it’s called the home series it’s just a series of short stories that kind of they all go together and they kind of meld together and like a beautiful collage I mean is it’s just like oh it’s like after you read on this is like it’s like having a Snickers bar or something like we get hungry you’re just kind of eating you’re just like okay how does a good snack you know so she’s really headed up and there’s a story by gain ism spelled exactly how it sound called accidental tourist it’s a long story it’s very involved it involves time travel science murder intrigue heads at all you know it has it I had some humor so it’s a hodgepodge of things and it’s really really well it’s one of my favorites as well we I think I’m trying to pronounce her thing right-wing mammal has some good stuff its wing underscore mammal she has some really good stuff Bradley it’s Jim buck who I think everybody will remember from the Buffy fanfic universe so she was very prolific in and Buffy so but she she did Buffy she did a True Blood she did uh she’s done the party and I think she has some she has some really good twine same thing too with Alice and Bella really good stuff but she brought a few really good warehouse arcane movies movies I’m sorry stories and here’s my surprise you remember that story I found with Andy and Miranda buy space much you’re not not the second one the first one that was really good yeah we were like oh my god yeah the first one was great yeah cause I thought was it the second one that was called pier shores yeah that was really inks in that story was fucking painful yeah it was really well written it was really well written but like I actually experienced pain because of the level of eggs yeah yeah yeah she and I haven’t read it so it could be anxious well but she wrote a warehouse 13 story called changing the rules so I was like oh oh my god so I put it in my bookmarks you know to what I can get to it I’m gonna go back and read it it’s like a bit nestorius so I’m kind of curious about that one but I know she writes really well but yeah any and there’s there’s just so much to read and those fandoms you know and you know that people could get lost there is somebody on Twitter they called it I’m not going down that rabbit hole and it is it’s like you read one and you start searching like oh my god that was so good can I find some more you know you know I’m pretty sure pretty soon you you’re reading everything good mediocre and back this is because yeah I want to just be inundated with it and you know so I think it’s a good thing so but I think this where those are my big three where you know with a lot of fictive besides Mass Effect mm-hmm Mass Effect there there is a lot of it and weird we were chatting about this before we started recording but a great place to go to if you want mass effect fixate effect is rady Magda yes because she’s written so much mass awesome and Shepard doesn’t die no she does so that your heart will not have to remain broken I remember like I was heartbroken by the end of that game and it lasted for probably two or three years and it actually was her fanfic that fixed it for me and that’s just for me that that’s just how it ends I ignore I don’t care what Bioware says my ending includes little blue babies oh thank you yeah Shepard yeah bird you know the whole cast going on going on around you know walking toward the sunset together you know nobody dies or whatever yeah it was out there was devastating to me too because I was an ended and ashamed of mass effect you know series video games and when a third one came out I got the I paid the $90 for the little extras and everything you get to with it I mean 90 bucks okay that’s a lot yeah you know and I was so happy to play it and I got toward the end and I’m like okay you know because it was just the whole game the whole that started the game was just so somber and I had in the back of my mind how is this gonna play out this doesn’t sound good something’s gonna happen and sure enough when I get it in in I just kind of said they’re kind of like in my book of between the lines I think the first chapter where Haley is introduced she’s doing the exact same she she swayed yeah just getting to the end and she’s just sitting there looking at the screen cuz she just can’t believe what happened and I think I did the exact same thing she did I was just like what the fuck I was like oh my god I cannot believe this happen it was just I was just like I didn’t have anybody to call at 3:00 a.m. to you know complain about it but I was in hurt I was just like no this character I created you know and I mean and she was you know badass all the way you know she wasn’t a Paragon at all but I didn’t do Paragon thing no I didn’t I wanted to see what she would do you know I like the little smartass thing she said you know on the other side so I tried to keep it you know therefore but it did hurt and I went to you know and I didn’t even know same shit was a thing for mass effect at that time and I don’t even I even will see you who they people made a mess it it may have been you who introduced me to it you know cuz I was just like oh and I’ll say oh and this heart started reading started reading her it was just like yes it was used because you told me about that the best what’s it called the best entertainment the best entertainment series which is my eight it’s actually just one of my favorite series in fanfics because it takes two minor characters yeah and like I don’t know if they even ever met in the games I don’t remember them ever having a conversation they don’t and it just works because it’s like TiVo’s is you know the the diplomat it’s a kind of straight-laced diplomat and then Aria is the lake badass bitch who runs I really like our space station and I hate like more with heart I hated it but you know they did a DLC with her and Shepard there’s a DLC where they played it we played that they go on a mission to a few missions together so yes isn’t carrie-anne moss the one who does her voice oh my god is it I think it is no way yes oh that makes it even better like this series of stories were like it’s pretty erotic but there’s like a ton of feelings a lot of character development and kind of like how dominance and Submission works with them is really interesting and then we kind of start swinging with Shep and Liara but it works too because there’s lots of feelings there wait a minute what what what did you yeah these I said they started sleeping with like Shepherd and Liara later on in the series how far you get there’s like 30 stories and that series yes does it mean I don’t think I got that far it’s really interesting so it almost so because they’re basically like they’re basically Polly but they’re not open with it’s not like they’re open with everyone or anything like that and it just ends up being this like special relationship between the four of them Shepherd Liara remain primaries and area and TiVo’s remain primaries but there’s something special that they’re all kind of able to offer each other that wouldn’t be available otherwise it’s just it’s beautiful and felt really beautiful I’m gonna have to go back and read this thing yeah I didn’t know they know she had continued the series actually oh yeah I didn’t know that huh I’m gonna write that down and put it on my list some of the stories are very short some of them are quite long uh-huh they’re all it’s just works for me and then eventually like they have kids and it just oh my god I’ve missed a lot yeah this damn writing thing that I do makes me miss a lot dammit except you have to keep writing because I really like your story I’m working on I’m working on it so I’m in the middle I’m editing right now so I think one other fandoms that I want to give a nod to and it’s kind of funny that I’m going to do this because I haven’t watched that show either but there are people who are going to want to know if you are a Supergirl fan there are tons and tons and tons of fix effects out there because that is a notoriously bad show for queerbaiting and even yes some of the actors got kind of shitty on camera at one point about how those two characters are never going to get together yes they sang so long they sang a song I remember seeing that on video and it’s just like I can’t remember what con it was but it was just on video just like they’re not together like we know they’re not together I mean you know it’s just the fact and I remember one of the major people in that ship the one who plays Lena she was the only one that it was chunk kind of just kind of sitting there like she had this look on her face like this is probably the best of ideas and it really hurt a lot of people so I mean you know and I know don’t get me wrong you know and I know sandal can be toxic at times I know it can because you know there’s it just happens but you know I think a lot of times people forget that there’s actual human beings behind it you know so and then watching these shows especially for younger people at times it means a lot to them because there’s not a lot of representations and it helps them in a way to see people that maybe look like them or struggle like they do you know and you know so to them it’s like it’s like an answer to a question that they had so for people to kind of like make fun of it it can be harmful that’s right so but yeah there’s a lot of fanfic for Cara for the original ship for Kat and Cara you know so which is still my favorite one there’s something I don’t know Victorian has some good ones yes yes do you know that she brought some once upon a time Victor I need to check that out it’s on fanfiction.net though oh okay yeah I think it’s her it’s the same name unless somebody else use that name but this once upon a time I was like no she opted yeah yeah well and she she did some under Victorian I think so I’m under Dame Lola but for people who are into the super cat thing she did a pretty amazing one that got turned into an original fiction novel also with Elva which I’m saying really slowly because I’m trying to remember the name fuck the music in the mirror Thank You Bucky that was one of my favorite books of last year it was an alternate universe story mhm set in the world of ballet and I just I highly recommend go get them go get the published one I still have a have you read any of her other fancy yes I’ve read some of her Devil Wears Prada of course because that’s I mean that’s just my jam I think that’s most of what I read she’s written on some pretty she has some really good Supergirl short stories and I mean all of her Supergirl stuff is is really good and she has a wicked sense of humor as well so I mean it kind of shows you that so Lola if you if you listen to this I’m very much complimenting you right now so but yeah it’s her stuff is you know I think to me she’s like the queen bee of the Supergirl fanfic in my opinion I mean she’s like the one I hold the highest she’s like it’s like I think I have top two I have three brighter Xand they’re saying them that I hold up you know way up to the top if anything comes if I come across anything new from them I’ll read it so you know so but yeah tons of stuff if you like if you like Cara and Kat or if you like Karolina and I know there’s a Maggie and Alice a lot of Maggie and Alex and Rick – and we know everybody was uh everybody watch the show was heartbroken about the break-up the weirdness that was I mean you know with the whole all of a sudden I want kids thing and all of a sudden oh I don’t like kids you know so we have to break up which made no sense I mean I think I stopped watching for a while I don’t think I saw that season at all as a matter of fact because there was so much so many rumors around that they were saying that that’s what they were gonna do and sounds like I don’t even want to see it I’m not gonna watch it so I have to say this season is a lot better though that’s good yes it’s a lot better but but yeah it’s tons of it and there’s even I think there may even be some fake for Alex and Lena that could be an interesting combination yeah yeah I think they have a lot of stuff I mean you know everybody has their own thing and you could pretty much find it on l3 whatever your thing so but yeah so I you know and I like it I think they seem to even know there’s still some chemistry between Cara and Lena they don’t spend a lot of time together though so I think they’ve kind of separated that a little bit and they’re trying to kind of gloss it over because they don’t I mean you know when they do you still they have some really good you know chemistry between them when they do but they don’t don’t know they’re not on screen a lot at all so and I and I think they’re going the way of once upon a time you know when they they kind of permanently separated in the Regina you know and their whole speculation between them by you know oh your true love is Robin Hood and oh your true love is a douchebag hook the crazy guy you know it’s just like I was like I’m not here for that kind of fuckery it was awful Tara and don’t get me started on you’ve never seen the show but at the beginning when Emma was Emma that’s I’m using air quotes everybody when Emma was Emma she had her muscle shirts her leather you know her leather jacket and everything and by the time all the fanfare about oh you know you need to put them together oh we since this chemistry this you know this lesbian thing between them she started wearing frilly shirts she started looking like a schoolmarm that’s the only way I can describe it really shaking her head it was ridiculous you didn’t you know how old are you I am 39 okay you may not what you may yeah you remember um like maybe in the 80s when I used to have those blouses with the ruffles at the top the worst and they had the little bows and stuff that kind of that’s what she started wearing i yes it was the weirdest thing as sakes and you kind of picked up on what they were doing they were trying to because she was kind of butch it’s his kind of books and it kind of like okay yeah we see that’s what’s going on so we’re gonna film her up and she’s just gonna look like you know somebody from Little House on the Prairie you know so they started doing it especially when she started hooking up a hook so it was just like you know but it was awful awful yeah don’t get me all started on the Supergirl MA nail thing oh wow that was okay I think that is all for this episode please don’t write to ask me why we didn’t talk about Xena we know that Xena was the thing I know I know there’s so much Xena fanfic out there that does all of this yes but you know we wanted to talk about some contemporaries but see I don’t consider Xena queerbaiting or even anything that needed fix it see to me by the end it was like they were together yeah I mean you know it yeah that final season was written in the way where were married couples just like ah you know I mean to me it was no no need for that I mean don’t get me wrong they had the whole Xena Mariah soar wherever his name was and Gabrielle get married thing and the poor guy died the next day I mean you know and all that stuff but by the end we’re like an old married couple raising a baby mm-hmm so where can people find you online if they want to connect with you I have a website at Cady Winson org I’m also on Twitter and Rizal’s lovers 72 so and I’m usually there more than I am on Facebook so if I Mimi is all for this episode thank you so much for joining I was fun it was fun I had fun too so I’m Tara you’ve been listening to Les Deux books remember to email me at Tara at the lesbian review.com with your questions or comments if you’re an author who’s interested in coming on the show to talk to me about fanfic you love or less fact that you’ve been reading anything like that just let me know you’ve enjoyed this episode please check out the show notes where you’ll find a patreon link for the lesbian talk show or visit patreon.com slash the 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