Jea Hawkins recommends 5 Books

Jea Hawkins Recommends 5 Books on this episode of The Lesbian Review Podcast. This episode Sheena is joined by Lesbian Fiction author Jae Hawkins and they laugh a bunch as they talk about books.

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To Boldly Go by Em Stevens

Publisher Indie Author

Narrator Missy Cambridge


When life gives you lemons, drink limoncello.  

Taryn’s trip of a lifetime is finally happening. She’s saved money, researched, planned, and created an itinerary that will allow her to travel Italy…and finally tell her best friend that she’s in love with her. But those plans are ruined when she wakes up alone, her crush gone. Her plans did not include being alone and stranded in Milan.  

Now Taryn’s dream vacation is a nightmare.  

Enter Holly, a fellow traveler: young, full of life, and comfortable traipsing off the beaten path. Holly feels a connection with Taryn and wants to salvage her trip. After all, they’re in freaking Italy! But their radically different travel styles and age differences make for rough terrain.  

Together, they boldly go into unexplored territories of the heart, and may just discover love.  

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Romancing The Inventor by Gail Carriger

Publisher Indie Author

Narrator Emma Newman


Narrated by the wonderful Emma Newman, this is Gail Carriger’s first steampunk lesbian romance featuring a maid bent on seducing a brilliant cross-dressing scientist who’s too brokenhearted to notice. Or is she?

Imogene Hale is a lowly parlor maid with a soul-crushing secret. Seeking solace, she takes work at a local hive, only to fall desperately in love with the amazing lady inventor the vampires are keeping in the potting shed. Genevieve Lefoux is heartsick, lonely, and French. With culture, class, and the lady herself set against the match, can Imogene and her duster overcome all odds and win Genevieve’s heart, or will the vampires suck both of them dry?

This is a stand-alone LBGTQ sweet romance set in Gail Carriger’s Parasolverse, full of class prejudice, elusive equations, and paranormal creatures taking tea.

Delicate sensibilities? This story contains women pleasing women and ladies who know what they want and pursue it, sometimes in exquisite detail.

Supernatural Society novellas can be consumed in any order. Look for surprise appearances from popular characters and the occasional strategic application of cognac.

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Stolkholm Syndrome by Miranda McLeod

Publisher Apple Blossom Press

No Audiobook


When a spy dials a wrong number, could it be the connection of a lifetime? 

Leigh is a secret agent in peril whose life depends on reaching her agency’s emergency hotline. But when she dials the local public radio pledge drive by mistake, a spy-obsessed office temp named Amanda becomes her only hope for rescue. Amanda thinks it’s an exciting game of make-believe, until dangerous elements from Leigh’s past force her to reveal her true identity and take Amanda with her on the run. The answers lie in Stockholm, but whether Leigh should be more frightened of the Russian mobsters who want her dead, or Amanda when she realizes she’s been lied to, is anyone’s guess. One thing is certain, if they can figure out a way to work together, the seasoned agent and the savvy civilian just might make the perfect team!

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Love Without Limits by Harper Bliss

Publisher Ladylit Publishing

Narrator Angela Dawe


Changing the rules can open your mind.

Caitlin James and Josephine Greenwood have been happily in love and committed to each other for over a year. Josephine has shed her insecurities, and her musical star is on the rise, while Caitlin hosts her own television show under the supervision of a new intriguing boss.

When Josephine starts the conversation about opening up their relationship, Caitlin is faced with a shift in the power balance between them. Together, they embark on a sometimes scary but always thrilling journey to discover who they both truly are.

Can Caitlin still practice what she has always preached? And will Jo be able to find her own way in their unconventional relationship?

Contains mature themes.

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Carol by Patricia Highsmith

Publisher Hachette Audio UK

Narrator Laurel Lefkow 


Therese is just an ordinary sales assistant working in a New York department store when an alluring woman in her 30s walks up to her counter. Standing there, Therese is wholly unprepared for the first shock of love. She is an awkward 19-year-old with a job she hates and a boyfriend she doesn’t love; Carol is a sophisticated, bored suburban housewife in the throes of a divorce and a custody battle for her only daughter.

As Therese becomes irresistibly drawn into Carol’s world, she soon realises how much they both stand to lose….

First published pseudonymously in 1952 as The Price of Salt, Carol is a hauntingly atmospheric love story set against the backdrop of ’50s New York.

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Must Love Chickens by Jea Hawkins

Publisher Indie Author

Narrator Lori Prince


City girl meets country girl.

Natalie’s life is on a precipice with too many failed career moves in the last year. Faced with the loss of everything she has ever worked for, Natalie looks for a way to get out of the city and realign her priorities.

When Jessica Morgan places an ad for a new farmhand, she doesn’t expect to hear from an urbanite. And when the respondent turns out to be gorgeous Natalie Wells, she’s really at a loss for words!

Natalie thinks taking a job in the country is a great plan, until she realizes she’s attracted to her boss. When she learns her boss’s bias against her is the result of issues with an ex-girlfriend, Natalie realizes she’s not imagining the sparks between them – that Jess might just be open to a new relationship, if only Natalie can prove she belongs in Jess’s life.

The last thing Jess needs is a new love interest, especially one who works for her! But she can’t deny Natalie is pretty darn cute trying to learn her way around the farm and as she falls in love, Jess wonders if there’s a chance for romance with the city girl….

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Books by Jea Hawkins

As Long As Love Lasts by Jae Hawkins

Publisher Indie Author

No Audiobook

A 2019 Golden Crown Literary Society Award nominee.

2018 – She doesn’t know if a marriage is worth fighting for.

Peyton Kennedy quantifies everything in terms of numbers and risk. She looks at a problem and solves it, leaving no piece of the puzzle out. When her young, too-whimsical wife inherits a derelict farmhouse from a distant aunt, Peyton can only see the bottom line. Too much work. Too much money. Time. Energy. Definitely not worth saving. 

But her wife knows how to get her way and Peyton finds herself roped into renovations. This… this may be the straw that breaks her marriage’s back, and Peyton’s worried about how not worried that makes her. 

That is, until a seventy-year-old bundle of letters and a time-worn diary fall on her head. 

Before she knows it, Peyton is drawn into the story of her wife’s great aunt, Marty, a woman who dared defy social conventions for the love of another woman.

1939 – She doesn’t know what love is.

Marty Bell thinks life will fall neatly into place. Her mother has expectations: A husband, wealthy enough to give Marty security for the rest of her days. When she meets a beautiful circus worker who shovels dung and pounds stakes for a living, it’s the first time Marty sees that she can stray from the path.

Soon, her life is dictated by not just her mother, but the upheaval of war and the one thing she never expected to find: love.

And Marty will risk anything and everything to hold onto it.

Contemporary and historical lesbian romance intertwine in this emotional tale of a diary, an elephant, and four women who know that few things matter more than finding someone who loves them just the way they are.

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Jea Hawkins Online


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please note this transcript has not been edited and is automatically generated meaning certain words will be incorrect

hi there I’m Sheena and this is the lesbian review podcast this podcast is a spin-off of the popular review site where we review the best books movies and music was leading lesbian bi or queer woman the goal of this podcast is to bring you closer to the best queer media and give you access to interviews with people who are behind the scenes in creating it today I’m joined by the lovely author Jea Hawkins and she’s here to recommend five books Jea thank you for joining me today thank you so much for having me on I’m excited we did a podcast recently we were talking about your fascination with genealogy and then we got to talking about how you love reading this book and I was like oh well you have to come on and and recommend some books and then your reaction was like oh how many books can I recommend so I said well let’s do five and oh it’s a good thing you put a limit on because I’m a pretty avid reader and I read like such a wide variety so limits are good for me when it comes to recommending books otherwise you’ll get a flood of books but you’re not just a huge reader you’re a sir quite a prolific author hours looking your Amazon page this morning and you’ve written like 20-something books yeah I honestly I haven’t counted them or anything but yes but a lot of ideas but what’s interesting for me is you you do it across three main categories so you’ve got the romance that the contemporary romances then you’ve got historical and then you’ve got a fantasy type stuff with like witches that’s kind of cute and that’s like such a wide variety of genres to tap into yeah because I can’t settle on any one thing I do enjoy romance i I like thee and this is actually going to be a part of the books I recommend I enjoyed the introspective nature of certain romances but then I really like fantasy and sci-fi particularly paranormal and steampunk so it’s really hard to just sit and say I will always write romance I can’t do that but you’ve written some of your books under a different name correct yes Lucy true and because I found that with the the paranormal ish series I wrote as Jay Hawkins not all my romance readers necessarily carried over into it even though it is contemporary romance and it just kind of has a paranormal flavor so I decided to kind of separate out the two interests between romance and paranormal and fantasy three interests so that readers who don’t dig that are like okay I don’t have to touch that yeah her name is on it but it’s not my cup of tea and then the ones who do enjoy fantasy but don’t mind their being not so much romance can read those instead we’re both you know it’s up to them and I think that that’s actually quite a sound way of doing it I think a lot of authors are doing that sort of thing to separate and just showcase should be this look this is me writing but I’m writing under this name because then you know what you get it exactly it’s just compartmentalizing everything your books are select really reasonably priced for the Kindle books it’s less than four dollars on a lot of them yeah I think most of them are in that 399 or $4.99 range I think if it’s if it’s a little longer it is $5.99 but yeah I try to keep them reasonable I mean when I was a child you could walk into any drug store and pick up a paperback for that price and now you can’t and I know that a lot of lists fork readers particularly will appreciate the pricing thing because the price is a big thing for woman because women don’t earn what men own right and this in itself is like a big thing so as a household if you’re if you’re two woman in a household you’re not earning necessarily a lot of money but I know a lot of voracious readers who will go through like you know six or seven books a month and so they want to be able to afford all of those books it’s difficult though for publishers I also understand publishers have all sorts of expenses on their side but you’re an indie author so you you can do that which i think is definitely appreciated in fact I kind of got sucked into one of your books as I was strolling through it it’s the first in your not the charm series the other the other witch series oh okay so the cupid conundrum so I was I started reading the sample cuz I was like oh this sounds cute and then I got completely sucked in and I was like okay scheana you actually need to work now put the book down and work please read later indeed okay but we’re actually not here to talk about your books right now we’re here to talk about the fact that you recommend so let’s let’s get going what is your first recommendation okay so I am going to say up front I might be a tad biased because I always joke that M Stephens is my Twitter wife if we lived near each other in real life there would be trouble because we’d have just so much fun hanging out together so my first recommendation is to boldly go by M Stephens I’m going to read the synopsis for you and it goes when life it gives you lemons drink limoncello taryn’s trip of a lifetime is finally happening she saved money researched planned and created an itinerary that will allow her to travel Italy and finally tell her best friend that she’s in love with her but those plans are ruined when she wakes up alone her crush gone her plans did not include being alone and stranded in Milan now Tarin’s dream vacation is a nightmare enter Holly a fellow traveler young full of life and comfortable traipsing off the beaten path Holly feels a connection with Taryn and wants to salvage her trip after all they’re in freakin Italy but they’re radically different travel styles and age differences make for rough terrain together they boldly go into unexplored territories of the heart and may just discover love that sounds charming it is so charming and the the one thing that the M does a lot of her book says she puts in these really geeky references so of course to polled Lea Go Go refers to Star Trek both the characters ultimately kind of bond over Star Trek and who’s the best captain and and which series is the best that’s actually even though I do enjoy Star Trek that’s actually not what drew me into the story itself I think I found that a common theme among the books I’m going to recommend is going to be the theme of introspection the characters growing through the story and that’s what happens here because one of the main characters Taryn is completely OCD I mean she has to have everything perfectly planned in its place this trip is going to happen right now and then tomorrow you’re gonna go here and then tomorrow you’re gonna go there and so on so here she is just kind of freaking out because her best friend has abandoned her and what’s gonna happen with her plans she can’t be alone in a foreign country where she doesn’t speak the language so she’s like really freaking out when she meets Holly and Holly’s just kind of she appears to be very chill just going where life takes me you know sort of personality so of course they’re like oil and water together they’re like The Odd Couple Holly’s not even sure why she’s putting up with teryn she’s like you know why I why am i hanging out with this type a pain in the butt and really it’s just because Holly’s so nice she she doesn’t want Terrans trip to Italy to be ruined and so she’s just trying so hard to salvage it what resonates me about stories I can relate to them both because I am like teryn where I’m very type A I need my lists I need my plans but if you dropped me in the middle of a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language I I wouldn’t freak out I would take a deep breath and make the most of it and that’s the way Holly is she’s like Here I am I’m going to have a life experience you know two Americans bump into each other and of course the relationship just kind of builds from there and it’s it’s really beautiful especially when they they get to know each other and find out what it was that pushed them each to Italy what their reasons are for being there the thing is one of the reasons is heartbreaking because M Stevens almost always writes something heartbreaking in to her stories so if you don’t mind a book that’s going to require tissues it’s really enjoyable it’s beautiful it’s sexy it’s an escapist kind of romance and it’s just it’s beautiful to watch how they each push each other does it have a happy ending it has an exquisite ending I just it is happy okay good that’s what I could say about that and I love characters that seem like they’re complete opposites of each other and then because they help each other grow right I know exactly what you’re talking about okay cool that sounds like an amazing starts to your lists so what is your next recommendation so we have Romancing the inventor by Gail Carriger and I’m going to tell you I have two absolute favorite authors one who is dead and one who’s not Jane Austen if she wrote another book if she was still alive I would read the heck out of it and Gail Carriger and thank goodness she is around because she’s still putting out books i stumbled onto her with her parasol Protectorate series because it’s steampunk which is a biggie for me but she came out with this lesbian romance novella that it was so excited to see and the the blurb is just adorable parlormaid seeks scientist lesbian Victorian romance featuring a maid bent on seducing an imprisoned cross-dressing inventor and I’m not gonna go into the entire blurb here but we have Imogen and she is a parlor maid who is gay and she realizes she can’t tell anybody because of course we were talking about Victorian England and Victorian times in general you didn’t exactly talk about that she was really trying to find work so she decides to go work for the local vampire hive I don’t know what it would be like working in a hive of vampires I don’t think I would go for it I don’t know about you and if anyone has read the parasol Protectorate series they will recognize Genevieve Lefou who is the French scientist throughout the series and she wears what’s considered of course the men’s clothing of the time so she dresses in suits and top hats and and all that jazz and she’s actually being held could a prisoner by the vampires and so Imogen sort of runs into her and I like humour in books and Gale includes a ton of humor in her books and in particular I like Genevieve because she’s kind of a gender-bending character everything Gail Carriger writes is very inclusive about the queer spectrum about gender spectrum even and it was exciting to see Genevieve kind of get her own story and get her own love so she actually spent most of Gail’s original series flirting with other characters so fighting a parlourmaid who was gay and kind of exploring herself as a lesbian and knowing it wasn’t something she could be in that time and place and then meeting this this woman who totally flips all social norms on their head was just really really cool for me I really enjoyed that aspect of it because when you’re different sometimes it’s hard to find someone who’s different like you does that make sense totally because we all have our own level or brand of weird and finding someone who understands that I think is a big aspect of the story Imogen is she’s wandering emotionally wandering through life kind of okay I find women attractive I can’t act on it I can’t talk about it and so when she meets Genevieve and finds out no no there are people who feel this way and it’s okay to be Who I am I think that’s the real payoff in the story their silliness there’s action there’s adventure and it’s all in good fun but like I said it’s it’s that fighting someone who kind of matches your level of different or weird that that is a biggie in romancing the inventor and I I recommend it to anyone who does also like vampires and steampunk and and a little bit of forbidden romance sounds great I know that everybody who’s read it on the TLR team of just loved Wow yes definitely a good recommendation that one I completely agree with you about finding your brand of weird I spent a lot of my life feeling like I didn’t quite fit in anyway I struggled to make friends everybody thought I was kind of odd and weird and what it is and when I found my wife it’s like we just we were the same brand of odd so it wasn’t just a thing about me being lesbian it was more a thing of maybe just being very different from everybody else mhm and it’s like the two of us just clicked like puzzle pieces so I completely gates they’re finding your brand of weird completely yeah it’s you know when when you read a story about I mean when you go through life feeling like oh nobody nobody gets me and it doesn’t necessarily have to do with who you love or anything it could have to do with anything and who we are as a person when you go through life feeling like okay nobody gets to me I’ve got friends who kind of put up with me and then you you do find that connection yes it’s amazing okay good book okay so I do like comedy well like I said a common theme of everything that I’m kind of talking about here is going to be self introspection and and learning about oneself Dok home syndrome by Miranda MacLeod it has that aspect to it but it is hilarious and the description goes when a spy dials a wrong number could it be the connection of a lifetime so we have lis a secret agent in peril whose life depends on reaching her agency’s emergency hotline but when she dials the local public radio pledge-drive by mistake a spy obsessed office temp named Amanda becomes her only hope for rescue Amanda thinks it’s an exciting game of make-believe until dangerous elements from Lee’s past force her to reveal her true identity and take Amanda with her on the run the answers lie in Stockholm but whether Lee should be more frightened of the Russian mobsters who want her dead or Amanda when she realizes she’s been lied to is anyone’s guess one thing is certain if they can figure out a way to work together the seasoned agent and the savvy civilian just might make the perfect team so I read this book when it came out and I laughed my butt off Stockholm Syndrome is like this fun spy caper if you want humor you’re gonna find it in this story because what could possibly go wrong with a secret agent in danger dialing a wrong number right you’re terrible for my reading lists more books no books you should you should see my bedside table there is like literally a pile of books on it and then I have a Kindle with like three pages worth of books I still have to read how do you balance work and reading though it’s a little tricky sometimes I could even imagine cuz you rats as well yeah and writing is not it’s not a fast thing you don’t just sit down and within an hour I’m done I wish it was that would be great sit down an hour later like 60,000 words just fall out of your mind and you’re like yeah that was good hand that off to the editor bye yeah I wish I do feel like okay I’ve had the privilege of reading like some of Miranda’s work kind of as she’s been working on it as a beta here in there I haven’t always had the time to read it in its entirety while she’s working but the nice thing about a funny book is I feel like it does go kind of kind of fast it’s usually a little more fast paced I think when you’re always giggling which I was in this story because I can’t imagine being a temporary office worker I’m just sitting there like answering the phone hello thank you for calling our pledge drive and it’s somebody on the other end saying she needs an extraction this story doesn’t have like any like grim or kind of dark suspense I mean it’s got some adventure it’s definitely got danger but it’s mostly tempered by humor and romance also if you’re looking for like super sizzling chemistry this is the book to read because Lee and Amanda are just really fun characters and you want them to want each other it’s really sexy it’s really steamy I say read it in private because I probably blushed a few times when I was reading it and there is a scene involving fuzzy pink handcuffs which everyone wants in in their lovemaking why not because because of these misunderstandings it sounds delightful it is have you watched the movie dibs I okay so I love Deb’s and I can’t tell you anything more than that because it feeds into something I’m doing but I adore Deb’s do you like it love Dave’s one of my favorites but is this kind of like that in terms of its quirky it’s sort of funny spy or is it more serious spy with funny it’s mostly quirky and funny there is a touch of like seriousness to it I mean there’s an actual there’s a real danger out there Amanda or Li could be killed during the story they’re not but yeah it’s it’s a much much more fun story it’s definitely not a suspense or anything like that okay it won’t fulfill it won’t satisfy you if you’re looking for like action-adventure and you know mystery but if you were looking for a fun kind of adventure you know Indiana Jones style humor you’d get you’d get it there you’re listening to the lesbian talk show the lesbians or choke on your hub of podcast information alright so your fourth recommendation in now we’re getting a little sexier here with the stories and my fourth recommendation is love without limits by Harper bliss that’s actually book seven of her pink bean series if you’ve avoided this book I’m gonna tell you why you should still check it out so it goes changing the rules can open your mind Caitlyn James and Josephine Greenwood have been happily in love and committed to each other for over a year Josephine has shed her insecurities and her musical star is on the rise while Caitlyn hosts her own television show under the supervision of a new intriguing boss when Josephine starts the conversation about opening up their relationship Caitlyn is faced with a shift in the power balance between them together if they embark on a sometimes scary but always thrilling journey to discover who they both truly are and as you can see I mean right there in the blurb it talks about that introspective aspect of what I was saying before I’m all about stories where you’re finding yourself sometimes I’m about stories with melancholy but I am trying to avoid too many of those here what I like about the way bliss is doing this series is you don’t have to have read any of the others in order to pick up book six or book five or whatever it is which I think will help because readers may particularly want to read this which features you know this kind of dynamic this is another one which maybe has an ice queen or whatever it is so I think it’s more that she did that I think so too I like the fact that you don’t have to be yea deeply familiar with every character in the series but if you do love a good series and you do like a variety pink bean kind of brings you a little bit of everything which is also awesome yeah I agree with you yeah I like when series do that because if you’re a fan of the series you’ll get kind of like Easter eggs in the series because of mentions of other characters and that sort of thing but it absolutely is not necessary if we’re here to read everything if you just want to pick up the work that’s exactly it or you can read them kind of out of order it may seem a little weird if you do because there is a chronology but you won’t really have missed too much if say you pick up you know book eight and then you go back and you’re like well I really want to check out book 1 cuz I loved this and work your way through yeah in this case I know a lot of reviews say people were kind of not sure they wanted to read it and then they read it and they said they were like wow this is beautifully done because what love without limits tackles is polyamory generally most people read the romance for the monogamy for the I found the one that feeling and it doesn’t matter what kind of romance this doesn’t matter you know whether it’s male female male male or lesbian romance most people are reading it with that that mindset of how beautiful to have found that one person who kind of you know completes you which in itself is a totally different can of worms of course the idea that you need someone to complete you it’s totally different but with people looking for that a big rule in writing romance is no cheating yeah but is polyamory cheating no of course it’s not but a lot of people don’t necessarily see it that way and polyamory is fascinating and one of these worlds that have just relatively recently kind of opened up for me because I was very much of these the whole thing of like just the one person not interested at all in in even knowing about polyamory then this series called you me her came on to Netflix I think it was on Netflix in the UK I don’t know if you guys have it in the u.s. Netflix I don’t think you do anyway this series is about a polyamorous trio and they all fall in love with each other and I was just like it’s so well done that I suddenly I was like okay I get it now sometimes you just fall in love with more than one person yeah and it’s possible and it happens yeah and I think a lot of people I think people I don’t know if they’re scared or what it is about polyamory that frightens them obviously it’s not for everyone it’s not like people walk around saying oh you should be open to love with more than one person but it’s a valid form of love absolutely and we shouldn’t judge the same thing that people feel about gay people they they don’t understand they don’t know and therefore it’s scary yeah and this is why media it’s so important you’ve got to present it is as a valid something or not as a scary something exactly so the fact that we’re getting queer characters now on TV that are not the bad guys that are not trying to convert every woman you know or trying to hump every woman we see I mean that’s a much more accurate reflection of actually what it is to be queer because we don’t go around trying to hump everywhere when we see it just takes too much energy it really would I agree with plus I think there comes a point where where we kind of outgrow that anyway cuz I will admit that in my 20s and 30s I was kind of like you’re attractive get over here and then I was like yeah but it’s even it’s even along the lines of like this whole thing of like don’t change in front of a lesbian because I don’t know you get lesbian cooties and she’ll see your boobs oh no we have our own boobs yeah you know we’ve seen yeah we’re not that we don’t care about your damn boobs yeah seriously I think that’s true I am I’ve encountered that that with friends who are you know gay bisexual just anywhere on the spectrum and yeah people fear what they don’t understand many people have sexual feelings whether they’re toward male/female whomever that doesn’t make anyone a predator of any sort if you are straight I don’t look at you and go oh please please no don’t be interested and if you’re a woman they don’t look at you and go please Niro don’t be interested well that’s exactly it so anyway back to my original point which was really long-winded ago tackled the issue of polyamory in a healthy way that made people realize that it’s not this big scary thing in in the story I mean yeah she totally delves into it she she delves into why it’s a very real and actually normal way for people to choose to express how they love other people and there’s nothing wrong with it and I wish more people would embrace it I really wish more people would read the book and I mean who knows maybe everyone already has but if they haven’t get it immediately check it out the characters are relatable to I mean how many of us have have thought oh I don’t know if I could have an open relationship and that’s kind of become the impetus for more a kind of more self-examination and why do I feel the way I feel how would I be in this situation so I think that’s a big part two of the story that I really enjoyed besides steamy sex of course and and if you self examine and come to the end of it and go mm-hmm polyamory is just not for me that’s totally cool too and then you it’s totally valid and and but then you at least understand why it would be an option for somebody else exactly and I mean there’s who we love at eighteen might change mom we’re 25 35 45 you we just don’t know how we’re going to change as we grow up some of us kind of come full circle and we’re like Oh what I wanted at 16 after this journey almost 30 years later I realize I still want what I want what I wanted at 16 but I’ve experienced other things and then people other people change and change and change and they never kind of cycle back and polyamory can be part of that journey and even if it’s not going to be it’s still good to understand and respect and appreciate it I completely agree with it and I think this is so important for me in the Lisbon sector particularly because on the one hand we get very open very willing to read about different lifestyles individuals but you also get the people who are so anti anything to do with me and that they don’t even want to know about bisexual women in the sector or pansexual woman and that frustrates me because I feel like he’s shutting down a whole lot of very legitimates woman who are experiencing just their own thing oh absolutely under person I agree with you so completely okay so you lost recommendations oh okay so I’m gonna keep this super short the price of salt by of course Patricia Highsmith writing at the time as Claire Morgan I don’t think I really need to delve into it too much because most people have either read the book or seen the movie but of course it’s about a young lady Therese working in a department store and she meets a glamorous beautiful older woman and that would be Carol which of course is the name of the movie version both of them are lonely and you’ve got kind of a young adult story to some extent here because Therese is just beginning her life just and they’re becoming independent and discovering herself and she’s dating a guy that she’s just she doesn’t dig she’s just not that into him and Carol is dealing with a divorce and through that loneliness and through that intrigue that Therese feels for Carol they bond emotionally they bond sexually they build a relationship and this book was really remarkable for its time because it was published in 1952 and it’s ending was very different than a lot of the stories where you were punished for being a lesbian and you were punished for being a woman declaring your independence for men at the you know in the story so it does have a happy ending I mean happy for now I’d say and I I love it I love it because it kind of explores society’s limits on women and not just in the 1950s because a lot of those limits are kind of still enforced today a lot of the time a woman making her own choices and being independent is still kind of punished for being who she is and I feel like that’s what this story explores not just the relationship but the effect of society on the choices women make and that’s one of the reasons I love it and so I know it’s I know it’s classic everyone’s probably already read it but if you haven’t get the out there and pick it up nice and has it held up still a good read I feel like it still is and I think that’s because I’ve seen that a lot of the attitudes in it are still kind of perpetuated today there’s a there’s a lot of attitudes where a woman who is not you know quote-unquote like in her place needs to be put there even still today and that was one of the aspects of Carole’s relationship with her ex-husband he threatened her with you’re gonna cut off this relationship with this other woman or I’m taking the kid and she went to fight for her daughter and still ended up not having custody of her Oh spoiler alert but I mean and she you know why why go fight if you know someone’s only going to take away what you want to fight for anyway why give in when someone’s gonna say well you cut off the relationship but I’m still taking the kid and you’re agreeing to it because I have all this evidence of your wrongdoing being gay so she still she still ended up getting punished in the end and I feel like there’s still a pervasive attitude that if a woman stands up and declares who she is and what she wants not everybody in society is going to accept that and be cool with that for sure for sure that’s depressing depressing but real so yeah I do think the story has held up over gosh sixty over sixty years now almost seventy years I still think it has a lot of validity today that’s impressive that it’s you know lasting like that okay so you’ve written like a bunch of books 20-something books you’ve got three of them on audiobook and they all narrated by Lauri Prince so for those of you who are fans of the lovely Lori Prince you can go and check out Jay Hawkins as audiobooks which book do you think people should start with if they’ve never read work what I normally do is steer people to either must love chickens because I just had so much fun writing it and people seem to love Esmerelda the chicken or as long as love lasts if they don’t mind a book that requires tissues because it does have its moments because it’s kind of a historical slash contemporary romance blended into one I know most loved chickens is one of the audiobooks is the other one also it is not and I really should ponder going that direction with it we’ll see we’ll see what happens this year fantastic and we can people find you online so you can find me at WWE Hawkins comm or on Twitter I want to say it’s Jay underscore or Hawkins I could be wrong I don’t have my Twitter open that is right honey it’s JM to school hookans oh I win Saturday morning that was delightful thank you for 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