Hungry Hearts by Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner

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Hungry Hearts by Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner


Claudia Montgomery is the best-selling author of the Nosy Parker mystery series. Her life was everything she had dreamed it would be, but it all came crashing to a halt when her parents died. As a result, she has an acute case of writer’s block. After several months, she goes to a Bed & Breakfast on the coast to relax and regenerate. 

Kate is a a successful archeologist. She loved traveling the world and studying matriarchal societies. However, her work and life were upended when her sister was arrested and sent to prison. Kate had to give up her job, go home to raise her sister’s ten-year-old twin girls, and help her aging mother run the family Bed & Breakfast. 

They say that love happens when you’re least expecting it. Can Claudia and Kate satisfy their hungry hearts in each others’ arms?

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hungry hearts written by Saxon Bennett and Layce  Gardner published by square pegs Inc narrated by Layce Gardner chapter one driving the rental car up the sandy road to hungry hearts bed and breakfast Claudia Montgomery was beginning to think this vacation might not be such a swell idea it was true she was suffering about to have writer’s block but it happened to every writer from time to time it was just her time that was all she was successful having written 25 nosey Parker mysteries over the last 20 years without a break that was enough to give anybody a severe case of burnout at 45 years old she had spent almost her entire adult life as a writer she had gone to college studied literature and then gotten an MFA and creative writing she didn’t know how to be anything but a writer and now she couldn’t write she had ideas but she didn’t like them her muse had taken a sabbatical and Claudia needed to get her mojo back this hiatus at hungry hearts bed-and-breakfast was her editor Velma Hardy’s idea the owner of the B Maggie Ferguson was an old friend of Velma’s when the writer’s block began to look like a permanent condition Claudia had finally agreed to the retreat if this didn’t work Velma had threatened to send her to a life coach all you need is some rest I know the perfect spot it’s on the coast and very very quiet just a small town with minimum distractions your override and that’s why you can’t right Velma head said Oh Claudia thought endlessly discussing her inability to write was not helping it’s not like I’m enjoying this I don’t know what to do with myself if I don’t write I’m going crazy Claudia had replied which is why you’re going to Hook’s Cove you need a change of venue believe me it works but you need peace and quiet this is a win-win Velma said you’ll get you juices flowing again and forget all this nonsense get out of Chicago in the rat race and your fingers will be flying over the keyboard I guarantee it Claudia hardly thought she was in the rat race she stayed in her apartment all day by herself making stuff up when she was super engaged in what she was writing she ordered meals from her drawer full of takeout menus and did nothing but right now she wandered around the apartment freaking herself out and coming up with various scenarios about how she would live a life without writing granted she had her savings but how long would her nest egg hold out she hadn’t worried about money since her lean college years Velma was right she needed to get away chill and everything would work itself out her GPS led her right up the driveway to the B&B; she parked her car took a deep breath straightened her shoulders and got out by the time she had walked to the trunk of a rental car twin blonde blue-eyed girls were at her side they were identical except that one had messy hair that hadn’t been combed since who knows when and the other had perfect klieg room deluxe they had matching grape juice mustaches are you Claudia the girl with the messy hair inquired her twin smacked her in the arm you’re supposed to call her miss Montgomery unless she says we can call her Claudia can we call you Claudia or are you one of those ladies who doesn’t like children the messy haired twin asked her sister attempted to swat at her again she jumped out of reach with practiced agility and stuck out her tongue you can call me Claudia and yes I like kids she shrugged her shoulders and said I’m not around them a lot but I’m sure you can give me some pointers we can do that the messy haired twins said she pointed at her sister her name’s charlie I preferred Charlie and I’m punk hungry hearts written by Saxon Bennet and Layce Gardner published by square pegs Inc narrated by Layce  Gardner you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and buy links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information [Music]